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The Most Wanted: Powrót do Rockport
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New developers wanted!
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W temacie: Help us with vinyls!

Odpowiedzi: 142

13-04-2018, 21:26

(09-04-2018, 20:25)scaftz Wrote:
(09-04-2018, 09:16)KitsuneAmy Wrote:
This one's for you, Scaftz.
MMM Logo
[Image: 2WmjZY2.png]
MMM Number
[Image: M1OSyus.png]
MMM Mappy Logo
[Image: q58cRRI.png]
Namco Logo
[Image: fYc7SCG.png]
MMM Mewkie
[Image: r5mqwZh.png]
Thanks lol. now there's 3 more R4 teams left to be done.

I got you fam. I made these months ago so I might touch them up a bit later on. 
Ridge Racer- Sets
Pac-man 1
[Image: D0nojHY.png]
Pac-man 2
[Image: wEM2NAz.png]
D.R.T 1 
[Image: 6owPmz2.png]
D.R.T 2
[Image: fARAM2l.png]
M.M.M 1
[Image: Oe7MsVv.png]
P.R.C 1
[Image: C1TBr2I.png]
R.T.S 1 
[Image: 3WtPklq.png]
R.T.S 2
[Image: BSnWJmx.png]
(No idea why this image shows up on the forums like this, if you download the image and open it in any image editor it should be fine)
Ridge Racer Type 4
[Image: TV9SKjc.png]
[Image: 7xASD2M.png]

W temacie: Help us with vinyls!

Odpowiedzi: 142

06-04-2018, 00:08

(05-04-2018, 21:23)KitsuneAmy Wrote: I would like to see vehicle manufacturer vinyls, Like Nissan for R92/Le Mans liveries, Toyota for their JGTC liveries, and Subaru for the legendary 22B rally car livery.
There is currently ONE in the game, Tommykaira. (Yes, look it up, they made cars.)

You mean like these?

[Image: 3hQX6Jh.png]

[Image: RLR36MD.png]

[Image: tIIGpSM.png]
I haven't added all the car maker vinyls I have made since Bartek hasn't said yes or no on the last ones, which I'm guessing will happen when the muscle car update occurs. If you want certain vinyls added to the server, just suggest them (as in, make them and post them) in this thread.

W temacie: Tire Design

Odpowiedzi: 18

17-03-2018, 18:59

I remember asking Helo about adding white walls and he said it's not possible to create them since they would be too high-poly. I think lettering on the tyres is the same too.

W temacie: Futo handling.

Odpowiedzi: 6

03-02-2018, 23:23

I'm pretty sure the Futo got nerfed months back which is why it can't compete against other top E class cars like the Primo/Intruder. Other unique cars were also overpowered like the Mamba but that also got nerfed. The only unique car I'd bother using is the a-type because it's pretty good at 250 URL.

W temacie: Help us with vinyls!

Odpowiedzi: 142

15-12-2017, 16:55

I also suggest renaming the "Manufacturer" Vinyls category to "Sponsors" and having Manufacturer vinyls feature only car manufacturers and possibly aftermarket tuners such as Nismo, Tommy Kaira, Tom's etc.

"Sponsor" Vinyls
[Image: w0evRHj.png]
[Image: TFWV61Z.png]
[Image: KKdCybb.png]
[Image: KoPhA5Y.png]
[Image: 9HNiq1n.png]
[Image: j5eZmYL.png]
[Image: io6BC63.png]
[Image: B316YLN.png]
[Image: Lo3ngzL.png]
[Image: E4bqvsR.png]
[Image: 65XGEUS.png]
[Image: xipPMxI.png]

[Image: YjfI0WW.png]
[Image: iZ62Jdq.png]
[Image: Ai1rko8.png]
[Image: lriXEz7.png]
[Image: myrJ5jE.png]
[Image: waQKRlU.png]
[Image: T2i4iIU.png]
To give an idea of "Manufacturer" Vinyls
[Image: ydSJJ0J.png]
[Image: 4RS8HGu.png]
[Image: H07Q4HO.png]

I'm not sure if some of the sponsor vinyls are already in the game since I don't have all the vinyls unlocked or a complete list with me. If all/some of these get accepted I can start suggesting more car manufacturers.
Misc Vinyls:
[Image: XsylMMx.png]
[Image: SxlbC1P.png]
[Image: HlOoSWD.png]
[Image: 13XX4RS.png]
[Image: BJGg6GB.png]

Unique Vinyls
"Top Gear"
[Image: RjrNmnL.png]
Set - Liberty Walk
[Image: DdXDF7q.png]
[Image: XWRKtyI.png]
[Image: m8gy18G.png]
[Image: e1mKAuO.png]
[Image: vFxSa5s.png]

Edit: Added some Misc vinyls and added more possible sponsors.

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