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W temacie: Synchronizacja konta

Odpowiedzi: 1

22-08-2021, 14:51

Generuj nowe hasło dopóki nie wskoczy, jest jakiś problem z generatorem i jak na teraz to takie coś pomaga. Każde hasło próbuj i wpisać ręcznie i kopiuj-wklej

W temacie: Fisp's ban

Odpowiedzi: 43

05-06-2021, 19:41

I don't see much being proven here despite lots of links being posted
https://youtu.be/4awnp7WYRfc - workin fine in here so what's that sudden downgrade? It was uploaded 5 days ago on your channel, also I can easily recall seeing you in freemode driving just fine
There is also no proof that FPS ain't locked, you haven't opened anything to prove that so you might as well have had ENB with frame limiter on in the background or any other software (maybe even the one you were recordin with)

W temacie: Muted 30 days for what?

Odpowiedzi: 8

19-05-2021, 23:09

Been warning ya multiple times but it's like talkin to a wall and here you go, you haven't changed for shit with how you behave on chat and that's what you're gettin.
You better be grateful it's only 30 days
for now

W temacie: Can i buy unban ?

Odpowiedzi: 4

01-05-2021, 15:56

As the previous threads said

W temacie: NFS:SA Book of Records

Odpowiedzi: 34

11-02-2021, 19:07

(11-02-2021, 02:45)RaiUwU Wrote:
(10-02-2021, 00:21)broski0909 Wrote: Can this be considered a record too or something else? 

[Image: cMWjONy.png]

Challenge 8

Oh I wasnt aware that it has a challenge xd

Temat: Broski

Odpowiedzi: 24

15-11-2020, 23:52

Nickname: Broski
Age: 20
English skill (1-10): 8-9 
Your stats and experience with NFS:SA:
    Player since May 2018, over 2160 hours of playtime and 2,7kk of RP
How much free time do you have to moderate server?
    It depends on the day and how busy I am during the week, but I do log in everyday and stay online for at least 1-3 hours and more. Weekends, obviously more - starting from 2-4 hours at least.
What do you do when someone starts spamming messages on chat?:
    For first accident I give them a warning, next one is a mute starting from 5-10 minutes. If I see spam or flood is more than intentional, up to severity of messages (caps lock on, amount of characters,  insults included in spam/flood) it can go up from 30min to even hours.
What do you when someone starts insulting other players?:
    Depending on situation and how severe insults are, I mute straight off the bat to prevent more toxicity or observe to get a good look at the situation and who started the argument to serve him a bigger punishment - up to hours if not days.
Do you have any experience (if yes, describe):
    In 2013 I used to be an admin on SA-MP server for around more than half a year (could be 8 months), until server was closed.
Which language channels can you moderate?:
    English and Polish since the second mentioned is my native language.
Why do you want to join moderators team? (at least 100 words):
    First of all, I love playing on this server, though community - especially newer players - tend to be a little "wild" if it comes to chat and I would like to help with handling it, also what's often taking place on polish language chat does require an intervention. I  try to help other players to solve their issues and give them advices whether its on discord or in-game. I also want to help server even more than I try to do now (help with making updates content and testing it, reporting toxic/inappropriate behavior on global and language chats when no mod is online). I already know the commands used by moderators and thanks to Bunny who have introduced me to how to operate the RaceBan system and overall basics of what will be obligated to do I'm prepared and up for running. 

See You on the server

Temat: New Type Of Drift Races

Odpowiedzi: 7

22-07-2019, 16:35

As all you know, Drifts are about the highest amount of points through the whole race, you can do it with multiple 'combos' at any way you want.
What if there was a type of Drift that requires from players not the biggest amount of points, but the best single drift. Just one little option in the 'Name, Laps, Score" menu where you could choose what will be counted in a Race - Overall Score or Best Drift.
This would be a new way to compete on the Drift Tracks since you would need to make your drift as long as you're able to to win, along with a new functionality of "BEST" score during a Race instead of indicating the best drift in it or a new All Time/Weekly Top Score.

[Image: EHwGMRX.png]

Temat: An actual '24 Hours Time Cycle'

Odpowiedzi: 19

21-10-2018, 21:35

Hello C:
So, I think I'm not the only who is already tired with seeing the same time of a day or night in NFS:SA. Instead of having 2 modes we can change anytime in settings, why the time doesn't go by itself or (to be more fancy ;p) isn't synchronised with (CET) server time zone? 
Such an interesting experience playing in the night when its also night in the game or middle of the day when its middle of the day.

I do believe its not a really hard thing to do, and some players would really appreciate such a lil' update that will make experience of a game world a bit better/more realistic. C: