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W temacie: Complains About Bunny

Odpowiedzi: 28

16-01-2020, 19:27

great post i laughed, keep up the great work!!


Odpowiedzi: 42

01-11-2019, 03:19




W temacie: someone mute them pls

Odpowiedzi: 5

19-07-2019, 22:57

I'm so proud of this community

W temacie: What about a Drift Championship?

Odpowiedzi: 10

25-06-2019, 12:45

(25-06-2019, 08:53)Barney Wrote: [Image: 2a4u5ch.jpg]

"Drift ain't skill based at all" - Baguette and his best conspiracy theory XD It's all about experience with the system? Well, the system is not complicated at all. If you're good enough, you don't need 5000 races to score heavily. Just requires few laps of practice to find a good racing line, just like any other race. There's a guy actually, who is a newbie and is already very competitive - no space for EXPERIENCE in that case (oh but u probably gonna say it's his 2nd acc and he has like thousands drifts played on his 1st driver). Nevertheless, I know you just love to emphasize your sophisticated, legendary free run "drift skill" (or EXPERIENCE cuz skill doesn't exist lol) where there's no visible proof of it but only someone's subjective opinion (mostly in-game friends) xd you're always like that, so no point in trying to persuade you to get straight with some facts. Enough is enough xd

What about the Drift Championship idea? Big yes from me. As always when it come to drift events :>

You're always triggered when it's about drift races, we never been in conflict we even used to have fun drifting together and here you are ''''trashtalking'''' towards me when I talk about your precious drift races, first I have my vision about drift races because I also done tops (mainly on vintage) and I used to drift in freerun a lot so I pretty much know about this subject, so straight to the point "Drift ain't skill based at all" I didn't said that, drift races yes I did said that because of the weird system but obviously you still need skills to get 2.500.000 points+ for exemple, (and handling a combo on bugged maps just as Bullet Train is really tough), you got your point. Now let me tell you something, your words "legendary freerun drift skill, oh but you probably gonna say..." stinks the frustration from what I've said and is really disappointing from you, (it's not the only time it happened but here you are again) anyways, I do consider you as the best driver in drift races as mostly everyone does. Back to the point about your newbie, you know it ain't the only one knowing how to deal with the system as a newbie, but most of them cannot do anything at all and compared to players who can atleast have a proper drift line the difference is huge. So, I don't know if I answered everything I don't know why I even mind I ain't even playing anymore so yes to conclude sorry if I triggered you about the fact that I said it's more about experience rather than skill, I still think it but I definitely know that you need skills don't worry.

W temacie: What about a Drift Championship?

Odpowiedzi: 10

24-06-2019, 21:41

(24-06-2019, 15:42)qrur Wrote: Yeah but these Drift Championships were style-based rather than score- or "skill" based. Me, as someone who never really drifts outside of races would prefer a system like this over an opinion based Drift event.

Drift races ain't skill based at all it's just about having experience with the system. On drift event it was judged by your style (as you said) your speed and your overall skills, drift races is just who can be the best point farmer, not the best drifter. whyami by the way already done this event with the drift races, it was totally less intense and less fun to play rather than Bunny's championship. And by the way, I don't think people will have more chances on drift races than on URL and it's noticeable by casual drift races,there is always one person or eventually two which totally '''fuck''' the rest, to make everyone have their chances on it it would be newbies vs newbies and experienced drivers vs experienced drivers.

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