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  • People should not be judged by what they like or what they imagine.
    Just because someone is an otaku and has a waifu doesn't mean they deserve hate or isolation.

    We see what we want




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W temacie: Decreasing confusion for new players, so they dont ragequit the server after 1 minute

Odpowiedzi: 10

22-04-2018, 08:58

This needs to be posted on bartek's fridge.

W temacie: Lampbreaker bug fix

Odpowiedzi: 10

21-04-2018, 17:27

True dat

W temacie: Lampbreaker bug fix

Odpowiedzi: 10

21-04-2018, 13:50

First off, chill the fuck off.
Second, what I said is not stupid, rather maybe what you said is, how much skill does it require to avoid a lamp, it's not like it's in the middle of the road. And skill does have to do something with this since it's about avoiding it, why are you talking like hitting a lamp post is a must? You say it like it's inevitable, just drive the fuck around it and chill the fuck down.

W temacie: Lampbreaker bug fix

Odpowiedzi: 10

21-04-2018, 08:51

Or deal with it and learn to drive

W temacie: Adding Arabic language to NFS:SA !

Odpowiedzi: 4

27-03-2018, 13:46

Not sure whether I should be mad at you ColdTam95 for not being able to search something right in front of your eyes or YoWorstNightmare for being a dick.

Temat: Stars under profile image on threads

Odpowiedzi: 12

07-03-2018, 19:12

What do the stars ([Image: star.gif]) under the profile image mean when you're in a thread and you look who posted what.

Temat: New staff punishment rule

Odpowiedzi: 0

06-02-2018, 16:35

There are rulebreakers, right? So they must be dealt with. Some deserve mute, some kick, some ban.
The thing is, sometimes, when a rulebreaker that has rulebreaked when there were no mods online and has been reported, and later punished, not every single one of the mods know, that resulting in a second punishment for no reason.

So, I was thinking like this:
If a player rulebreaks while there is no moderator online and he'd get reported and later punished for his actions, if it'd happen for another moderator to give his punishment again even though he has been punished already, the mod would have to ask before acting. How would the mod know if the player has been dealt with? It's simple, they wouldn't, that's why they'd have to ask if the player was dealt with, and if the player were to say yes, the player would have to show some kind of proof like a screenshot or the agreement of the mod that has punished the player already. You got the proof? You're free to go. No proof? You got that on yourself buddy.

Let me give an example:
Yesterday I spammed and I got reported for that because there were no mods online to punish me, and I got punished for that, later, by the mod Dimabas. Later today, the mod Mickey saw the report of the player that reported me and immediately muted me without giving me any chance to tell him I've already been dealt with, therefore me gaining a second, unfair mute.

So I was thinking this rule should be new to mods so that players don't get a second unfair mute/kick/ban.

Temat: Multiple suggestions (A 7th one, can you believe it?)

Odpowiedzi: 20

01-02-2018, 18:05

A new 7TH suggestion.

1st Suggestion:

- Disable vehicle collision in DH (Diamond Hunt) and Magazine Run (MR or VR I guess).
Collision is one of the biggest bummers in these 2 things, sometimes players even block you and you failed the run/hunt.

2nd Suggestion:

-Selective magazine cover deletion.
Deleting each magazine cover one by one, you've been there, and you're like "Ugh, I have to delete all of them again, but must be careful to not delete that o...OH SHIT I DELETED THE ONE I WANTED TO KEEP!". Deleting each magazine cover one by one is just a bummer.

3rd Suggestion:

-Resetting your car brings you to the closest road, why not the one you were on last.
I don't know if this is possible, but TDU had the reset system of bringing you to the last road you were on, not the closest one, which would seem better.

4th Suggestion:

-Vynil layer to overlap decal layer.
This one, again I don't know if possible, always annoys me, you try to make a rally car, and you're finished decorating it, yayyy! But oh wait, you put the decorative mud on your car and you see that the decals overlap the mud, UGH, so annoying!

5th Suggestion:

-Add SUV bumper lights to all cars (or at least the ones who have rally potential like Blista Compact, Manana with bodykit etc).
You want to make a rally and you did well! You finish with the vynils and go to the body shop, you want to put some rally lights on your rally, but oh wait, you can't because that car doesn't have rally lights. Why does only Club have rally lights when many other cars have rally potential.

6th Suggestion:
-Disable cops option
You want to drive at full speed on all the roads of San Andreas, but, what's this? Some cops catch you at 100km/h and ruin your whole day, especially on highways, good job, whoever placed them. Why can't we just disable them to drive around freely without worrying about cops? Like an option: Cops - Enabled/Disabled.

7th Suggestion:
-No need to spend money on parts anymore
This, this is just goddamn ridiculous, why do we have to spend money on something we've unlocked and/or bought once already.
Example: If I bought a body kit, why da hell do I have to buy it again if I change it? It's just stupid.

Temat: Extending Off-Road

Odpowiedzi: 11

14-01-2018, 12:07

Okay, so, make yourself comfortable, take a coffe or a tea.. or a beer idk what you drink, just don't get drunk lmao.
Okay you good? Sittin' there, chillin', comfortable? Yeah? Okay, so:

So, I was driving around with my Rally around Chilliad and I came up with an idea for a race track, since a rally is off-road 'en sheit, I then thought I should make a suggestion about that race track but nah, something even bigger came in my mind, how cool would it be if there were rally races, but THEN, something even bigger! I thought of a whole new class, a rally class! Okay, now skipping the jokes and being serious,

Yeah, it's only logical that only SUVs can go in off-road races, but with the new dyno (not really that new at this point), new and more oportunities were opened for most of the cars, that including cars being able to go off-road and do pretty well with a good dyno, for example Primo, I have a Primo and I made a monstrous dyno and I'm now able to climb Chilliad itself OFF-ROAD with a frigin Primo, ask Scorpion if you don't believe me, so I then thought that now that cars can become off-road too, why not open off-road races for all cars, now now! Delete your "no, -1" reply, I know what you're thinking, Buggy! Well, to get Buggy you'd still have to do those Off-Road races, but they'd only count if you did the races with an Off-Road vehicle, therefore keeping it's uniqueness (the Buggy I mean), while other cars still being able to race in off-road races.
Oor, there's also the possibility of a new class, a Rally class, where we'd have Club, probably Uranus or Sultan or cars like these, idk, but with the new dyno nearly all cars can be off-road so I thought why not open off-road races for all classes.

That's my suggestion about expanding Off-Road.

Temat: "Delete all magazines" button

Odpowiedzi: 6

13-01-2018, 10:48

What are you doing here? Read the title LOL