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W temacie: URL Meta Guide (WIP)

Odpowiedzi: 8

09-11-2019, 14:16

(29-10-2019, 19:14)LeonSkript Wrote: 400 Cheetah
Tires: Pro
NOS: Race
Tires: -10

Tires: Race
NOS: Pro

W temacie: How to prevent URL from being underplayed

Odpowiedzi: 13

25-10-2019, 18:08

You can improve your driving in any car actually, and just takes one search to find all those 'deep inside forum' guides, I don't have mine guides anymore, but I will make others on the future, on the mean time, talk to the players, and gather information on what to do with your cars.

W temacie: How to prevent URL from being underplayed

Odpowiedzi: 13

25-10-2019, 06:05

Hmmm about these subjects, there are some dyno guides here on forum already, and some people also provided some setups aswell like Akamataa. Btw the 299 score setup for sgt is only decent on LSAP, it loses to 300 sgt on bayview, it also loses to 300 Sultan on LSAP, and it loses to manana 297 on the long straight tracks on LSAP, so sgt is not really the best at everything, on 350 it loses to Deluxo on LSAP for example, and on 400 it can beat the Cheetahs but loses to Mamba on LSAP, and the setups aren't really that secret, the 299 is just tires pro nitro pro drivetrain race if I'm not mistaken, and the 300 is the same, but nitro race and weight reduction race, so there you go, just doing some research you can find these setups somewhere, getting your car running competitively is not a problem at all, the thing is that you need to improve by yourself, theres no miracle that will make you win races from one day to another, so, like, get confortable with your car and practice, practice leads to perfection.

W temacie: How to prevent URL from being underplayed

Odpowiedzi: 13

24-10-2019, 00:33

(23-10-2019, 23:39)Tekk Wrote:
(23-10-2019, 15:24)RaiUwU Wrote: This idea isn't supposed to change the meta, but to make URL played more often.

It's not going to fix the low player activity, which is one of the reasons why URLs are not being played as much.

(23-10-2019, 15:24)RaiUwU Wrote: The only way to change the meta is by changing the score system.

The score system itself is not the problem, as it works for every other car outside the meta just fine. The broken handlings are, same goes for the frame limiter abusers. Old players don't care about URLs because they already have everything unlocked by now. Racing against players who abuses various glitches to win is not something people wish to spend their time on.

Edit: I still support the idea and see it as a positive change, but it's rather a temporary solution if you wanna bring some more activity to this mode.

As it was stated before somewhere, buffing or nerfing cars won't fix the issue, since one car always will top another no mather what, so the only way I see the meta being balanced is changing the score of specific cars within the classes, to diferentiate it's performance compared to the others, but still would be unbalanced.

And about the first quote, well I believe it will at least have players playing on one score, because people will be focusing on only 2 scores per time, and won't split up on 6 different scores.

About the "abusers", well it's up to the staff if they want to delete all top times and re-open the server on a fresh state with 50fps lock, and other preventive methods, but they probably won't do it ever, so we have to work with what we have rn. The biggest problem is the custom handling of the server, the cars are too fast, and some pc's calculates this handling behavior differently, so a player performance will never be the same as the other player, it will always vary depending on the pc specs, and since gta sa is a broken peace of garbage, I doubt this can be fixed, so we will have to deal with these weird performance differences forever or until the mta team finds a solution for highly edited handling and different pc's configs.

W temacie: How to prevent URL from being underplayed

Odpowiedzi: 13

23-10-2019, 15:24

(23-10-2019, 05:42)Tekk Wrote: A URL randomizer would be cool. Not just for the rewards, but for the requirements as well. Vintage and SUV-only URLs would be happening more often, and that would bring some live to these classes too, which is fine. However, that doesn't change the meta at all, unless the events are gonna be score-specific (bound to weird score limits and such). In general, your idea is alright, I think. At least better than some of the other suggestions I've seen earlier this year.

This idea isn't supposed to change the meta, but to make URL played more often, and make all the scores played more, cuz half of then is always dead on every url event. The only way to change the meta is by changing the score system.

Temat: How to prevent URL from being underplayed

Odpowiedzi: 13

22-10-2019, 00:48

It's about time the url system get a proper change, url is having less and less people playing it day after day, so I have a suggestion that might revive url once again.

Change the amount of playable scores for each url event, 6 different types of score is too much, one will always have more players while the other none, 450 url is the biggest example, it could be reduced to 2 scores only for each url event, and it could shuffle between the scores in each event having 1 low score and 1 high score, for example, on monday the 10am url have 250 and 350 avaiable, and the 16pm have 300 and 450, on thursday, 10am have 350 and unlimited and so on, also the url system could randomize a custom url and create automatically a url for each day on a fixed time without the need of a moderator to create it, for example, everyday at the server hour where there are the most players online, the url system picks a url for a car only or a class only, this way moderators would only have the power to create xxl endurance urls or urls with 8+ players and multipliers above 1.5x, simplifying their work, and also making joining urls more entertaining.

Temat: Fix the game HUD for low MTA resolutions

Odpowiedzi: 4

03-07-2019, 03:57

The game HUD only works up to a specific resolution, anything below that makes the game unplayable, I'm having issues playing with my computer lattelly so I'm needy to lower my game Resolution but I'm finding some problems.

On 800 by 600 for example, I can join a URL lobby but can't exit:
[Image: uYoXDaw.png]
The "Leave" button is obstructed.

And on 656 by 496 and 640 by 480, I can't even log in into the game:
[Image: oZYM2U5.png]
The HUD doesn't even fit all the languages, and no check box or OK button can be seen.

So if possible make the HUD adjustable to fit into lower resolutions please.