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W temacie: Quality of life improvements

Odpowiedzi: 22

18-05-2019, 16:29

(03-05-2019, 23:43)Remolit Wrote: Don't compare this to SBRW. Don't you have standards? Atleast compare this to EA NFS:W... and you did have to pay SpeedBoost to get more slots. It was a lot more money consuming than 2E for "inf" slots.
Oh come on, so now Im not allowed to compare a community run project with a community run project? Your logic doesnt even make any sense, unless EA or some other AAA company runs this server?

Besides, youre not even right about the slots in the EA version of NFS:W. What you say only applied until August 22nd 2012. After that you could get free slots one way or another. More importantly, the more the game grew, the more slots players got. They werent fixed forever like here.

If you dont believe me, heres something I found: https://nfsworld.fandom.com/wiki/Car_Slots

But again this is comparing apples to pears. If we compare apples to apples (community run SBRW vs community run NFSSA), the result is much worse for NFSSA.

W temacie: Quality of life improvements

Odpowiedzi: 22

03-05-2019, 20:35

10 slots is already way better, and it would make it possible for people to play kind of normally (you sometimes need several cars of the same type for URLs etc.), but does it compare to infinity? No way. It would be much more sensible to make car slots unlockable by playing, with the max amount of slots being infinite. Premium will get you there in 1 click, without premium you will have to grind. If the grind is appropriate (that means not too short and also not too long), it will be the very best thing to do.

And as someone mentioned NFS:W. That is a collectors game, just like this server. 5 Cars just dont cut it in this sort of games and the current NFS:W community would tear you apart if you told them they could only have 5 cars forever. Also just BTW the current NFS:W (Soapbox Race:World) is completely free, speedboost (premium currency) doesnt even exist there, everything is earned by playing, and it has been going for more than a year now and is getting better and more popular every day.

Also have you ever tried playing NFSSA without premium? At some point in time you cannot buy any more cars, because if you want to, you have to sell one of your old cars and you most likely have the cars visually tuned and dont want to sell them because if you do, you lose all your hard work and not even re-buying the car will help because all the vinyls and visual parts will be gone. So yeah, 5 slots in a collector based game is not good enough, not even 10 I dare say.

I tried creating a new driver as a workaround and almost immediately after that I quit the game entirely. It was pure madness.

W temacie: Quality of life improvements

Odpowiedzi: 22

02-05-2019, 20:55

Its not a big number if you compare it to what premium users have (infinite). Literally any number I would choose, even 9999 for example, is way too low compared to infinity. Do you catch my drift? As soon as premium number of cars is a normal number we can start discussing how much to give the free users, not before that.

W temacie: Quality of life improvements

Odpowiedzi: 22

30-04-2019, 22:03

(25-04-2019, 11:18)Nick33BC Wrote: Because of the 5 car limit, Once you get to around 400k RP you will have all slots filled up, No new classes to unlock and you will have to sell cars that you want to keep to try anything new. Which makes it feel like there's not much progression left. And maxing every car would be hell with 5 slots. Making it harder to do anything new unless you donate just drives people away.

Right now the only option is donating or waiting until a free premium event and then buying all the cars you want at once. I would of quit the server by now if i didn't get the free premium from a anniversary.
If they still want to use it to get people to donate they should add the ability to donate something like $4 for +10 slots permanently as well as some way to get more slots normally ingame.

Making me need to buy premium for more cars just made me want to give up really. It didn't make me want to buy it. Especially because it's a subscription based thing. If there was a option for more slots permanently it wouldn't be so bad.

My opinion is you should be able to unlock more car slots as you progress. Something like +1 more car slot for every 50K or 100k RP or +3/+5 slots for every 250K RP would make sense to me. Because it would give people something to work for, Even if they have 400k+ RP. As well as a option to buy more slots permanently and the premium giving unlimited slots like it does now.
Yes, I completely agree there should be a way to purchase new slots for real money one by one or +3 +5 +10 etc. and at the same time slots should be earnable by progressing (like you said with XP) or by doing some special events, just like we do magazine runs for vinyls.

(29-04-2019, 06:20)bamers Wrote: These small things arr neat and will give great impact to user experience.
1 and 2 i guess are doable, and yes I like those too.
However the Logout thing as far as I remember is impossible
Actually about the car limit, that is not a real deal, IF we only need to buy Premium once and able to buy another car by replacing any current car we have in Garage. Too bad it is not the thing.
Dont know about driver selection, but logout should be easy. Every basic server can just do /logout.

W temacie: Quality of life improvements

Odpowiedzi: 22

24-04-2019, 16:00

Well, depends on the point of view I guess. For me its one of the reasons why I wont buy premium. I dont support these practices in games and I dont care if its EA or anyone else. Unlimited is just too pay2win, you can never get close to it (infinity).

Anyway, lets not dwell on that, its just one of the points Ive made. Get the other points done and I will be happy too (and many other people too). Sometimes when
I remember all the things I need to confirm before playing/switching drivers I just go play something else that gets me into action instantly.

Temat: Quality of life improvements

Odpowiedzi: 22

19-04-2019, 15:04

Here are some small things that will hugely improve the quality of life:

Remember the language choice, until the user decides to reset it or change it.
Remember the confirmation of rules, only show them again if something has changed.
Add a "select driver" and/or "logout" option in the main menu (garage), reconnect takes too long. Especially with the above still annoying people.
Increase vehicle limit to 15-20, creating drivers because of the 5 car limit and switching between them is hell on Earth.

Temat: NFS:SA quick start

Odpowiedzi: 7

24-09-2018, 15:14

If you want to do less clicking and more playing, make a copy of your MTA shortcut and make it look like this (depends where you have MTA installed):

Target: "C:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.5\Multi Theft Auto.exe" mtasa://

Temat: Multiple parts suggestions

Odpowiedzi: 8

23-09-2018, 17:56

Suggestion 1: Allow players to reinstall visual parts for free just like the can do it with performance parts

Suggestion 2: Allow players to view, uninstall and reinstall any parts, that they previously bought from shops, in their garage,

Reason? Common sense, also it was like this in NFSU2 and it makes specific car score tuning much less of a hassle, same with visuals. Whatever you bought will be in your garage.

Temat: NFS World

Odpowiedzi: 16

22-09-2018, 18:09

You are all fans of NFS so I guess you already know this by now, but NFS World was resurrected and is alive and kicking under new management (enthusiasts not related to EA in any way).

Look up "SoapBox Race World" to check it out. Its not perfect yet, but its very close and most importantly without any microstransaction BS, completely free.

Temat: Ghost mode in freerun

Odpowiedzi: 11

22-09-2018, 13:39

I suggest to add ghost mode to freerun. Why are collisions enabled there now anyway? To generate ram reports or something? Makes no sense to me.