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W temacie: Ranking races

Odpowiedzi: 11

13-03-2019, 13:50

(09-03-2019, 19:50)Dr.Wpierdol Wrote:
(09-03-2019, 13:30)BShen-V12 Wrote:
(07-03-2019, 00:05)Dr.Wpierdol Wrote: I think that ranking system, if it was added, should be like Asphalt's one but a bit smaller

for the love of god Asphalt is trash in every fuckin way imaginable
I am still baffled why no one is pointing fingers to Gameloft when they're 10x more asshole than EA do (imo)
Why is asphalt trash in your opinion?
Is it cause it's a mobile game?

actually do you know how bad mobile game industry is right now as a whole? the fact that your last question somehow actually is true and applies to nearly every single damn mobile game existed. no offense to you, but they are absolutely not a *game* at all. It's a fucking glorified gambling machine sugarcoated to appeal to these kids with only milliseconds of attentions spans.

W temacie: Ranking races

Odpowiedzi: 11

09-03-2019, 13:30

(07-03-2019, 00:05)Dr.Wpierdol Wrote: I think that ranking system, if it was added, should be like Asphalt's one but a bit smaller

for the love of god Asphalt is trash in every fuckin way imaginable
I am still baffled why no one is pointing fingers to Gameloft when they're 10x more asshole than EA do (imo)

W temacie: Car Meet Location Suggestion

Odpowiedzi: 6

04-02-2019, 10:27

actually that reminds me of "car meet" mode in NFS World
maybe add some spots and when players enter these spots, they can use aerial view to screenshot?

W temacie: NFS SA beta/cut/removed/abandoned things

Odpowiedzi: 27

04-02-2019, 09:17

anyway here's a bump
I realized some UI in the old version looks better than what it is right now (especially achievements being waaaaaay more informative, current ones are too vague)

also did making a car 6-speed makes it uncontrollable or something else?

Psst I'm cooking new stuffs

W temacie: Chow's Tridimensional Spoilers

Odpowiedzi: 110

29-12-2018, 08:07

(10-11-2018, 22:08)MatthewChow Wrote: The third bodykit, together with bonnet and both popup headlight options...
[Image: uranusbk3front4_by_theportugueseplayer-dcrnmjt.png]
[Image: uranusbk3side3_by_theportugueseplayer-dcrnml0.png]
[Image: uranusbk3rear2_by_theportugueseplayer-dcrnmlg.png]
[Image: uranussleepyopen1_by_theportugueseplayer-dcrnmwt.png]
holy shit the popup light surely changed my impression on this car

(25-12-2018, 18:01)MatthewChow Wrote: I need to know something.
Is my new signature picture messing with anyone's potato PCs? Is it making anyone's PC lag or does it take long to load?
This picture was supposed to be a low size PNG image, but the hosting site I uploaded it to is retarded and convert it into a much heavier JPG picture.
try grab the pic off the site and compared it to your PNG? but to my knowledge PNG is, most of the time, heavier than JPEGs.

Temat: Dyno Setup Loadouts

Odpowiedzi: 9

04-11-2017, 08:34

two parts:

first is freerun, you can switch between normal and drift handling.
since you can have multiple setups, why not let the player choose which to load outside dyno?
*may use radio/weapon-switching keys from stock game to swap between setups. Should somewhat look like GTA V's in-car radio/weapon-switching without the wheel.

in race mode, before race starts player should be able to pick the setup loadout in lobby (maybe as a little window on the player list's left). Very useful depending on track's terrain.

changing setup value still requires a visit to dyno, though.

Temat: Sidepipe Exhausts & Visual Conversion Kits

Odpowiedzi: 7

08-10-2017, 05:15

MTA dropped this thing in 1.5.5 update:
[*]Added setVehicleModelExhaustFumesPosition and getVehicleModelExhaustFumesPosition

now it's (probably) possible to put exhaust smokes on sides, here's a thing: Visual Conversion Kits (VCKs)

What's this? 
A total conversion kit for specific cars that works similarly like NFS Payback's Super Builds (visually), but for the love of the admins let's set them as non-customizable kits. That means you can't change hoods or whateverthefuck parts individually, since it's a body conversion.

How should it looks like?
RACE (Time attack)

DRIFT (specially tuned drift cars)

DRAG (heavily modified dragsters)

these builds usually put exhausts at hoods or sides (front fender or rear fender), sometimes one-sided.

Are these available to all cars?
not all conversions. Some cars which (for example) aren't built for drag (i.e. hatchbacks) won't likely have them.

How to unlock them?
these are the most extreme kits, so you'll need specifics: 
(Unlocks individually for each car.)
Race VCKs: win at least 50 races. (Sprint, Circuit, Speedtrap, Street-X, URL and time-trial only) 
Drift VCKs: accumulate a total of 10,000,000 drift points.
Drag VCKs: win at least 100 drag races + 300 perfect shifts.
after you complete tasks above, you need 5 bodypoints for each kit.
Cost: $5000+/-

Is adding Demolition conversion kits a good idea?
(refer Raid spec kits in The Crew)

Temat: UI Improvements Part 2: UI Optimization/Integration (NOT DESIGN)

Odpowiedzi: 0

16-08-2017, 14:10

Right now you can separately access different parts of info inside Freerun:
F7: Statistics (more info: https://www.nfssa.com/thread-7116.html)
F9: Help
F10: Progress & Rewards
F11: Settings

They're not even guided in Help section, so newbies gonna have some time crashing their brains...

NOTE: These applies inside safehouses whereas possible

Anyway. First off they're ditched there, probably stayed the same for a year. So there's a lot of thing lacking compared to what you can access in safehouses.
And since there might be a lot of stuffs in the future, I suppose to merge them into fewer sections. And that means fewer keys is used for accessing stuffs. Easier for newbies.
Here merges Statistics, Magazines, Ranking, (Tasks, Unlockables, Progression - split from Progress & Rewards), Crew, Police Pursuits and anything that meets the criteria.
They mostly stayed what's they got right now, just separated inside of sub-tabs inside this dashboard.

A.1 Statistics
Here shows the avatar player has chosen from the beginning, and all those info existed with additional stuffs that's missed (i.e. Pursuit stats). I think there's much more needs to added so probably I'll post more ideas in this section in case I gathered enough shits. Or just any admins hit me up in Discord or here.
Current missing info: Total Bounty, Wrecked cops, tagged cops, longest Pursuit time, car with highest bounty, Cars Owned, Cars Unlocked, Top Times earned (lifetime & weekly, if there's a way to retrieve info), etc. I'll make one full list for this one specifically later.

A.2 Magazines
Nothing much, just the same thing from safehouses.

A.3 Ranking
No changes needed.

Progress & Rewards:
A.4 Tasks
A.5 Unlockables
A.6 Progression
This part should be split into separate sections. More down below.
Tasks (standalone section - unchanged) 
Unlockables (merge Unique cars & Rewards)
Progression (both car progression and player's - more info soon)

A.7 Crew
I'd probably not talk about this as the system is probably in development for advanced functions. Changes or not depends on what will happen after advanced crew system is there.

A.8 Police Pursuits
Modify this into something similar as Most Wanted's Rap Sheet. Pretty much toptimes for pursuits.
B. HELP SECTION - rebind as F1 (HUD On/Off rebind as F11)
(Side note: the grammar/spelling are broken in some parts, needs proof-read.)
This lacks updating. A lot of info has missed here, included the one I mentioned upside.

B.1 Server Rules
skip this. no info needed.

B.2 Start (rename as Introduction)
Just needs to update something more like Discord websites. Imo needs rewritten. Hit me up if admins wants to but lack of manpower.

B.3 Chat
One thing: due the the color of UI the arrows on either sides are barely noticeable. Make them visible enough, or just merge. Since the spaces is quite large actually.
Needs to mention 'J' key as crew channel.

B.4 Rewards & Unlockables
Each type of reward should be split into separated pages - with additional info on vinyl runs, freerun money, etc.

B.5 Freerun
Freerun money, vinyl run, and any stuff that you'll met when hooning around the map

B.6 (NEW) Races - split into subsections
Circuit, Sprint, Speedtrap, Drift, Drag, Street-X, Off-road, Time-trial, URL, Duels.
Quick Race and Custom Races too.

B.7 (NEW) Player Dashboard
A little info on what it does: a hub for everything needed.

B.8 (NEW) Leaderboard rewards
as what's posted in forum. move it here.

B.9 (NEW) Pursuits
Everything of it, from intro to heat levels, bounty, pursuit breakers, cooldown spots etc.

B10. (NEW) Settings & Keybinds
Keybinds and whatever inside settings panel - to give info on how they works.

B.11 Premium Info
Just update to include added features.

B.12 FAQ
Misc stuff, should add more questions since there's some stuffs remain 'unanswered' - as they're not in this section. just in case people asks in chats.
i.e. out of RAM warning (white cars)

B.13 (NEW) More about NFS:SA
Leave anything fancy here. Patreon and stuff.
Not much changes needed. Minor changes might be required to adapt suggestions above.

You reached here? Impressive. Longest post I've made by now...
anyway, if you got any ideas, post them here.

More posts coming soon... Up next: Statistics panel

Temat: UI Improvements Part 1: Freerun UI (NOT DESIGN)

Odpowiedzi: 2

15-08-2017, 15:00

So... after I discovered that the massive lags in Doherty which is actually caused by UI (sounds weird eh), I figured out how it might works and came up with this idea. In case a dude has a shit PC to run.
***(assuming this is caused by performance problems. Might be caused by connections, but hey, that works here.)

Nametags / Info
I believe this is where things gets clogging. In high-density zones like Doherty the game had to load up so much data at once that the game went almost freezing. Even though my rig in question handles quite some AAA games (at bare minimum, smoothly).
Fix? Set a parameter as max player info loaded in certain range (while keeping everything untouched)
Hide everything except driver's nickname. Else is stored inside "player info" section which will only load under user request.

Here's a box of stuff, can be always-on-top UI box or just info put on side of the screen, while you still have full controls over your car.
Inside there comes with info that maybe shows everything visible from website database. With additional info such as his crew, position, status etc. 
Current ways of checking player info is too inefficient. You had to look up the name from F7, while by this way you just hit a button from right-click mode.
For reference, look up NFSW's player info function. It works as the game's U key (driver info) by selecting player info from right click.

***The whole UI system of NFSSA, in my opinion, should be reworked. I'll give more details once I gather enough information on correspondent parts.
More about Freerun UI will be posted in a new post (as they're about different stuffs).

Temat: Freerun: Autocross Track, Drift Zone and more

Odpowiedzi: 9

28-07-2017, 14:11

Since most players still staying at Doherty I suppose we should dilute the player density there... ah cut the crap. 
Take it as a feature from NFSR/NFS15/FH3 and Real Racing 3.

There will be Drift Zones (i.e. roundabout and/or canyon roads) and Autocross Tracks (timed-sprint in sector) scattered around the map. Players can compete in that zone for toptimes (supposedly daily) for some rewards.
(hat tip for Quindo for making drift handling available on freerun, now we make a good use of it.)

You should know that rarely there's any player running around Flint, since that place is full of curves, there can be a lot of drift zones.
Very simple. no bonus zones needed, just your car, and the track. score is calculated directly without any bonuses(forced at any multiplier, I prefer x5)/side zones.
Preferred set on canyon curves/hairpins.

Next up, Autocross Track. In RR3 you race a sector of track in given time, here time is counted directly instead of counting down.
Is uses of NOS allowed? up to the team. In this zone toptimes should be split into score zones, NOT CLASSES(i.e. 150-200, 201-250... 451+) for the sake of fairness.
Preferred set on roads.

Speed zones - the exact same thing from NFS Rivals. Toptimes split using class as top speeds are vastly different in class even on same score. 
Preferred set on city areas.

Offroad zones - cover the most distance on offroad. This can be difficult as offroad contains trees that affect your speeds. Split using scores. Allow all cars? I'd allow them, but the team might just only let Offroad class do this.
Preferred set on county areas with destructible obstacles.

Speedtraps - refer MW05, MW12 and Rivals. 
As the acceleration mechanism is different, preferred set on apex curves(where top speed isn't easily hit).

Completing them gives no rewards, rewards are given daily as daily toptimes. Player can go near that zone to refer the details of that zone. (Recommended to set a new bind for "View Details". Used to view toptimes. Also optional to trigger the zones using specific key.) This is totally up to the team.