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21-09-2016, 10:38


The userpanel change log :

Date : 21/09/2016


W temacie: Solo-practice, specifically drift

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19-05-2016, 16:44

We are planning a part with dynamic tuning so this will be change but no practice are planned nowadays because its work like nfs, when you bought a car you don't know about is performance so you have a part of luck and experience to find the good deal and make the difference on the asphalte.

Btwn that just my opinion.

W temacie: IRC Channel Chat

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18-05-2016, 15:01

i don't think its really interesting for now.

W temacie: [General Thread] Crew System

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16-05-2016, 17:30

Maybe some features like could be implemented wit crew wars system we don't know yet.

W temacie: [General Thread] Crew System

Odpowiedzi: 23

15-05-2016, 19:49

When the whole cw update will be finished for sure. i just want to precise that a most part of this work was made by bartek.


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21-09-2016, 10:38


The userpanel change log :

Date : 21/09/2016


Temat: Community system/interaction and more

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29-12-2015, 10:43

Hello guys,

Today i wanted to present you my suggestion after tested the beta test.
At first i want to say to the Staff of NFSSA : Good Job !

All these suggestion are linked by themself but i will describe them on several points.

1) Notification System

Everybody know a bit GTA Online ? (GTA:V multiplayer) This notification will work like this system.
With this system you can be informed by everything around you.
There is a list that the notification can inform :

- Private Message.
- Invitation (invite a friend or a member of your crew to join a race).
- Bring player in duel on the freerun mode.
- Request for friend and crew.
- Random event around the player.

See the picture below.

2) Interaction system

For make a good multiplayer the players need to interact together (talk, make event together, can stay in contact and visible by others).

- Friends system :
The friends system is a good idea to keep contact with friendly players, (same country, same opinion etc...)
So its important to help them to stay in contact. For the réalisation i don't have any idea mb just a list with all friends and on interaction menu a system for request nothing hard.

- Private message :

2 commands : /pm [nick] [text] (already exist) and /reply [text] (send a message to the latest sender).

- Crew : i will make a special paragrah for this but just for say that in interaction menu its only a system of join decline the request.

- Bring on duel :

What is a duel on NFSSA (what its could be ?) ?
Someone invite an other one to make a race. The player who invite the oither one select a location on the map, and the first who join the position on first get RP point (could be a daily task Wink )

- Reach his position :

Just put a marker on the map for follow the player (only friends and crew member).

3) Crew system

This is the most important part and hard part.
For make the gameplay for interactive and more funny i have got the idea of a totally new crew system.
(i already saw the idea of robin but i want to add ideas on it).
- Manage crew : the leader of the crew can totally manage his crew.
There is some action that the leader can do:
Invite, kick a player.
Change the crew colors, change the crew logo, change the crew name.

- Stats of crew : everybody can see the stats of different crew on different mode.

- Clan wars system :

4 new game mode : Race CW, Street-X CW, Sprint CW, Drift CW.

Race : Disable Ghost mode on the race, the winner is the 1st crew player (crew can select several map to play on).
Street-X : Disable Ghost mode on the Street-X, the winner is the 1st crew player (crew can select several map to play on)..
Sprint : Disable Ghost mode on the Sprint, the winner is the 1st crew player (only one map for the war).
Drift : Enable ghostmode, The crew winner is the clan who have the moe point (total crew player point).


My last idea is the webpanel for see all stats about the player,interact with friends and crew, manage his crew, see his car tuning and more.

For everything i am ready to help. (i have skill on all these differents things).

Its just suggestion so you can select one of theses idea like you want.
I hope its help you.

Illustration picture :

[Image: ShtlwdD.jpg]

Temat: Malak introduce

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01-08-2015, 13:20

Hello NFSSA let me introduce me,

Everybody in MTA know me as Malak, i play this game since MTA Vice City (i look like the oldest guy in this game Dodgy )

I was very interesting by this project few years ago, i am really happy to see hit again i gave all my motivation to the dev staff. I hope this time is the good time for NFSSA. Basicly i love NFSU1/2 that was an epic game i hope to see the same quality in MTA anyway at the moment its sound really nice !

What about me ?

My real name is Clément, i have 23 years old i am from France and without from a programming branch, developping something is for me an hobby, i started to develop SA-MP and MTA a long time ago and i also know many language in web. I could help you without problems.

i hope to see you soon in your gamemode.

All regards, Malak.