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W temacie: Stunt List Challenge/Event

Odpowiedzi: 21

10-02-2018, 22:13

This is what i can do.


W temacie: Ranking of records

Odpowiedzi: 9

05-01-2018, 02:32

(05-01-2018, 02:13)whiteseed Wrote: Unnecessary. This would only show who does most top times, not who is the best driver.

I guess the idea is just to count who have mostly 1# All times, if someone beat a record of a player.

new player = new player + 1

old player = old player - 1

But as Bartek said, the system is very hard to do. So I understand if the suggestion isn't accepted.

Work with database and changing the values almost everytime is really sucks.

W temacie: Ranking of records

Odpowiedzi: 9

04-01-2018, 23:06

I don't think a All times counting can determinates the best driver from the server, but is a good statistic to the player.

W temacie: URL changes.

Odpowiedzi: 38

02-01-2018, 19:01

(02-01-2018, 18:50)whiteseed Wrote:
(02-01-2018, 12:32)Madman Wrote: Scores..
Leave it as it is, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450 and unlimited. Its good
The problems are some unbalanced OP cars. (Sultan on 300 and 350, infernus on 400 and 450, Kuruma on 250...) Don't change room max score limit. Change a bit handlings of those cars, and it would be good.
And Whiteseed mentioned also stock score of classes.. Yeah. It is the problem. Class C and B have near same score stock. And class B and A have huuuge difference. Solution: Make B class little bit higher score (It would also nerf Sultans)

About FWD brakes.. Haven't tried FWD on URLs. I'm neutral

About cheetah and infernus.. As I said before - Infernus is little bit overpowered, but not that much. Same stands for cheet. I saw also one OP Banshee in unlimited, she finished the race 10+ seconds before Cheet and Infernus. Nerf all 3 of them a little bit to make them match Bullets and Comets.

About score limits. It's easier to change limits than mess with handlings. I propose diffrent limits to prevent situations like B class domination in 300 max or 352 score mananas in 400 max. Current limits are not really fit to car scores. And less rooms = more palyers each room.

FWD brakes issue. Easy to fix, will make this cars better and behave more realistic. If I push brake I want normal brake not handbrake.

I doubt Infernus has records for most maps (URl, city races, street X) Cheetah is not much worse, sometimes even better. About Banshee, I was using it for unlimited  URL lately so maybe you saw me or maybe not, doesen't matter, and it was good but I wasn't able to get close to my Cheetah top times so Banshee don't require a nerf, only Infernus and Cheetah. And BTW Turismo is still the worst A class IMO, it still requires a buff.
 I agree with you said, about the cars, of course Infernus is OP, but madman saying abount a banshee winning of a cheetah/infernus in unlimited, it always depends of who is using the banshee/cheetah/infernus, if is the same guy or others in the same level, ofc the banshee can't do nothing. Maybe this lobby you just don't found a good player with the infernus and the cheetah against the Banshee. But of course Cheetah and a Infernus is the supremacy of A class in URL, this isn't the problem, for me the only problem is the others cars can't do anything agains't the infernus and cheetah. primarily agains't the Infernus.

I agree about a buff on Turismo, he deserves, Comet too.

W temacie: Language chat.

Odpowiedzi: 12

28-12-2017, 23:50

Totally agree with the suggestion, a example is the most of Players of Brazil, being honest, Brazil school's don't teach English very well, the max we could learn in the school is "Verb to Be" and "Verb to Have", nothing more, if you want to learn english or other language, you need do a English Course, what most of time is very expensive, and the most peoples of the country can't pay to this, since we don't was familiarize with a english language or something like that, just a portuguese and we have a very big problem with portuguese because Brazillians can't write even in a portuguese very well, i could say we are peoples very dumbasses, because the country itself isn't accostumed to learn things. A example in the server, a lot of kids ( even a young guy ) " from our country of course " join in the server, and can't do a simple connection about " Portugal Flag = Porguese = Brazillian language too ", so they join clicking in the biggest flag and this is a English Language, of course they don't read the rules/tutorials ( since they don't know english to read ), and always doing things like saying in GlobalChat phrases what isn't in english, and can't communicate with others brazillians/portugueses because isn't in Portuguese Chat.

Maybe a simple system what when you connect, save what language you choose ( like in games or even in websites ) when you need to scroll for your language and choose it, so he will save your language and you don't will need select this again when you will login in the game, but if you want to change the language channel, just need to use the clang command.

Maybe detect where you are and even you select the game language to english, you are moved to your country language chat.

Temat: Crew

Odpowiedzi: 3

02-09-2017, 06:22

I guess the server need some fuctions to crew, they actually exist for nothing, only to see a Logo on car, if you want use.

Crew vs Crew
Make a system to use URL tracks for a 4v4 by crews, and create a rank system for winners, or maybe like a CSGO Ranking, some categories, all beginning on the lower rank. Doing victorys and consistently victorys, the crew will up, maybe some itens will be unlocked by getting ranks with the crew, like vinyls or maybe garage slots, for it i think make a limit of members in a crew is a good idea, for nobody try join only in ranked crews or just because the crew have a good RP Rank... At beginning I would only suggest make a Crew vs Crew, just do create something useful to Crew's, but I think the other ideas is good, but no much useful.

Temat: URL Lobby System

Odpowiedzi: 2

25-08-2017, 20:36

I don't know if this is a bug or just a problem, I think is a bug, so, I'm postting here.

When we are on a lobby of URL, exist 1# player 2# 3#...     until 8#. to url start, this happened with me 3 times in a row, i'm  the 5. or some ''position'' under than 8#.  when join a 9# player and the URL will be started, the lobby need kick one player ( because the limit is 8 ) and I'm the kicked from the lobby!  Being that, who should be kicked is the 9. player! because he is the last player joinned.

One of times that this was happened, i wait a lot of time to start, to be kicked ? this doesn't make sense!

Temat: Speeding Force

Odpowiedzi: 4

25-08-2017, 01:43

Author: DemK & Aachan

Name: Speeding Force
Type: Circuit
Location: Los Santos


Temat: URL and Perfomance SHOP

Odpowiedzi: 6

12-08-2017, 17:43

First of all, I believe that URL need remove the " Exit Button " when you join in a URL, players when see others players, don't want play with they, or just want play against " Slow players " for selecting how they will try win a URL. If the play want play a URL, he don't need leave the room.

URL change system from Score Rank to Class Rank, example in Score max 350: A player with a Cadrona nearby maximized, or a C Class car, can't win when they run against a Class B on 350 score, for this score, comparated a D ou C class, B Class is completely overpower. So the only class you have a great fair play is the Unlimited Score ( against Class A ).

Now about Perfomance Shop, I believe is a good idea, when you buy a piece eihter from Engine, Tires, whatever, you don't need to buy they again, if you upgrade the same part. Example:

If I bought Tire Race, so after I buy the Tire Pro, and think the Tire Race is better, i go to Perfomance Shop and select Tire Race again, I need buy this Tire again, but if I bought it before, i don't need to buy again.

The idea is If i bought a part for the car, i don't need buy she again, if i want back to this part after.

Temat: Hi! My name is DemK!

Odpowiedzi: 5

06-08-2017, 07:52

Well Hi people, I already knew the server a while ago, but I never was played so much there, but now, i want play until my death, but now, a little about me.

My name is Davi Alves and I'm from Brazil, I'm 19 years old and I'm in College studying Computer Science, my english is, I believe, understandable, so, if you see a lot of errors, forgive me.

In game, my nickname is DemK, when i created the nickname, i had a good explanation for creation  it, but recently, i forgot totally what he mean's, so now I only say that: "Dem" I got it form "Damn it" the "Damn"  because i like the pronounce, and include a K that um can be read like the "K" caractere on portuguese "Ká" - Kai without 'I'.

So, i love race games, above all the modes in GTA:San Andreas, i guess i start playing races on GTA San Andreas in 2009 on MTA and SAMP, but never direct, always stop playing and comeback... I don't know why i do it, but i do ^-^, since i knew the server, i loved the system from the cars and the tracks, I believe I'm a good racer, I love to play for Toptimes because I think you got a Toptime is better than win a race what you could bug or isn't on your best, so if a player have a good Toptime, this Toptime means the player who get it, do your best or something close to it. I haven't all class cars, now I have until Class B, but the car I'm playing and like a lot since i bought ( 2 days ago ) is Uranus, so if you play a lot of street-x and Circuit, we can see each other. 

I want to play everyday that i haven't College or after then, so I'm excited to play with you guys until my Death. ^^