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W temacie: I apologize

Odpowiedzi: 11

11 hours ago

Well, all I can say is I do apologize to the turks, I want to make this right.

W temacie: Minor bugs.

Odpowiedzi: 7

12-08-2018, 16:29

Doubt there's anything you can do than just wait now... Since it is new, as you say, you will have to wait maybe 'till the next update to get it fixed

W temacie: I apologize

Odpowiedzi: 11

12-08-2018, 11:42

(12-08-2018, 11:40)HanzoITS Wrote: Well maps are sorta not suitable for the situation but that's great tho.
nothing personal but a help for other players in forum is all about your pattern ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Guess so

W temacie: I apologize

Odpowiedzi: 11

12-08-2018, 11:32

(12-08-2018, 11:16)HanzoITS Wrote: As is often said: trust, but verify.
Anyways, he might be unbanned =)
Welp the only question is - were you banned before?
If positive, then administration may need other players opinion. Counting on how many pros and cons may contain this thread, further checking up for the current psychological credibility, on the other hand I guess you'll admit it.

I did get banned once before, from a fight with bk, but I don't really think a ban was needed then, since we was just us two arguing, and no insults were thrown around, at least on my end.

I do agree that player opinion should be checked. As you've see, I've been trying to redeem myself by helping the community around the Forum, answering threads, and even creating a map Big Grin.

W temacie: Something small but important

Odpowiedzi: 15

12-08-2018, 01:42

interesting, but might affect performance a little, so it would be good if there would also be an option to disable it

Temat: I apologize

Odpowiedzi: 11

11-08-2018, 08:15

I think it's time I do this:

I have to apologize for the stuff I've done while on the server, I took the time while banned to process and think about everything, and this time helped me realised the fact that I actually did hurt some people, no matter if I really wanted to or not. I have indeed realised I have a problem and I am trying to overcome it.I used this server to relieve my stress from everyday life on people that maybe didn't deserver it. I came here today, to say this to the people that I've done wrong: I am sorry and I apologize, and even though you might not care about what I say now, I at least know I have tried.
I have made this thread, because some friends, players, telling me they want me back, and that I should do whatever I can to come back, and after weeks of denying, I have found the courage to write this, and ask for an unban. I myself don't think I deserve one, but I am doing this for them in particular.

Love and good vibes - xxxyamatoacion

Temat: Romaniac's Loop

Odpowiedzi: 1

23-07-2018, 16:00

Name: Romaniac's Loop
Type: Circuit
Location: Whetstone



(PS: The middle cut thingy is cuz of fraps ending the recording Big Grin)

Temat: Different way of putting decals on the rear window

Odpowiedzi: 7

20-07-2018, 10:47

I was thinking: "The rear decals are kind of boring", I realised the fact that there is a possible way of putting them in a different way by watching a video of GTA SA itself.
As you know, the roof scoops add decals on cars in the normal GTA SA ( wheels arch angels cars ), and the Sultan's way of putting the decals on the rear window is perfect for this server.
 How it would work: There would be a new section for the rear decals, where 4 or 5 decals could be added, chosen by the player.

That's pretty much it, up to the devs aka lord bartek of the PL to decide wether he wants to add this or not.

Temat: Bugged mapping for Overdrive Bumper on Fortune.

Odpowiedzi: 5

19-03-2018, 20:58

Hello and thank you for your time spent reading this.
Something I like on the server is tuning cars (visually) and get them to my liking. I tried doing this with Fortune, I wanted to recreate a proper S13, and for that I tought that Overdrive bumper is perfect. A surprise I had when I found out that the bumper is bugged to Hell when it comes to vinyls. For example: You cannot make any grille because half of the vinyl maps on the bumper  instead of the grille itself. Happens the same for the sides as well. 

I am literally begging you to try and fix this. I know it is hard work and that you have better things to do and you are busy, but I think us, the "tuners" deserve at least this. I have donated over 7 times to support the server, with the hopes of this bumper getting repaired, but no luck yet. I've got in touch with a NFS SA staff member that told me that I need to do a thread, him actually saying "please make the thread", which means that normal players are not the only ones affected. All I ever want from this server is that fixed bumper. No Muscle, no nothing. Please try to.
Thank you for reading!

                                                                                                                              Pictures of the buggy thingy ( contains a variant of how the vinyl should look as well): https://imgur.com/a/cDMov

Post scriptum: I know it has been already tried before and things.

Temat: Osvaldo muted me for an year, for actually reporting a dude?

Odpowiedzi: 12

07-02-2018, 01:03

Okay, so, this is what happened, that EchoQuyix or whatever his name is started talking whatever god know what language on English Language chat, which I have pictures of, and I told them to spot multiple times, and I said it on Global as well, and of course, since no mod did anything I insulted them calling them Dumbheads, hoping they would pay attention to what I am saying, to which he started flaming on global chat, and in the end, I was the one getting muted. Lemme post some pictures.


I know peeps like Skript happy, but his overall cancerous behavior is only more showing me that bencxx was not the bad guy in LHM, but people like him. ( this is for you, Skript )