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New developers wanted!
We are recruiting scripter and 3D modeler!

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  • Sex: Male
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  • dude I'm a rabbit, how do you expect me to sign


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W temacie: Akatoyaa Garage [always WIP]

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Wczoraj, 18:19

+1 respecc for dis

W temacie: Reason Why NFSSA is dying.

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Wczoraj, 16:39

(18-02-2019, 18:20)SandKing napisał(a): 2 years ago, if i enter the server, i saw 2 or 3 moderators, but today, i saw moderators rarely
Well I cannot agree on that, precisely because of the amount of hours I spend online and some other moderators as well.

W temacie: Reason Why NFSSA is dying.

Odpowiedzi: 28

17-02-2019, 16:39

I know that each of these problems have solutions, some are harder to develop, some are easier, but I believe that soon enough some issues will be addressed and some new features will be implemented.

For example:
- Matthew's new players' introduction mode that would explain everything and hook the players: We shall grab n00bs with both hands! thread;
- Hopefully some of the genius pro drivers of this server would get their shit together and cooperate with the staff to help create an    understandable dyno instruction;
- Would balance some cars so they could compete with today's meta cars.
- Lamp breaker (that is a work in progress and would be available soon, depending on MTA devs)

By implementing these stuff I believe the server would be a couple of steps closer to perfection. I do not lose hope and know that even though things sound bad and unfair right now, all this could change in the future. There is a sea of solutions to each problem we have, so instead of making complaining threads about that, I'd rather sit down and discuss suggestions to make things better. Well, this is my opinion, some might agree, some not, but I hope that I 'd see more solutions than complains in the future. Like really, wake up people, NFSSA might be the only project that the administration and developers mind your opinions, so that's why it is so important to hear different points of view and different suggestions. Do not lose your chance to participate in making the server better. I guess that's all I had to say.
Stay safe c:

W temacie: update when

Odpowiedzi: 8

17-02-2019, 05:23

Hello, soon.

W temacie: Something small but important

Odpowiedzi: 25

10-02-2019, 23:01

I would really like that sound mod to be implemented, however it is the developers' decision.

Temat: Premium event, that's all you need to know

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04-02-2019, 17:32

Hello there,

Forgive me for the rushed event, but I realized what date is today and thought I should host something. And I thought what else then another premium event. The reason for this event is that today 4th of February after fighting with myself for some time after I first registered for this wonderful project, 1 year ago I started seriously playing here. I remember this date exactly because it was a very long and rewarding day for me resulting in playing a lot of hours in the game that day. That day I realized what kind of project I joined and I said to myself "dude, I am crashing here  Big Grin " and since then I started my adventure here. But enough about the sentimental stuff, y'all came here for the premium, am I right? So what did I plan for you? Since I had to move fast, that's what I came up with:

- Car cruise

- Derby Game

- Carguy Quiz

- Drift and fun

All the rules for each stage in particular will be stated directly at the event, so everybody will know what's happening. Since the event is a fast one, the rewards for it won't be that serious. It's simple:

You win - you get 1 month premium

Fair and square. 
The event starts today at 19:00 (server time). It will start tomorrow (05.02.2019) at 19:00 (server time). Since we have to celebrate also 2 years since Scoob is playing here. Congrats my friend. Really happy to know you.
Meet location: Gas station near Angel Pine (the one with the Ghost Vincent).

What is needed from the players? Your positive mood and fun attitude. Behave during the event and it will assure your chance of winning. That's all for now. Once again sorry for the rush. 
Thank you for your attention. 
Hope seeing you at the event.

Temat: MLP livery car contest [Premium Event]

Odpowiedzi: 25

26-11-2018, 03:13

Hello everybody,
Today the crew CULTURE comes with yet another event for you.
This time it will be something different, but still enjoyable.
There were a lot of different themed car  showcases, but none like this one.
I present to you the "My little pony car livery contest", yes yes, MLP livery.
The contest will take place on 30/11/18 at 20:00 (server time; French time)

Winner's reward: 1 week premium

Event judge: Rarti

The rules for participating to this event are simple:

1. Register for the event with a "+" under the thread;
2. Pick a car for the event;
3. Select a character from the MLP universe;
4. Apply the color scheme of the respective character on the car (may include the character on the car);
5. Present the car during the showcase

Here are some examples for those wondering what in the world am I talking about:

[Obrazek: p5Cxlsf.png]
[Obrazek: WWGRUdp.png]
[Obrazek: PSzLmgm.png]
[Obrazek: rypvJLT.png]
[Obrazek: ts7x4RX.png]


Hope these will erase your doubts.
For any further information contact me or Rarti.
Have fun with the liveries, but keep it decent.
*Note: Liveries that do not fit the event will be disqualified without a second chance.

P.S. Thank you Rarti for providing the server with the vinyls; lights; exploits and bugs found and reported.

Temat: Super Moderator rank for yokou

Odpowiedzi: 15

18-10-2018, 00:12

Good day,

I know it's too early to hear from me again, but I had to. Today I want to present everybody to the idea of promoting yokou to the Super Moderator rank. As far as I know him I can say only good things about him once truly having long conversations with the guy. He is very mature (slightly mischievous), active, respected, fair and calculated person who knows not only how to handle situations, but also just avoid the small started argument that can result in a huge mess. I personally saw that he is very strict and good at making decisions without batting an eye, thing which really helps him in moderating, seen from all the hate he gets from players (especially polish). I don't have any doubt, he will fit the rank and keep the players even more to respecting the rules. 

So now about the reason of ranking him up: he is doing a good job maintaining the global and polish chats clean, but also from ramming and toxic players in local chats. Everything isn't that easy when the same player insults, spams and rams for no reasons multiple times in a row, so what a mod would usually do is mute, forcegarage him or kick, but if that player doesn't understand he will keep coming back and doing the same things. In my opinion yokou needs the ability to work from the shades with the hidden mod ability and ban constant rammers for at least a day to chill them down. These examples aren't said from nowhere, but sustained by real past events. Well that's all I can say about him and his moderating manners. 
Hope I convinced the skeptical ones and hope everybody will vote objectively, not based on past unpleasant encounters with him. I will attach a poll to the thread so everybody can vote and also explain their position in the comments section.

Good luck on the promotion yokou!!
Thank you for your attention everybody.

Temat: Bunny

Odpowiedzi: 20

10-10-2018, 20:56

Hello everybody,

Today I'd like to have your attention, because I'm applying for a moderator position.
Thank you everybody in advance for giving your opinions (positive or negative) on this thread!
Very thankful to Helo, whyami, the russian and spanish communities and of course the CULTURE crew for pushing me to apply Big Grin

Nickname: Bunny

Age: 21 years old

English skill (1-10): 8.5-9 (TOEFL english exam passed)

Your stats and experience with NFS:SA:

Main driver: 850.758 RP.  Secondary driver: 226.588 RP (10/10/2018). Playing on the server since end of January 2018
Will update the thread soon with playtime in game

How much free time do you have to moderate server?

3-9 hours depending on day

What do you do when someone starts spamming messages on chat?:

Firstly I'd warn the player to stop spamming and if he still doesn't respect the rules he will be muted progressively according to the toughness of his spam and its containing. That would imply small mutes from 5-30 minutes and rising to big mutes from 1 hour to 1 day.

What do you do when someone starts insulting other players?:

Well depending on the toughness and agressivness of the insults, I would either warn the player or straight mute depending on the situation, in order to escape arguments and unpleasant fights. Would apply same mute duration here as in spamming.

Do you have any experience (if yes, describe):

I have had  few online experience in moderating a SA:MP stunting/DM/DD, etc. server for 1,8 years and also 2 shooter projects in MTA known today as Day-Z  servers, however I have much more irl experience working with teams on projects and events.

Which language channels can you moderate?:

I fluently speak romanian, russian, spanish and english. If I get the position, would prefer having the option to see multiple language chats, if possible.

Why do you want to join moderators team? (at least 100 words):

Well the main reason I want to join the moderators team is to just help the ordinary players when they need it, because there are many moments when players just don't have the luxury of asking for a moderator's help when needed, because there is none online. I see myself as a good candidate because of my routine flexibility, which allows me to be present on the server in absolutely different times of the day and night. Having to deal with all the toxicity that is present when a moderator is offline is a big pain in the ass. Also to be 100% honest, this is one of my objectives since I had low RP and started making a list of things I want to accomplish here. I hope I have met people that can objectively judge wheather I am suited for this position or not. Would moderate any assigned chat that I know the language of, hopefully more at the same time and of course global chat (the one that gets very messy from time to time). And about myself I can say that many people that I had the pleasure of talking to already know me good enough. Those who don't know me, well you have yet to discover me, because I plan on staying hehe.

P.S. Even if I do not succeed or suit the moderators team, I would suggest at least opening moderators recruit, because there are few very active moderators nowadays. I am not for demoting anybody, just for more new active moderators. Specifically would add a lithuanian moderator judging from recent events on the server. Really hope seeing new moderators on the server soon.

P.S.S. Hope everybody could read everything and that I have explained myself as plain as possible. Thank you again for considering me!

Temat: Drift championship 2.0 [Premium Event]

Odpowiedzi: 28

02-10-2018, 00:17

And welcome to yet another premium event hosted by CULTUЯE and ADVAN.
This event is a farewell party for our favorite drifter: Barney. Good luck bro and visit us <3
The drift championship will take place on 06/10/18 at 20:00 (server time; french time)


1st place - 30 days premium

2nd place - 2 weeks premium

3rd place - 1 week premium

The rules of participation are the following:

- use B, C, D or even E class drift car (THAT MEANS NO AWD POWERSLIDING SULTAN);
- respectively have a drift livery on the car, either it's a drift missile, drift team livery or any other drift livery (NO NEONS AND SPINNERS);
- be ready to prove your drifting skills, because this is not just a car showcase, it's a drift championship boi;
- of course have good behaviour (Rammers will be directly kicked from the server and disqualified from the event).

Now about what we have planned for you:

* the championship will take place in 3 different locations which will be posted in the same day of the event at 13:00, which should give the participants ~7-8 hours to practise;
* the trials will be 1v1 in order to step-by-step disqualify some concurrents;
* of course the event will be judged by our crew members to make the good decisions;
* whether you drift good or nah, will be determined by your drifting styles, meaning that speed, turning and errors will be evaluated.

Car ban list:
- All A class cars
- All SUV class
- All Vintage class
- Manana
- Bravura
- Club
- Vincent
- Kuruma
- Previon
- Flash
- Blista
- Euros
- Sultan

Stage 1: The Visage Hotel parking; LV


Stage 2: Foster Valley; SF


Stage 3: Palomino Creek; LS


For any additional information contact me, or any other CULTUЯE or ADVAN members.

Thank You for your time, good luck and hoping to see you at the event.

P.S. Share some love in this thread for Barney  Heart Heart Heart