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The Most Wanted: Powrót do Rockport
>> NFS:SA Booster <<
New developers wanted!
We are recruiting scripter and 3D modeler!

More info here: https://www.nfssa.com/thread-10798.html



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W temacie: Fan... things

Odpowiedzi: 82

17-05-2018, 12:34

what? washington at page 1 was made somewhere in 2016, i didnt even know how to use photoshop.

W temacie: Fan... things

Odpowiedzi: 82

14-05-2018, 17:08

My first work in 3D
[Image: 2h55y15U2Lg.jpg]

[Image: _eIfCQU2Al8.jpg]

W temacie: Fan... things

Odpowiedzi: 82

15-12-2017, 16:24

I wish you a Merry Christmas
[Image: SEmvJgBEYDc.jpg]

[Image: ynVylYK19Yo.jpg]

W temacie: Fan... things

Odpowiedzi: 82

05-07-2017, 01:18

Well, you get the idea of what i meant.

W temacie: Fan... things

Odpowiedzi: 82

04-07-2017, 00:30

1. This shit took too long to make (approx. 10 hours)
2. I can't do anything similar on server. And you can't too. It requires free camera movement with adjustable FOV. So yeah, original screenshot was taken straight outta GTA:SA, not NFS:SA.
3. Cmon, this is new level for me, im not gonna do this just by your will + you're new here. Who do you think i am?

Temat: Modern(ish) GUI

Odpowiedzi: 15

15-10-2016, 11:56

So, i know that this is not what you're worry about for now, but tell me... is that even possible?
[Image: hAm5IV8.png]
I mean not exactly this, but something like it. Something more modern and comfortable, but at the same time it must fit in the "streetricer" atmosphere.
Also, it must be customizable (maybe even with TP or BP). Not only speedos, but nav. panel at the top-right corner too.

Temat: A-Type customization

Odpowiedzi: 1

13-09-2016, 12:51

Add at least rims, current ones are looking terrible. Also, exhaust looks rusty af.

Temat: Discord server

Odpowiedzi: 0

28-08-2016, 16:37

[Image: bYSEWeB.png]
Not so long ago i've created Discord server related to NFS SA.
Here's the link: https://discordapp.com/channels/219201827806248961
It's like teamspeak, but you don't need a special app to connect and talk.
There's text channel and few voice channels for different languages and gamemodes.
Also, invite: https://discord.gg/7dFjvtT

Temat: Territorial Control/Wars

Odpowiedzi: 4

14-07-2016, 11:59

Idea is simple: whole map is will be separated in disctricts. Clans will fight each other for them. Like in Carbon.
But here different territories will give different bonuses for clans: additional money/exp/some sort of reward.
This requires race markers to be placed on map. Like in U2, MW, Carbon, Undercover.
 Once per week map will be cleared, so one clan won't be able to take the whole map.
 Captured territories' roads will be colored in clan's color. It will depend on clan's image. Also in a corner of a captured destrict will be shown name of a clan.
 In a corner of a "show more info about race" menu will be shown clan that captured that race. "Clan wars" will be available only once per hour, till another clan will try to capture it. After that try, "Clan wars" will be colored in gray and not available for one hour for every clan.
Concept art:
[Image: IyaB0m1.png]

So... is that even possible?

Temat: New UI Style.

Odpowiedzi: 7

12-07-2016, 22:06

Yeah, current style fits NFS:U well, but... it looks a bit too old, doesn't it? It's also kinda ugly (4me at least). Current UI can scare some of new players.
So, suggestion is simple: new UI. Modern, fast, comfortable (and not so ugly). Smooth text animation, darker colors. Well, you know, more user-friendly.
Here's what i mean:
Main Menu:

[Image: rMV3n24.gif]

[Actually not UI] My idea of new entry loading screen: