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Server moderator recruitment: https://www.nfssa.com/forum-33.html
Recruitment is closed. Wait for results in following few days.
Need new moderators to moderate:
- polish chat - 0/1
- portuguese (BR) chat - 0/1
- spanish chat - 0/1
- indonesian chat - 0/1
- turkish chat - 0/1



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W temacie: Kamiko - mod application

Odpowiedzi: 19

18-11-2020, 00:15

(17-11-2020, 17:59)MatthewChow Wrote:
(16-11-2020, 17:12)iZic Wrote: There are much better candidates for polish mods in my opinion so it's a no from me

Can you develop on that?
Like, why? Just explain your reasoning, or people will just keep ignoring you.
You don't sound serious at all. (Not talking about this case specifically, but, all the posts I've seen. But I have to be fair, everything said by you automatically sounds sarcastic in my head and arguably, that's my flaw.)

It's not developped yet is self explanatory, there are IN MY OPINION much better candidates for being a polish mod

Kamiko definitely do not have as much experience as other people from what i see, either the same attitude/behavior overall (that i'm sure of), not the same relation with people in polish chat, not the same activity, not the same qualification to moderate

In my opinion it's an average candidate neither good or bad and if i'm saying no it's because i would rather see other people rather than him because those are more qualified for the job
even broski with who i said no to (and is explained on his post) i would much rather see him than kamiko as a polish mod

Also there are only a few posts in which i don't really develop most of the time i find arguments for my choice and don't act like i don't, and if people asks me to develop i can do it

And maybe instead of asking to develop my opinion, you could contribute to the matter and tell yours

W temacie: takigosciu

Odpowiedzi: 12

16-11-2020, 21:19

I guess the poll sums up

W temacie: calilove

Odpowiedzi: 7

16-11-2020, 21:17

I think you have good potential as a mod (and this application shows it) therefore it's a yes from me, good luck

W temacie: Racko

Odpowiedzi: 10

16-11-2020, 21:13

Won't fit as a mod and far from it, big no from me

W temacie: yokoy you are a complete idiot! why deleted my topic! fucking Pole!

Odpowiedzi: 15

16-11-2020, 17:25

fuck you yokou he was the best candidate ever, don't give up Theo you can do it!

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