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W temacie: Please , give me a chance

Odpowiedzi: 12

02-09-2018, 15:45

(02-09-2018, 14:30)Akamataa Wrote: >I get ban
>"Haha i will play on another pc u can't do anything to me"
>Get longer ban
>post on form "Sorry ...."
>your ban will not be reduced anyways.

Next time when u want to play when u have ban.. use not only another pc, but also another nick name and account, and change your ip ^^
Iq 200

W temacie: Infernus & Cheetah must deserves a next nerf (make it more weaker)

Odpowiedzi: 16

02-09-2018, 15:44

LOL fail

W temacie: Please , give me a chance

Odpowiedzi: 12

01-09-2018, 17:52

Give him another chance

W temacie: Circuit Midway to highway

Odpowiedzi: 5

01-09-2018, 17:50

Its cool, i would like to see this in game

W temacie: Infernus & Cheetah must deserves a next nerf (make it more weaker)

Odpowiedzi: 16

01-09-2018, 17:48

What? No... They are "A class cars"... Cheetaah has to get a bit buffed, not much... If you keep losing in unlimited, make a good dyno for your Cheetah or Infernus, and train a bit.

Temat: Three word game

Odpowiedzi: 92

07-04-2018, 21:10

So the point is... For example i say "Luka is from" and the next person says "Serbia and he" and so on... Only 3 words, okay... I'll start

Weather is always

Temat: Garages

Odpowiedzi: 9

07-04-2018, 21:05

I have a pretty interesting suggestion... Buyable garages. There are so many garages thrue Los Santos (LS, SF, LV and countryside). I've been driving around with my friend and i thought about this idea by just looking around. There are so many pretty good spots, everyone's taste... It would be great if we get this into NFS SA

Temat: Money transfer

Odpowiedzi: 2

30-12-2017, 17:16

So, as the subject says... Money tranfser, i dont know what else to say... This will be really useful, people would love this, just admit, everyone wants this...

Temat: Nfs theories

Odpowiedzi: 11

09-12-2017, 15:39

Lets talk about all nfs mysteries, not nfs sa, i mean game nfs

Temat: Canyon races

Odpowiedzi: 11

23-11-2017, 00:10

I have a good suggestion, add new kind of races in nfs sa Canyon races from NFS Carbon! Im sure before this someone else already suggested this, bit it will be great if you add this... Just suggesting