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W temacie: Content Update - Mainly Vinyls 05/06/2019

Odpowiedzi: 10

05-06-2019, 23:02

Hello C:

W temacie: Pls unban osva

Odpowiedzi: 11

02-12-2018, 19:47


Ramming NPC's in SP aint enough for you?

W temacie: An actual '24 Hours Time Cycle'

Odpowiedzi: 19

22-10-2018, 01:53

Looks ok imo - gives that NFS MW feel xd. Also what normal shop keeps the lights turned on in the daytime :p

W temacie: An actual '24 Hours Time Cycle'

Odpowiedzi: 19

22-10-2018, 00:43

(22-10-2018, 00:29)bartekPL Wrote: Some important environment lights wouldnt work at all when day.
About car lights, theoretically it should work fine but in practise we use auto-repairing car function that and because of weird GTA engine it messes up with such things and lights may randomly blink or something - didn't test it but some time ago there was something with it.

Oh alright I think I understand, there aren't any chances that custom timecyc for server (if that's even possible) could fix that problem? Anyways sometimes on Doherty I can spot those flashy graphical bugs - even with vanilla timecyc files.

W temacie: An actual '24 Hours Time Cycle'

Odpowiedzi: 19

22-10-2018, 00:23

(21-10-2018, 23:54)bartekPL Wrote: 24-hours time cycle is not possible (or at least would be buggy and annoying) due to problem with auto-disabling some lights caused by GTA engine.

You mean they would turn off automatically when day and turn on when night? Or randomly? If 1st scenario - that wouldn't be really a problem tbh. If 2nd - well, ok RIP 24h time cycle (Until there will be a fix for it. But doubtful, isn't it?).

Temat: An actual '24 Hours Time Cycle'

Odpowiedzi: 19

21-10-2018, 21:35

Hello C:
So, I think I'm not the only who is already tired with seeing the same time of a day or night in NFS:SA. Instead of having 2 modes we can change anytime in settings, why the time doesn't go by itself or (to be more fancy ;p) isn't synchronised with (CET) server time zone? 
Such an interesting experience playing in the night when its also night in the game or middle of the day when its middle of the day.

I do believe its not a really hard thing to do, and some players would really appreciate such a lil' update that will make experience of a game world a bit better/more realistic. C: