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W temacie: Nitro Exists when using Car with No Nitro Installed

Odpowiedzi: 5

16-07-2018, 21:35

you could have just dropped a link

W temacie: Blueray's Lexus LS500-F Infernus Mod

Odpowiedzi: 6

16-07-2018, 21:33

that's a pretty nice bodykit too bad nfs:sa team will never add this

W temacie: Nitro Exists when using Car with No Nitro Installed

Odpowiedzi: 5

16-07-2018, 16:57

pic too small

W temacie: URL rooms

Odpowiedzi: 51

12-07-2018, 21:52

anyone can join but i'm talking about those really bad racers like who quit because they can't finish

W temacie: URL rooms

Odpowiedzi: 51

12-07-2018, 20:09

see a good racer agrees with me when a bad one disagrees

Temat: Happy New Year 2018!

Odpowiedzi: 12

01-01-2018, 00:58

[Obrazek: 9k.png]

Temat: Problems with the Moderation.

Odpowiedzi: 60

23-10-2017, 19:47

Okay, so I will start up this thread with a joke.

What's the difference between a joke and a dick? You guys don't get the joke! ( Susis has been muted by (insert mod) for 2hours (insult))

First thing I want to talk about is the fact that mods are going full presonal when moderating the chats and not evaluating every chat objectively.

Most of the mods would mute whoever insults them personally for more time that if it would have been to be another person instead of them. Let me give you an example over this:

Susis: bk_player is an idiot!
Susis has been muted by bk_player for 5 hours (insulting)
Susis: Rei is an idiot!!!
Susis has been muted by bk_player for 1 hour (insulting)

This thing will lead me to my second point, and that is player favoritising and targeting, which is a big thing on this server. Mods like bk_player are basically favoritizing all the players who are known on the server and have lots of RP, for example ImYoNightmare, and are hating on players like Rei for being ''Toxic''. I have seen some times when Rei would report Nightmare for insulting him and he would get only 30 minutes, but when it came to Rei insulting Nightmare the mutes going up until 6 hours. Nightmare isn't the only one having the priviledge, Kirito as well, and some other players I will not give the names of because they don't deserve any attention.

I know I am using the fight between bk_player and Rei a bit too much, but it is because it has like the biggest impact over the both players, both being from like two enemy countries, hating each other's guts, but the difference between them being the fact that one of them has too much power and the other one has no power over the enemy.

bk_player was always biased on hating on Rei for basically no reason and there was a thing that happened back last friday, where bk_player called Rei ''reichu'', bringing in the Reich, basically calling Rei a Nazi, at which Rei responded with ''baka_player'', and guess what, Rei got muted for one hour for that, even if bk_player started it!
One other think I want to talk about in the thread is the 'toxicity' thing on the server, which word is overused. People like Rei and sometimes me are getting hated on just because we always say what we think and because we don't asslick everybody. It's not just us doing this kind of thing, but people like Nightmare, papiez, and Kirito as well, but they do it just to players, not getting muted in the process. Me and Rei on the other hand, don't care who we do it to, we do it only to the ones who deserve it, not to everybody who disagrees with us. This is not the thing I want to talk about though, the thing I want to talk about is the fact that the Moderators don't actually know how to combat it. They can always mute and ban the players, sure, but this won't solve anything in the long run, because more and more other toxic players will come. One better way of solving the issue is acting kindly over on being also rude and mocking those players. All the mods just mute them and then mock them afterwards, which makes said players just more angry and more toxic.

There are players like Orbacle, who are always kind and never get into trouble, and they can cure toxicity, want to know why? Because they are kind and basically explain in a nice manner why they shouldn't do such things.
This kind of things won't happen though, until you change some of the mods, starting with basically bk_player, and stopping Quindo for giving mutes and such, because they both overreact and bk_player has mostly gotten to the moment he is abusing said power, not only on me and Rei, but on others as well.

This is basically all I have to say for now, I will also post some pics
Rei sent me and asked me to post on this thread. 


I thank everybody for your time and have a nice day!