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W temacie: Quality of life improvements

Odpowiedzi: 39

24-05-2019, 03:56

(23-05-2019, 19:24)susis Wrote: you shouldnt complain if there is a problem then dont buy prem or dont even play in the server complaining wont make the server magically better aight

Im just trying to highlight that the people prefer to give money, when they (a.) Know exactly for what they should do this (b.) Thinks its just a once-time shopping (c.) get enough advateges by buying something. If you place a bigger goal behind the donating, like a map expanse, what is a pretty rare event, there is more chance to get donate from players, who dont donate in normal case, but they understand the importance of the actually projekt. So they are doneting for that projekt, not only for themselves via premium. I hope its clear what Im trying to tell...

(23-05-2019, 23:10)Dr.Wpierdol Wrote: They should make a patron, and share stuff with ones that donate more, then it would expand more

Thats a god idea.

W temacie: Quality of life improvements

Odpowiedzi: 39

23-05-2019, 18:47

Premium its not overpriced, just useless. Except the inifinite car slots. Tell me one reason, to buy premium over the car slots, and the general reason, to support the server. I would give more money if i know what they spend on. Like map expanse, or one more car, or mainteance or bug fixes, or anything. I love this server so much, but I dont understand the logic behind the uses of possibilities.

W temacie: Quality of life improvements

Odpowiedzi: 39

23-05-2019, 02:01

The main problem, that premium doesnt give you nothing worth it to buy. Infinit car slot, shining car parts, color on the chat... Only the more car slot makes sense. So farm a lot of money, buy premium once, and buy the cars you want to build in the future. Ok. Its not enough money to keep the server alive. Upgrade the premium with example money/rp boost maybe could solve this, but ehh... So the easiest way to give meaning the premium/donations if they tell the people that we need the money for THIS and THIS. Just because only for my comfort, I wont buy nothing if I dont get enough advantages. And when I get it free, okay. Not a big thing. Premium a bit valueless. There is a big pending projekt, the Dalmatian map expanse. If I give the programmer 20E will he/she works faster on it? Yes? Okay, deal. And everybody happy. But ask money for unnecessary things, then wonder, that nobody buying it, is ridiculous. If they sold the slots one by one they would get more income. Are you mad looking for the parts? Okay, then you can buy only the "shining parts" effect for a week. Or get a map for the car you want. Or something. The point, to sell things depending on demand. Until the game is playable without money spending, and doesnt couse disadvateges, its viable. But I would go further. Buy RP packs and cars for real money. Yes, it couse bigger fluctuation, but perhaps less new player to leave the server forever too. Just a few idea, what could make the server more sustainable. The NFS World is dead, because the EA placed cars for ONLY SpeedBoost, then let the cheaters to cheat, and raise the in game prices too high, and the players leave it, regardless they would/could buy anything in the future. Here the situation is much better. Its a time-to-win game. Cut the required time with money, doesnt make a disaster. The DYNO and setup features keep teh game balanced, because you have to experience and learn them to win.

W temacie: Quality of life improvements

Odpowiedzi: 39

21-05-2019, 04:45

Okay, so in theory, the developer team dont update the server, (yes, I see, they do, but you know what I mean) because they dont get so much money, to be worth it in time and energy. Its okay. But what if, the community could decide, what exactly they need in te future, and give money for it? Not just random for the premium. The people have to see, where is the end of the tunnel, and when they see, its easier for them to trust in the staff. I mean, there a lot of good idea, like the Canyon Races, or the Hot Pursuit mode. Big projects, but isnt impossible to implement them. The staff start a vote on the forum or on the server about a bigger project, and designate a price (like on kickstarter) for the winner idea. If the donates reach the limit, they start to programming only that one project. Then go to the next vote, next donation campaigne etc. I dont belive, its a very new idea, so explain me, why there is not such a system?

W temacie: All Random Tuning Challenge event

Odpowiedzi: 5

19-05-2019, 16:04

(19-05-2019, 10:55)scaftz Wrote: If the main goal is so newbies can try out cars they haven't drove yet, this has gone far from the target audience. This sort of event will benefit veterans more instead. Veterans mastered most of the cars they would get and destroy those who drove them in their first time. After a while it's guaranteed no newbies will ever want to attend the event anymore.

Better approach to help newbies with choosing their or trying new cars is to give them ability to test drive the car on it's maxed performance in a decent dyno setup, but that would be too much to be offered. Although giving them stock car to test drive won't do anything good neither so i am quite skeptical about it.
Yes, there is a lot of other solution for the newbies problem, wich way better than this. Its just an event for fun. 

I will fix it, if I was not clear. Theres is the classes FOR the players too. I mean a player above 130k RP can't race against players whose under 130k.  So the veteran vs newbie line-up wont happen.

Yes, I should fix it.

Temat: All Random Tuning Challenge event

Odpowiedzi: 5

19-05-2019, 01:16

Hi there!

I guess almost everybody knows the Random Race system from the GTA 5. It's not so NFS like racing mode, but I think it has the potencial. The players start the race with a random car, and everytime they cross the finish line (In every laps) they get another random car. It could be quite difficult to programming in the nfs:sa, so I tried to create a more viable mode... maybe... 

1. Sign up through the forum
2. 4 (maybe 5) race classes based on the car classes unlock points 0-60k, 60-130k, 130-230k , 230k+ RP (or 230-400k and 400+RP)
Fix for Scaftz: so in the first class cant join anybody, who above 60k rp, and none of the C class cars and above them are available. Although Its possible to let the lower level players to use the higher cars, will be better... after all its just an event.
3. At the start of the event, raffle a random car (from the actual race class unlockable car pool) and a random map. 
Class 1 (0-59.999RP) - Hermes - Three City
Class 2 (60k-129.999RP) - Euros - Are We There Yet
Class 3 (130-229.999RP) - Phoenix - LSAP 2
Class 4 (230+) - Patriot - Cable Car

4. Time Attack with stock cars on the track
5. 10 minutes preparation time (setup and dyno)
6. 1,2 or 3 race like a random race or even a tournament.

It could be more complex, like more cars, not only one, more tracks and more races etc.

The point, that players compete against players with similar experience, with a car they never drove, with a tuning, what they just figured out in 10 minutes after a short test run. 

The problem is the RP levels of the tuning system, and the money. 
So my questions:

a. Guys, what do you think, does we need a racing mode like this (or just a single event) at the server? 

b. How is it possible to create? 
Add a free slot to the participants with a car on lvl9 and money to buy the setups, then take back after the event? Maybe let the winners to keep them? Or place it in a bigger holiday, like server anniversary, and the stuff make a  brand new car to the server?

Temat: URL, setups and DYNO testing vs beginners

Odpowiedzi: 2

26-03-2019, 23:19

Hi there!

In the last few days, i tried to read everything in the topic of new players's ragequit and URL reforms, so I have decided to write my own ideas. I hope they aren't so repetitive.

1. Join to an URL tournament

a.) Forum power

 Like the magazine runs, URL will be unplayable whitout forum registration. I registrated to this forum after I have played for a week on the server, and completed (ehm... finished with 0 point) a few URL event. Okay, if you go to the little yellow star, there will be a panel says that you need to registrate here, but I didnt see that sign anywhere, except maybe on the "welcome text" at the login screen. So it needs better "marketing", or we have to force the newbies to read it.

b.) RP limit. 

Under X thousand RP for example the amount of rp what needs to maxed out your first car (I dont know the exact number) you can't join. The most of the setups need a maxed car, even if you go to url 250 with an E class car, to not finish on the last place. A manana has similar points at real 1/1/1 setup, like a manana with drivertrain 3, tires 3 and nitro 3, but the performance of the two car not the same at all. 

c.) URL "ticket"

There a lot of track records and statistic on the server. Why dont use them as a criterion to allow, or not to allow the unexperienced players joining an URL? I mean. After finish the fastes player, you have 30 sec to finish too. (Or 60? I didnt see that timer for a while Confused  ) So if you add 30 sec to the record on that track, you get that time what you beat, you can reach the finish lime in time, even if ANOD1ZE is your rival. What I want to suggest, is an additional time run with at least 3 laps on one of the longest URL track, with the time limit of the actual best time (or a bit slower) +30 sec for first time, when you try to join to an URL. If you comleted that run, you get your URL ticket to the entry. 

2. Cars and balance.

a. Less "first time" car

Imagine that fresh player, who choice a washington as first car. In every other NFS game, you got a decent car at the start of the game. In the NFS World, you cant choice a Charger as starter car. There were the Silvia, the 200/240SX, Mazda 3, Eclipse Coupe etc. So why we expect from the new players to know the cars BEFORE give them the chance to drive them? Just give them the 2-3-4 best cars from the E class, there is not wrong choice.

b. Balance the E cars
The old story, buff the better cars or nerf the worse ones, it wont be happen as I see the things Big Grin

c. Just a test circruit

When I was in the first "The Crew" beta test, the biggest surprise was for me the test circuit of the first cars before weapon picking.
I spent there 2 hours... (there was only 4 cars if my memory dont cheat me)

3. DYNO, meta and other utilities

a.) Get the f**k off that damn cop from next the LS stadion. Its very annoying, when I have to wait 20 min to the next URL run after I was late the first run because the police. I know, its just my own nonsense probleme, but pls.  Shy

b.) Performance shop DYNO timer

On the drift track, there is the counter, the X-Street track has own timer, and the drag track... ehm... does it work?
The point, that I dont see the reason, why isnt a timer/ finish line at the "free run" testing. It could be very helpful when someone try to optimizing a car to Bay. 

c.) Tires and acceleration

Its a question, not an idea. I tested Cheetah and Tampa on the street-x track in the prformace shop with stock, T1, T3, drifty and grippy tires, but is didnt experienced any changes in acceleration from 0 km/h to the wall in a straight part of that track. So... wtf? Im pretty confused now.

d.) URL meta

In URL-s you can see Sultan, SGT, Manana, Primo under 450. Rarely some special URL like stock mamba, or only SUV, but there are not "non-meta"  URL. If I buy a new car, and want to use competitive, the only experience I will get is it slower than an SGT. So what if, the URL-s rules could change week after week? The most common two car type will be banned for the next week from the URL-s, or something like this. Possible its useless, but I feel that, we have to try give some diversity to the everydays's URLs. If you make a random generator, and automatically raffle a car on the first day on every week and making an URL only to this car on every weekend, thats perfect too. 

I guess thats all yet XD Sorry for my english, I hope it is understandable what I wrote.