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W temacie: Halloween 2019 + Server Update 22/07/19

Odpowiedzi: 9

30-10-2019, 23:03

that's some insane stuff here. Especially those garages. Finally some revolution

W temacie: Server update - 22/07/19

Odpowiedzi: 10

22-07-2019, 19:36

Suggested by Helo -> Helo becomes Modeler -> Profit

A very minor feature, but possibly worth it Smile

W temacie: Server Update - 13/04/19

Odpowiedzi: 30

13-04-2019, 19:02


that was a long wait :]
but it's finally up

Big Grin

W temacie: Update idea: Revamp the sounds

Odpowiedzi: 19

30-03-2019, 14:09

Well, seems like no one really cares, especially from the devs.
The thread is up for like half a year, 0 noticable changes, so i've decided that "fuck it". Here is the download for the same pack, as the one sent to Devs (Most noticably Venom, as he's the one who "cares about the sounds" and "listens to what community asks for"):


If nothing happens here through next week, i am allowing to close this thread

W temacie: New Sounds

Odpowiedzi: 11

26-02-2019, 22:35

I think only Elegy really sounds nice here, unless you want to add the rest to reference the 90's NFS Games.

As Sardyna said, i did once a thing like this. (https://www.nfssa.com/thread-11087.html) On the other hand i'm really unsure if any of the devs even consider usage of them.

My pack has consisted of tons of sounds, from which minimum 75% would be easily able to be added without huge edits, and even with that we'll possibly never hear them, as some of devteam seems to have problem with player-submitted content - even if it's clearly better than what we got currently

More posts like this can only give us the hope, that anyone will try to listen to what we are asking for.

Temat: Update idea: Revamp the sounds

Odpowiedzi: 19

20-11-2018, 19:05

Hi, it's me again. I have decided to create this little thread due to the thing, that we all [I don't think we have any actually deaf players] hear the most on server: The car sounds.

Some of them just pretty much sound obscure [ex. Elegy], repetetive [ex. Bravura/Washington/Euros/SGT - not sure about Cadrona but it may also be that same one], or sometimes sounding like a vaccum cleaner/toy car/just  b a d  [ex. Manana, Futo, Kuruma] because the recordings were done in the interior of the cars - i know thad back from the Venom's thread where he explained, what videos did those sounds come from.
I mean, there's also a group of cars, where sound is really nice, and really there's nothing to complain with them - Sultan, Sentinel, ZR, new Infernus etc.

What can we do with it?

1. Let's try to organize a little list of what has to be changed right now, what can wait, and what is already good:

- Manana [vaccum]
- Bravura [repetetive]
- Washington [repetetive]
- Futo [vaccum]
- Kuruma [ear rape + basically an ETK 6 cylinder from BeamNG.drive]

b) pretty meh, but survivable
- Primo [after it got the new sound that replaced the old good Blista one, it sounds hideous]
- Monroe [where's the old unique sound from bartek's sound update video, current one sounds basically like every single muscl... american sports car/pony car. And the Beejay]
- Beejay XL [how in the world does it sound literally same as the Monroe, i don't think it had same engine]
- Blista Compact [it doesn't sound bad, but it also doesn't sound like a CRX, which it clearly is]
- Euros [repetetive - literally same as Bravura/Washington/SGT, it is just boring as hell at this point]
- Uranus [e?]
- Super GT [only in this car this specific sound makes any sense, but sadly it is so spoiled by the rest of cars reusng it, that it is just boring af]
- Fortune [it became really obscure in my opinion]
- Flash [vaccum, not as bad as the other vaccums though]


c) The real quality
- Sentinel
- Sultan
- ZR130
- Infernus [after the Content Update for it - here goes last standard SA sound]
- Mamba [no one uses, no one cares]

Please leave your thoughts, as the cars in there are just sorted by my one and only opinion, and it wouldn't be really fair to just use my ideas
Yes, i specially haven't posted few of the cars for this exact reason.

2. Finding some quality sounds:

So this stage i have kinda done [doesn't mean you shouldn't send your own stuff too]. Basically every sound on the server is ripped from an Youtube video or a game. Going this way i've decided to use the sounds from GMOD Workshop Assets [to be speific - Car mods]. I will send a pack of these to the server devs, when i find a proper replacement for each problematic vehicle. Why not here and now? I want you to have a surprise, and not know everything at first glance. Also i haven't acomplished my mission of finding quality replacements for each problematic vehicle

For now that's all i wanted to say. Leave your thoughts. Cya

Temat: takigosciu

Odpowiedzi: 4

22-11-2017, 20:35

Nickname: takigosciu

Age: 16

English skill (1-10): 9

Your stats and experience with NFS:SA: ~130K RP, 14 days on server with somewhere around year of playing (got more active recently), and i think that was a good year, learned everything that player has to know at this point. Was much fun too.

How much free time do you have to moderate server?: Depends on the day, once may be 4-6 hours, once may be only 2 hours

What do you do when someone starts spamming messages on chat?: Firstly, he gets a warn and if he keeps spamming - a mute. Obviously if someone spammed earlier and i know it, the mute is obviously longer. And if the spam still keeps going, the kick or short ban (30 mins or something around) is only solution.

What do you when someone starts insulting other players?: Ain't that obvious? Mute, maybe kick (or forcegarage if thats something on lthe ocal chat), if someone insults all the players, the server, NFS:SA Team, etc. - the punishment is obviously harder. No mercy "because someone is your friend but still acts like douche bag on chat"

Do you have any experience (if yes, describe): Not so much, but i guess being admin of the international NFS Carbon online community is actually something

Which language channels can you moderate?: Polish and English (not understanding the really hard english words, still learning it so yeah Tongue)

Why do you want to join moderators team? (at least 100 words):
Why do i want to be a moderator? That's gonna be a long story. Let's start in a bit of time ago, when there was that drama of some players having problems because the moderators were "treating them worse than others". Thing is that this is real problem. Not gonna say that they should get punished same as other players because that is obvious. Not gonna also say that some moderators don't behave with few people or groups nicely because they don't like the groups/fandoms those players are. Only thing i want to say is that i want to be someone who can actually help someone who needs that but also punish who has to be punished, not to make more friendships than i got already there.

(yeah, longer texts are my bane)