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  • Registration Date: 15-09-2016
  • Last Visit: 21-04-2019, 16:41
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  • Group: Registered
  • Total Posts: 81
  • Time online: 1 Day, 4 Hours, 35 Minutes, 14 Seconds
  • Title: Off-Road Lover
  • Date of Birth:: 01-07-2003 (15 years old)
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SandKing's Contact Details

Additional Info About SandKing

  • Sex: Male
  • Location: Azerbaijan,Baku
  • Bio: Hi, I'm a player of the server. I opened this account for doing magazine and check server's website status. I like this server. I am having fun :)
  • Skype: xWeeben - SandKing_298



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W temacie: Nice camera bug

Odpowiedzi: 4

23-02-2019, 17:29

1 month ago, my camera freezed in the start place of race too, bro. It needs fix

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W temacie: Three word game

Odpowiedzi: 140

18-02-2019, 18:49

Number Nine Large

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W temacie: Something small but important

Odpowiedzi: 25

18-02-2019, 18:39

I guess for garage ambience, i'd like to order NFSMW garage ambient. Like this:


But for freerun, i will order NFSMW too:


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W temacie: Reason Why NFSSA is dying.

Odpowiedzi: 32

18-02-2019, 18:20

Really, NFSSA is dying. For my PC, i am not be able to play server for 2 years. Now, I'm in server and i thought server will be better with these new scripts. But player community is shit. 2 Years ago, if your car hit by someone in magazine, they will say "sorry m8", but today, they say "fuck you". Ans lots of players send sexualizm messages on global chat and it is not good. 2 years ago, if i enter the server, i saw 2 or 3 moderators, but today, i saw moderators rarely

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W temacie: [Circuit] Pts.of.Dhrty

Odpowiedzi: 8

10-02-2019, 12:13

Looks like "Dock and Roll". But looks nice

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Temat: Tons of New Suggestions

Odpowiedzi: 5

13-01-2019, 20:09

Hey Guys! For a long time, I can't play NFS:SA. And in this period of time I tried to suggest a lots of suggestions!

Here are list of them! (Share your ideas under the post)

1.New decals (Other NFS serie logos)
2.Spare tire decals (For off-road, we can set Vinlys, decals, Car Names etc.)
3.Need For Speed Most Wanted Blacklist Boss Vinlys (Baron, Jewels, Webster, Ronnie, JV and Ming)
4.Gun Vinlys
5.New rims (Ro Ja, ADR, Lieutenant etc.)
6.Car mark logos with Side and Hood (Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Mitshubishi etc.)
7. More National country flags and for Hood (My native country Azerbaijan and Turkey etc.)
8.Crew logo for Spare Tire (Off-Road)
9.New Off-Road Vehicles: Rancher, SandKing ( For me   Smile ), Mesa
10. We can write 4x4 to the SPare Tire (Off-Road)
11.GTA firm Logos from other GTA series and San Andreas (Cherry Popper, Burger Shot, Kaufman Cabs etc.)
12. New soundtracks for NFS:SA

So, here are list of them. Enjoy! I'm trying to suggest more of them, but that's all

Temat: It is SandKing!

Odpowiedzi: 8

13-01-2019, 08:47

Hey, what's up guys? It is Sandking. I can\t play NFS:SA about 2 years for my computer, because I was installed windows 10 to my computer. But I can't play any games with windows 10 and I installed windows 7 again to my notebook. I miss my career, friends, cars, races and etc. Most of things are changed in game and I wanted to play NFS:SA again. And I AM BACK! With lots of suggestions. I hope I can be a good racer again, cuz I forgot driving and map of whole San Andreas. So, thanks for your attention  Smile

Temat: LoL xd

Odpowiedzi: 13

08-05-2017, 12:42

I'm looking the Mickeys garage and I find this xd

[Image: ojMNQQ.png]

Temat: Insult the Muslims

Odpowiedzi: 1

25-02-2017, 17:00

Insulting is a very controversial problem on the server. Here some pictures to insulting our religion.

[Image: vborzO.png]

[Image: ZZ1m20.png]

[Image: W0rmrq.png]

Temat: Player vinly bug

Odpowiedzi: 32

19-02-2017, 18:56

I guess it's bug/bag/lag/error. I've downloaded original GTA SA and installed MTA again.But this bug doesn't fixed on me.It's local, or global bug?Here some links:

Bug 1

Bug 1.2

Bug 2

Need help. It's so serious for me  Huh