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W temacie: Would like a an unban

Odpowiedzi: 6

09-04-2019, 14:46

(09-04-2019, 14:06)Tekk Wrote:
(09-04-2019, 01:47)Fraqqer Wrote: Hi  Smile

That person managed to beat you on this one, no joking. That was the biggest shitstorm I've ever seen on this server, particularly in Ru chat. So if this person gets an unban, it will be completely unfair for the rest not to get theirs. As they did/said much less.

Blah-blah-blah, noone's listening to ya. This server is ded, so sit quiet and don't speak much   Smile

W temacie: Would like a an unban

Odpowiedzi: 6

09-04-2019, 01:47

(08-04-2019, 01:39)Tekk Wrote: None of the people who got perm banned on this server were as toxic as you.

Hi  Smile

W temacie: Permabanned. Main administration, please.

Odpowiedzi: 6

27-12-2018, 13:20


W temacie: The reasons why NFSSA is dying right now

Odpowiedzi: 37

25-12-2018, 21:53

(25-12-2018, 21:49)susis Wrote:
(25-12-2018, 21:39)yokou Wrote: is this basically ''i cant find parts so server is dying and everyone drives better than me''? or i understood it wrong

pretty much

fraqquer i finish 2nd/3rd and wow is an rpg and since when nfs was ever considered an mmo/rpg dont compare a racing game

2/3 - LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, i was streakin about 20-30 wins a row, so why are u writing smth here, l0wsk1ll3d?

W temacie: The reasons why NFSSA is dying right now

Odpowiedzi: 37

25-12-2018, 21:41

(25-12-2018, 21:36)susis Wrote: it doesnt matter to me if you are here or not whoops

So funny to speak with person, who don't have enough skill to win URL, eksdee.

And scaftz, I played a lot of MMOs ex. PW, BDO, WOW, and they are actually similar to this gameplay, cause if you don't have full armor/weapon in mmo, that you only can do - farm/grind for better armor. Here is simply similar - grind for being best in URL or TopTimes, or anything else, but it's freaking boring to choose, what to do when you opened everything.

Temat: Permabanned. Main administration, please.

Odpowiedzi: 6

17-12-2018, 19:41

Hello everyone. Right now I'm typing this thread because I want to sort out w/ the situation of banning Kote4CB (me). I typed Bartek in PM and he said, that i need to post a thread here...

So, starting... I was permabanned 2+ months ago by Nhung because of "provoking an admin using nicknames". And this situation is still unresolved...

Firstly, I want to tell to main administration, that Nhung blocked all my channels to speak you with besides the forum. He never spoke in my posts, and never wanted to resolve the problem. Imo, the main thing that he wanted to ban me and leave everything as if nothing had happened. But ok, I have permission to type here.

Secondly, as yokou said, that moderator is doing everything for people, not only for him. But in this situation I spoke negatively only to Nhung and his friend LimeDisX. However, when I was in Culture (leader: Bunny) I was in good terms with everyone, otherwise otherwise, I'd just be thrown out of Culture. And the situation w/ my ban, when ImYoWorstNightmare said, that everyone accepted my ban, but it wasn't true, because Kucky and Krazio didn't know anything about my ban. So, please, can you explain that thing, too?

And last one. In one hand, I know, that i WAS kind of bad person for a lot of people. But that was more than a year or two ago. HZITS is telling to every1 his biased opinion, cause he didn't talk w/ me this year. In other hand, I was very helpful to a lot of new players, that took part in URLs, to Culture Crew members, with some of whom I'm still in a warm relationship and, frankly speaking, wanted to upgrade the server in good hand, making the suggestions about new URL system, etc... 

People who unleash ethnic strife was given 1-year mute, but I, who said a 1 word to moderator got permabanned. Is there justice on this server? I hope there is. 
Good day, guys, and good luck.

Temat: URL Weekend Cup.

Odpowiedzi: 23

03-12-2018, 23:13

Firstly, I know that this suggestion, probably, can't be introduced in game, but maybe it can work. 
So, in my opinion playing URL w/out any responsibilities is very monotonously. People, who play a lot of URLs have good cars and always win novice players, cause of theirs lack of preparation. And, honestly, when they get 0$ and 0RP, spending, sometimes, (when x2 URL) 40 mins and get nothing, that playerss won't come back to URL. But... I have suggestion to do weekend tournaments in 2 hours (prime time) instead of 1 normal url. In first round everything is going on like in normal URL, but u have only 1 points group, like 250 or 400, that changing every week. And top 3 of this receive a qualify to the next round, where they will fight with strong players in class. So how it works:

1 hour: URL with only 1 points group (e.g 250 only) or normal URL w/out any restrictions. U can participate in all every starting URL while you won't win any. Prizes are normal.
2 hour: Only those, who won last URL can participate in 1 points group tournament. Prizes are increased. 

Imo, that update will reveal new good and talented players, what are not participating cause of little amount of money and RP.

If have some additions or constructive criticism - you are welcome.

Temat: Re: Interesting ban x2? To the main administration.

Odpowiedzi: 42

13-10-2018, 16:06

Funny jk, isn't it?
Got banned again by a console, have 3 possible options, who can do this: 
1. Nhung - most logical option.
2. Hexagon - friend of Nhung, console banned before for no reason, then i was unbanned.
3. Scoffer - he can be, but there's no reason. 

Ok, "let's talk now". I was banned in NFS:SA group in Vkontakte by Nhung. I was banned in NFS:SA discord for no reason by Nhung. I was banned from the server by Nhung 2 times before and rn i think third time. He is not an Angel and does mistakes. Illustrating, player "Toaster" pronounced to RU chat "нхунг (nhung)", as it in writing, but our moderator said to T., that " CORRECTLY "ЭНХАНГ(ANHUNG)", then kicked Toaster while he was in race. That's good? And if I will ask everybody, there will be people who dislike or hate Nhung with a reason, because he is not such a good person. 9 months ago, I remember, he didn't help everyone, cause he didin't have an admins rights. But now the world had changed ok. 

Person don't get muted for this, but ok, i'm not offended. Cause it's trashtalk, but only trash, w/o insult or anything.

[Image: 5gWWhSh.png]
And everyone doin it, Nhung is not an exception, but he is doing it behind your back. I know that, cause i spoke w/ people, wh knew him before.

3rd thing. "Everyone" on the team. Yes, everyone? Cool. 
[Image: unknown.png]
Krazio and Kucky not. They can prove it here.
[Image: RdkPFCM.png]

[Image: YA9c9kx.png]

That's why i need to know. Who was that "everyone" Nhung, Scoffer and Hexagon (Sorry, but i really can't trust you, cause you banned me by Nhung's screens before). That's "everyone"? Someone have a real feud w/ me? I need to know, what I did to them to get better.
And yea, in your mind be positive to 50-100 persons, but be negative to max 10 - permission to ban, if in this 10 - 2 moders, or what? 

In 4th part I want to tell about his ignore. As I said, "I was banned in NFS:SA group in Vkontakte by Nhung. I was banned in NFS:SA discord for no reason by Nhung." He ignored me everywhere, but I wanted to speak with him to clarify the situation. Because of that I remained after mine opinion, that he did a mistake. Even though 60d mute. So, this is an act of a real moderator, to not solve the problem, but provoke to start it again.

And in the last part I want to tell about "opinions". I have mute, but I need to speak with my friend in-game and tell him smth, that sometimes can be incorrect or ugly? (With 60d mute) I have 1 way - speak through my Nickname, ok. But how I should tell him smth, that some1 figure - harass him. No way, but this is - violation of freedom of speech, or not? It's gonna be quiet interesting to solve that problem.

And at last, I want to tell to everyone, who is reading that topic. If you have some resentment to me - type here, but on the contrary, if you treat me well - don't be a shy, cause it can't be my last post on this forum. And yea, if someone has resentment or smth like that to Nhung as his administration of server type here too. That's end. And sorry guys, I really like justice, it will ruin me.

Temat: Oh, interesting ban.

Odpowiedzi: 13

05-10-2018, 01:19

Frankly speaking, i didn't want to speak about this theme until i'll get really angry or mad. But, unfortanutely, i really need to speak with person, which can answer my question. Why, if moderator do irrelevant and incorrect decisions other players have to suffer, because of their feelings or "bad mood". Ok, I will start from the beginning. Everyone knows, that people sometimes toxic and don't listen to each other. Russian local chat is not an exception. So, in russian chat one novice player said(like)(not explicit version): "This URL is awful, why u can't do it by classes". 5 people said to him: "No, this system of URL is better than classes system." After that the new player("HolKomes") started to insulting and provoke me and Sasylka. In that period i was in URL so i can't type a lot but Sasylka and Holkomes continued speaking and insulted each other. At the end of their dialog AMPM, known as SADNhung or Nhung gave them a 7 days mute. IMO, that was disgusting move in relation to Sasylka, because he didn't started it. So, i said to russian local chat that Nhung did unhonorable and disgusting. Then i told him that i always know, that he is a nit. After that got ban for insulting mods. Ok, I understand that move, but i can't understand when mods didn't apply to the rules, how ordinary players must do.
[Image: UneGq9t.png]

If mod say to normal player "fuck off" - good, why say to mod - a nit - permaban. Do you think that there are some inconsistencies? I think so.
And... yea, I then I spoke to Bunny and Bunny said, that in talking him w/ Nhung, Nhung said: "I have a bad mood Sad" - So, bad mood is the reason too? IMO, this is an excess. 

Hmm... I'd ask you to reconsider about my ban and answer there. Can I get an unban or that's gonna be my last URL in my life, xd, or change to another punish (maybe not).

If you want to you can speak with a lot of people from my clan (Hi Culture's) or from RU local chat that i wont start aggressing w/out the reason or you can speak w/ participants of that skirmish, they will answer you any questions about that situation. (As I remember there were 124z_, Sasylka, Me, HolKomes and some more people that I can't remember).

Thanks for reading, btw. Legends never die!
[Image: Ce3CVM8.png]

Temat: Unban.

Odpowiedzi: 7

05-11-2017, 16:24

First of all, I want to tell that my English is not perfect so there can be a lot of mistakes.
So, there was an incident between Me and player "ReeD" when we were arguing with each other and telling a lot of disgusting things.
On the next day Admin "Hexagon" gave permanent ban to me and 1 hour ban for Reed. OK, not fair, but ok. Then I spoke with Hexagon and Reed in Vkontakte and we came to the conclusion that I have warning because of my words, but I get unbanned.
Hexagon right now can't unban me, so he told me to create a post on a forum and speak about unban with you.
If you want to make sure that i'm telling the truth, speak to Hexagon. He'll give you the whole information about incident. 
*Screen with ban*
Nickname: Kote4CB. 
If you need more information from me, such as my account info, type here.
P.S. Sorry, if I created post in wrong forum. I really didn't know how to create it on this forum.
Awaiting your prompt reply.