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W temacie: Prośba o unban'a

Odpowiedzi: 3

13-02-2018, 15:53

Wchodząc na serwer akceptowałeś regulamin, którego następnie nie przestrzegałeś. Teraz prosisz o unbana? Wątpie aby ci się to udało ale powodzenia Smile

W temacie: Whiteseed's blocked account.

Odpowiedzi: 4

05-02-2018, 01:54

Your type of driving probably is just suspicious and you probably tap brake a lot before turning so maybe that's the cause of false alarm that got u banned.
Also don't swear it's wrong :/

W temacie: Map Doesnt work

Odpowiedzi: 7

04-02-2018, 19:12

(04-02-2018, 14:13)JellyGelom Wrote: file:///C:/Users/calinescu/Desktop/mta-screen_2018-02-04_14-10-04.png This is with map
file:///C:/Users/calinescu/Desktop/mta-screen_2018-02-04_14-10-07.png This is when I press m to open map

hmmmm... pretty nice photos u have there

W temacie: Multiple suggestions (A 7th one, can you believe it?)

Odpowiedzi: 20

02-02-2018, 15:32

1. You can do it as much in 24h as you want to, there's no limits of tries. If someone always rams you, you probably have a stalker. Nobody never blocked me or rammed me as that much that i cant do DH or Vinyl run. Just don't be crybaby and if someone constantly rams you wait few minutes/hours till this player leave the server and then come back and do your things.
2. I agree.
3. You just need to accept that. As long as it isn't affecting races and fairness of them I'm ok with that little bug.
4. Whatever, I'm never using fake mud on my cars.
5. Hell no.

W temacie: New cars.

Odpowiedzi: 14

31-01-2018, 22:49

^ But every update will add more content to the game so u will have fun for a long time, while people will work on next one. I know that they wouldn't add more cars now but that's only what we would want to see on server.
Btw i dont know why yall complain about more content, more cars would add more variety to the game and we wouldn't see only (for example) sultan/sgt on URL 350 etc. More cars mean more people would drive what they want not what is good atm. Also this server is called NFS:SA and have cars from San Andreas not from actual NFS UG2. So I don't know where is problem with adding more cars from GTA:SA, while all cars are from GTA, not imported models from UG1/2.
But nvm, nice discussion thread right here.

Temat: Sprint | Tunnel vision

Odpowiedzi: 5

27-01-2018, 02:15

Name : Tunnel vision
Author : beneksy
Type : Sprint
Location : San Fierro

If you have any suggestions what to add or change feel free to write it down below. Making it for us all to race so i want to make it as friendly and as good as possible Smile