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W temacie: Balance multiplayer race rewards (hotfix included)

Odpowiedzi: 54

04-10-2018, 19:55

Im very confused by what you just said. But of course, my main point is for the game to be for everyone. Not only for casuals or only hardcore players. And I guess thats what you wanted to say. I say freedom to all, happiness to all and frustration to noone (except for the people that frustration makes happy) Smile

Let players play at their own pace without punishment.

W temacie: Balance multiplayer race rewards (hotfix included)

Odpowiedzi: 54

04-10-2018, 17:32

Remind me how you get to "know what youre doing"? Oh thats right, by dying a milion times at the same spot. Thats so much fun...Besides, what I meant was that souls-like games are not meant for everyone, but rather for the patient hardcore players. Casuals are never gonna play and complete it. NFS on the other hand has always been available to everyone.

As for the other thing, just go play The Crew 1. You finish the story and get max level in a week or so, but you will still be playing even a year after that easily and not even get bored. There are many things to grind and lots of PVP for when youre in the endgame.

W temacie: Drift championship 2.0 [Premium Event]

Odpowiedzi: 28

03-10-2018, 10:28

But thats the thing. Only good drifters manage constant performance with any car they are given. Crappy drifters can only drift with their favorite car. As for boredom, there are still liveries and body parts. Anyway, let them do it how they want to do it. I just wanted to remind them that car selection conceals the true drifting skill of the player and that there are almost more banned cars than allowed anyway.

W temacie: Drift championship 2.0 [Premium Event]

Odpowiedzi: 28

02-10-2018, 22:20

Wouldnt it be more logical and more fit to the nature of a championship if you just picked one car to be used by all? Cant get any fairer than that in a contest, there is also no hassle banning stuff or solving problems when someone takes a banned car etc. Not to mention its the only way to really measure the skills of someone.

W temacie: Balance multiplayer race rewards (hotfix included)

Odpowiedzi: 54

02-10-2018, 20:44

Yeah of course, "upgrade" your car by getting 4th place rewards GG, comment of the year given how ridiculous these rewards are.

Also what are you even refering to? Real life? Come on. If you at least said that in NFSU2 (and pretty much all NFSs of that era) you had to finish first to get anything at all, it would at least make some sense. But you didnt, and even if you did, in that game you could select difficulty and your opponents were AI, much easier to beat (and in multiplayer you had no rewards, but also no grind).

What you dont get is that rewards just dont work this way in multiplayer racing games with grinding. Yes, you get worse rewards the worse you position yourself in those games too, but even if you fail miserably and/or play at 10 FPS, you can progress in the game. And if players run out of content? You make more of it or mprove it! You only decrease player rewards when youre absolutely desperate and bankrupt to let the game die slowly rather than quickly.

I dont know what the devs concept of this server is, but I dont think a NFS server should be a souls-like game for hardcore gamers only.

Temat: NFS:SA quick start

Odpowiedzi: 7

24-09-2018, 15:14

If you want to do less clicking and more playing, make a copy of your MTA shortcut and make it look like this (depends where you have MTA installed):

Target: "C:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.5\Multi Theft Auto.exe" mtasa://

Temat: Multiple parts suggestions

Odpowiedzi: 8

23-09-2018, 17:56

Suggestion 1: Allow players to reinstall visual parts for free just like the can do it with performance parts

Suggestion 2: Allow players to view, uninstall and reinstall any parts, that they previously bought from shops, in their garage,

Reason? Common sense, also it was like this in NFSU2 and it makes specific car score tuning much less of a hassle, same with visuals. Whatever you bought will be in your garage.

Temat: NFS World

Odpowiedzi: 16

22-09-2018, 18:09

You are all fans of NFS so I guess you already know this by now, but NFS World was resurrected and is alive and kicking under new management (enthusiasts not related to EA in any way).

Look up "SoapBox Race World" to check it out. Its not perfect yet, but its very close and most importantly without any microstransaction BS, completely free.

Temat: Ghost mode in freerun

Odpowiedzi: 11

22-09-2018, 13:39

I suggest to add ghost mode to freerun. Why are collisions enabled there now anyway? To generate ram reports or something? Makes no sense to me.

Temat: Classes and car score

Odpowiedzi: 7

21-09-2018, 15:12

****Only apply the suggestion below in case car-by-car balancing is out of the question****

I suggest to attach the car score to the classes so it looks something like this:

E class = 101-200 car score
D class = 201-300 car score
C class = 301-400 car score
B class = 401-500 car score
A class = 501-600 car score

Reason? So that the races are more balanced and (if you choose a score limited event) you race against the same class, not better cars from better classes downgraded to your score. Maybe you think car score will be useless after this, but it wont, because it will still show the difference between cars of that class, i.e. you will know whether that E class driver has a stock car or a fully tuned one by lookig at their car score.