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W temacie: KompoT is back!

Odpowiedzi: 8

10-06-2020, 17:24

o well, that juice guy again... Can we drink u one more time?

W temacie: Crew Wars Event

Odpowiedzi: 24

23-09-2019, 17:38

(18-09-2019, 21:59)alfa Wrote: sever died rip bro ahhae

Either that's some kind of trolling I don't understand or some of ya folks don't check server online often

[Image: 2ItZAfh.jpg]

Anyway, seems like our crew will have to skip the party, cause I couldn't really find the crew leader and I feel like she's currently inactive. I hope I'm wrong, though...

W temacie: Startseva vs Evolution

Odpowiedzi: 8

19-05-2019, 11:29

Ah, sweet old memories... When I was 13, or 14 years old, it was so common for us to start all this shittery over few stupid words someone said to each other  Tongue

W temacie: [Circuit] LV Highway

Odpowiedzi: 5

24-02-2019, 21:13

Such maps around LV have already been introduced for multiple times by now. And that's only on MY memory, whereas I'm really inactive person on forums.
Imo, it's really unnecessary to have such a track, as it doesn't bring anything new to the table. Car with highest top speed wins with 100% ratio, so what's the point? There's already Ambasaddor Ridge for testing your high speed, but at least ambasaddor ridge has some interesting obstacles, which can catch inexperienced, or distracted driver off guard.

W temacie: Extending Off-Road

Odpowiedzi: 11

14-01-2018, 16:54

(14-01-2018, 15:56)MatthewChow Wrote:
(14-01-2018, 15:16)Ice Wrote: URL is about squeezing as much as you can from your car. Check forums again - people are testing several cars and several dyno setups in order to find out which setup is the best for their car. Basically it's similar to rally in real life in some way (I mean you aren't THAT naive to think that race cars have same specs as mass production cars of same models, right?)

That was a bit harsh, you can drop that incinerator now...
I'm gonna need it.

No. People are testing several cars and several dyno setups in order to find out the most OP setups for specific cars. Or are you naive enough to imply that I can beat a Sultan with a Buggy with just a good dyno?...

Yay! I can shoot too.

First of all, I wasn't trying to be rude. Sorry if I offended you.

Secondly, cars of more or less same class compete and, well, isn't "the most OP setup" a synonym for "the best suitable car for specific race type?". Because basically that's what we are discussing now and that's exactly what I was talking about: people test each car with several setups in order to have best results. It's similar to what mechanics, engineers and best thinkers in each racing teams do IRL... Considering the fact URL is based on some GT races or whatnot, why should it be easy for people to participate and win without putting proper efforts and research into their cars? It's similar with drifting - play on vanilla cars against DYNO cars and feel the difference. Why don't you blame drift then?...

...By saying about competition between buggy and sultan you simply over exaggerating things. If you want to participate in a race with buggy, you should lower your buggy points in order not to race against B class cars. Yeah I know, sometimes you can meet vanilla sultan in lower rank races, but that's rather issue with general lack of balance rather just URL. Say, why does nobody ever buys emperor? Because sorry but it's useless. Some cars, on the other hand, are everyone's pick, just like Sultan you've mentioned. I'm sure dev team works on balancing things out but again, it's not URL issue but rather overall balance issue.

Temat: Speed Cameras

Odpowiedzi: 5

07-11-2017, 05:01

Hi. I was thinking about Most Wanted lately and remembered a feature that is still not introduced in NFS SA server, but which is very possible to introduce. It also wasn't mentioned in roadmap (the "closest" thing was Carbon challenges, but yeah...), nor I remember any forum posts about it, so I decided to write it here.

So, as some of you remember, Need for Speed Most Wanted introduced several gamemodes with radars. One was SPEED TRAP, which actually already exists on server, one more was time-bound solo version of speed trap with slight changes and third one was actual "freerun" style competition, where you were supposed to find a single speed camera in FREERUN mode and pass by in front of it with AS HIGH speed as it's possible with your car. While passing by, game would show you a photo from radar with recorded car speed. If speed was high enough, camera would even have some sort of "interferences". And the more speed was, the harder your car was seen through it.

That was just prelude, now as for actual suggestion:
What if you placed somewhat 10 static cameras on the map and made it record top speeds of passers by? And then by the end of the week people who set a record would get a small bonus, like 200RP&200$ per camera record. It would be great if top speed records were shown at site, together with weekly track top time records, perhaps. 

I already predict A class cars taking all the cookies, so I also suggest dividing the cars by classes, as they are at the moment. With such dividing even newbie would have almost equal chances to set a record in his E class, while people on A class cars would be busy with equal rivals aswell. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find screenshot from that game type, nor I have MW installed atm, but if needed, I can install & show it to you.

little something I forgot to mention, which includes fighting grinders:
1) Obviously, radars should be placed at locations which are difficult to access, or else we'll simply have all 3/3/3 stat cars holding the record from very first day.
2) No idea how many prize places are you going to keep, but if two people have same top speed at radar, then the person who gained this speed record FIRST, wins the reward.
3) Judging by previous statement, I already predict grinders who would get all the records in first day, right after speeds were reset, so what I suggest is doing ONE attempt per hour, perhaps? (I could even go with one attempt on camera per 24 hours, cause who knows)... Cause else these rewards might get out of control and give way too much cash and RP in same hands.

+More stuff to do at FREERUN.
+More ways to earn cash.
+More stats for people who likes to show off.

-No idea how hard would it be to make camera with actual interference effects.
-Might distract development team from something important, so I'd offer this suggestion as some far plan for roadmap.
-Might distract players from actual races?

So yeah, what do you guys think?

Temat: Watch Dogs 1 for free.

Odpowiedzi: 4

06-11-2017, 19:47

Ubisoft launched giveaway for their Watch Dogs game (twitter proof: https://twitter.com/ubisoft )
What you have to do is simply going to this site:
and bind the game to your UPLAY account (not steam).
Have fun! 
You can pre-download it today but start playing it only from tomorrow.

Temat: [DRIFT] LV-Parking-Lot

Odpowiedzi: 6

30-10-2017, 05:38

Map Name: LV Parking lot
Map Type: Drift; Street X(?) \ Sprint (?)
Location: Las Venturas
First of all, I made that map about half a year ago, when I was still active. I was upset about amount of Drift maps and the fact that only few of them are played, so I decided to go risky and give it a try at making a drift map. As a source of inspiration I (partially) used DRIVER game, together with the Fast and Furious 3 movie, garage race (when main character crashes Mona Lisa). 

There are 2 videos representing how would you drive up&down:

I'm sort of stuck with my map and need directions from person who checks & uploads maps. Directions as following:
1) Is it even interesting concept? Is it worth going on with this idea, because overall I have 2-3 parking lots in LV which suit for drift perfectly.

2) Radar? I mean I saw with recent update that you've made some improvements with radar but I don't know if these improvements would be enough? As a side decision I can "clone" every floor and make the road similar. It'll be boring, though...
3) I also wanted to turn it more into "street racing" style, but apparently my track looks semi-professional style instead. Like, I can change SOME of the objects, but overall it's quite difficult to maintain balance between amount of objects, amount of cars and amount of DIFFERENT details (like, track would look really poor if I kept using same barricade all the time, right?). Plus some objects are destructible, so I need to place invisible walls which doesn't help really...

So yeah, as you probably understand, track is semi-WIP. I mean if it looks fine I can upload it even now, question is whether problems I mentioned above are serious enough?
p.s. credits & special thanks to a friend of mine (@disappoint) for filming that track. (shame he doesnt play on this server, though).

Temat: /resetparts for resetting parts for secret cars?

Odpowiedzi: 8

16-05-2017, 05:02

Halo! Hola! Hi everyone!
So, let's make it plain, short and simple:
Many of you encountered an issue at least once when you want to get yourself a secret car. However there are moments when there's 1-2 parts left on the map and you keep rolling around again and again, trying to find same parts. Sometimes it gets really annoying, especially on rather large areas.
Now, I wouldn't be writing this, if not a culmination with one russian-speaking player, who mentioned that the part for his car was either spawned half-below the surface (or fell underground somehow? No idea). Point is, he was complaining he picked it up by pure luck by driving it over without even seeing it.
Now, as we all know, parts for the secret cars are spawned for each client separately in a set of preallocated places....
So I thought, what if there was a command which would allow you to respawn all the remaining parts (for all the cars) once per 24 hours (at random locations)? It would probably solve a lot of troubles for many players. Cause I see people complaining they can't find 1-2 car parts literally every day...
-Why once per 24 hours? Because otherwise one can abuse this command and keep cruising around the most "popular" spots, resetting the parts again and again.
So what do you guys think? Huh?

Temat: [DRIFT] LV-Parking-Lot (WIP)

Odpowiedzi: 6

18-03-2017, 21:15

Map Name: LV Parking lot
Map Type: Drift; Street X(?) \ Sprint (?)
Location: Las Venturas
First of all, I made that map about a month ago, when I was still active. I was upset about amount of Drift maps and the fact that only few of them are played, so I decided to go risky and give it a try at making a drift map. As a source of inspiration I (partially) used DRIVER game, together with the Fast and Furious 3 movie, garage race (when main character crashes Mona Lisa).

. )
But enough words, there are 2 videos representing how would you drive up&down:

I'm not sure if it's worth continuing work, since I figured out there are some issues. Such as:
1) Amount of objects? Idk if that's a lot or not. @Helomyname, I would highly appreciate your input here. If you think that I have too many details, maybe give me idea of where should I reduce them etc.
2) Radar? Duo to map being based on several floors, I'm afraid that the radar won't work properly, unless I "clone" every floor, thus, make whole track retarded (or maybe not. But that's clearly not the result I accounted for)...
3) Duo to me barely using NFS arrows, but mostly barricades with drawn arrows, it'll require, perhaps, manual redoing backward version of the track, with changing [>>>] shaped barricades to [<<<] ones. Obv. I can do this on my own if needed.

If none of these issues can really be fixed\ignored then maybe it's even worth moving whole map to declined section, idk... Also, I -do- know that maps like drag and drift require special coding and that chances of accepting such a map are rather low, but as they say on my motherland:
The one who never risks, will never have a chance to drink a glass champagne. ( <- means that everybody should take risks every now and then. Sometimes the risks pay up).

Again, this is (supposingly) WIP. I don't present it as a complete map. So if you think that something can be improved, speak up. I'll appreciate critics if it's polite and argumentative.