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W temacie: Decadence

Odpowiedzi: 5

5 hours ago

So many unecessary decorations and buildings here, you can't feel if it's Los Santos anymore, and that's not good. I prefer classic San Andreas environment in NFSSA, and i wish everyone's also with me. Not hating it. It's actually looking good with all those decorations. I felt so many NFS Underground feels here. And those sick jumps too. But it's too much to fit NFSSA theme in my opinion. Totally would be an awesome map for a vanilla/classic racing server.

W temacie: yMael

Odpowiedzi: 6

5 hours ago

Yet another good person i have no idea who is it. Good luck anyway.

W temacie: NFS:SA Cicuit Jefferson-Run

Odpowiedzi: 7

5 hours ago

I see you have finally done things i told you earlier. It's already good enough now.

0:18 - you don't really need to cover this building with arrows but whatever

W temacie: suggestions section is at 666

Odpowiedzi: 8

14-12-2018, 16:01

jeez you have nothing else to do but to make usless posts?

W temacie: [Circuit] Red County Tunnel

Odpowiedzi: 7

14-12-2018, 11:36

(14-12-2018, 03:22)Helomyname Wrote: Not a bad route imo. But THIS OBJECT should be completely removed from map and replaced with something else - we have had a lot of issues in the past with maps with this barrier which can be hit and moved onto the road for example. It is a pain in the ass.
[Image: CMfcWWN.png]

Those objects should be okay if set to unbreakable i think, not so sure about it.

As for the map there's so many objects along sides the road in my opinion. And worse that they feel so repetitive. Also it seems that some part of the area left untouched while the rest are overcrowded. You can cut that decoration amount, especially with the cones and vehicles, the houses is fine (i think?).

(13-12-2018, 23:43)Aroszparo Wrote: 1:32 in my opinion, these barriers should not be there because in this turn you enter at high speed and thus it will be easy for an accident

Although it's needed so that people can tell where's the inner invisible walls are located. Using trees instead and move them a bit further away should be good. Fits more with the surrounding and giving more cornering space.

Temat: [Sprint/Drift] Desert Rose

Odpowiedzi: 1

11-12-2018, 21:21

Repost. Old thread here.

Name : Desert Rose
Type : Sprint/Drift
Author : Scaftz, Remolit
Location : Countryside

[Image: uyuv1uu.jpg]

Temat: Gambler

Odpowiedzi: 2

11-12-2018, 21:16

Reposting,  old thread here.

Name : Gambler
Type : Sprint
Author : Scaftz
Location : Las Venturas

[Image: N2umUer.jpg]

Temat: Gambler

Odpowiedzi: 11

30-09-2018, 19:55

Name : Gambler
Type : Sprint
Author : Scaftz
Location : Las Venturas

[Image: N2umUer.jpg]

Temat: Additions for Custom Cameras

Odpowiedzi: 2

03-09-2018, 01:14

Not so recently we got new Custom Camera feature, and i have to admit it's really helpful and made my playing experience a lot better, howerver it's still lacks minor things. Here's some idea i would like to have for the Custom cams.

1. 3 Chase cameras
We got only 2 Chase cameras, far and near, while the Original got 3. Would be nice to have more if possible since i got some problem with using various cars. i got my near camera works perfectly nice and fitting to drive with cars like Infernus, Super GT etc, but it's not really usable for other taller cars like Manana, Uranus, Intruder and so on. And using far cameras don't help much either since i got this camera set for driving SUVs.
2. More precise camera settings value
3 chase cams wouldn't work well without this. Latest update gave us possibility to move vinyl more precisely using a manual input and adding commas down to 0.001 digit. Would be neat to have for cameras as well since moving camera tilt/height by 1 move your camera too far away from the desired location.
3. Dynamic FOV
On original cameras we got FOV constantly changing depends on how fast we are moving, although it sucks since they don't grow any further after reaching around 170 kmh because that's how fast GTA SA cars supposed to travel. Varying FOV is nice, they can give you feel of speed so that you don't have to always check your Speedometer upon approaching a turn.
4. Joystick or Mouse movement.
As already discussed a bit on the other thread i don't remember which. They are nice to use on peeking cars or scanning Diamonds when doing Diamond Hunt.

Add more down here if you feel like having something to add.

Temat: Crew Leader role bug

Odpowiedzi: 9

14-05-2018, 07:46

I don't have any idea what i was doing but, it's happen. So, recently i am messing around with crew's roles system. I made a rank named [ Leader ] with spaces in the front and the back, then i assigned everyone to that role. It was doing fine at first, not until i invited a new guy in and trying to assign him to that role. For some reason, i can't assign him to that role, then i tried this, that and none of them works, until i tried to delete the [ Leader ] role. And, shit happens

[Image: fMQb02j.png]

We don't have a crew leader. I can't change roles and so does everyone.
Basically i destroyed the crew again, any possible way to fix it?

Yes Nightmare pls come back i am too retarded to run a crew
and yes, having a yokou in your crew is a mistake