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W temacie: New race mode: Race Wars

Odpowiedzi: 7

05-08-2018, 05:41

(05-08-2018, 02:14)Rafaea512 Wrote: Race Wars is a mode from NFS Carbon, so, i want it on NFSSA, Race wars system would look like this:
Icon: A icon of 3 cars and a circuit would appear on Create Race menu (3 cars in circuit: Race Wars)
Creating Race: Creating it would be simillar to creating a normal circuit race, You will get the same circuit tracks for you race, When you ready for creating you race, put your name for your race, password and spec mode if you want but something changes, The max racers slots is 8. After creating you race and players enter it, you will be ready for racing aganist 7 racers.

While Racing: Song changes too, Instead of having you typical songs like Nine Thou, Back on a Mission, etc... you will have this unique song while racing:

Some features will be added into this race mode, like speedbreakers or pursuit breakers.

Rewards: Rewards here will be like a RP farm. Winner gets 400 rp and 350 $ while others got lower rewards.

So, this is one my suggestions that i made for NFSSA team, Sorry for my bad english, but yeah. Hopefully we can got this new mode.
Personally i like the idea, i need to see this on NFSSA, seems like a good addition. Whatever the time It Will took from developers, worth at least for me.

W temacie: URL rooms

Odpowiedzi: 51

01-06-2018, 04:10

Of course, it will be a good change for the server. Keep the hard work with the ideas!

W temacie: Berkayy, forgive me.

Odpowiedzi: 3

07-04-2018, 20:28

(07-04-2018, 19:44)BUNNY Wrote:
(07-04-2018, 17:50)Maumedis Wrote: Hello, i'm Moshido, i assume everyone has saw me in the game or at least saw me communicating with other players in global chat. Today, i got banned 7 days by bk_player for insulting a moderator (Berkayy.) by changing my nickname into very bad words. Yesterday me and BUNNY got muted for reporting a player by yokou, which isn't right in my opinion. I was very angry with that, so today, when i got banned, it all started with the nicknames. I didn't know what i was doing, until bk_player banned me. I have nothing to play, literally, i grind on this server 24/7, trying to look for friends and stuff. I know i made a bad decision, and i'm very sorry Berkayy for doing that.. I'm asking you for your opinion, unban me or not ? :/ That's all i had to say.

I know we have made mistakes, but this is the biggest we ever made. I would also like to ask for forgivness even though I didn't have to do anything with this. But I sincerily hope that Berkayy will find truth in my words and consider Moshido's unban. We know it's bad and we assume all the concequences. We WILL try to become better and even an example for others. 
I don't think so. Why put other users nicks and even insult that player with that nick? Whats the purpose in that? Need attention? Just deal with it and read rules next time.

W temacie: What the..... fuck?! [Models bug](?)

Odpowiedzi: 6

09-11-2017, 21:10

(09-11-2017, 08:57)MatthewChow Wrote: It's also a problem in your life, God can't really help with that.

Not funny.

(09-11-2017, 12:17)MisterJohnson Wrote: Well..I supoose I could atleast try to help you...

Try to change the compatibility settings of your GTA SA single player, try to update your directX, try to update your video card driver...
If that doesn't works..try to reinstall GTA SA, if neither of those help, try to download another GTA SA installer, I'd suggest Hoodlum's or skidrow's repack, if those doesn't work and you're whilling to take an extreme measure...contact a IT technician to make a Win XP dual boot on your machine, so you can run GTA SA on it without much trouble...if none of these work, may your soul rest in peace

Okay, thanks for the suggestion, Isn't funny the last words, too, but anyway thanks

W temacie: What the..... fuck?! [Models bug](?)

Odpowiedzi: 6

09-11-2017, 00:31

Explained by itself, i don´t have a low PC and not RAM´s problems too.

There´s some screenshots: 

[Image: 8Hvid]https://imgur.com/a/8Hvid



Temat: What the..... fuck?! [Models bug](?)

Odpowiedzi: 6

09-11-2017, 00:31

Explained by itself, i don´t have a low PC and not RAM´s problems too.

There´s some screenshots: 

[Image: 8Hvid]https://imgur.com/a/8Hvid



Temat: Car auctions/Sales of User´s Cars (Market) [And his Rules]

Odpowiedzi: 8

29-10-2017, 05:20

Hello bros, i´m fabibastien, better known as Devil, and here we are with a new suggestion for NFS:SA (credits to IndvxTT, Rukito, and many others of the spanish community). With nothing more to say, i hope you gonna like it and let´s start with it.

1. "What´s an auction?": Is basically a place or an action where you can sell, for example, one of your stuff with a determined prize and the highest bidder will have the ability or privilege to buy/obtain it.  Or in better words: Public sale in which a thing, especially goods or things of value, is awarded to the person who offers more money for it. And for the "market" term, there´s nothing much to say, because we all know what we are talking about when we say that word.

2. How it will work?: -In the garage it will be its respective section. Named "Black Market" or something like that. When we do click on that button we will see directly pictures with their respective descriptions and photos. 

3. RULES [Read it carefully]: a. Initial Prizes will be determined by Moderator or higher. (after it depends on the bids of the users)
                                         b. Users will have access to this tool only at 230.000RP or superior.
                                         c. Stock cars will be not accepted.
                                         d. The mechanism will be the following, first, a random user "X" post the thread, second, an moderator                                                             will have to approve it and then it will be finally posted, and third, the auction begin only if the original author                                              wants it, and before the submit, selected the "auction" option. (more amount of RULES will be welcome).

And... That´s it, before concluding, let´s put an example:

"MrFaggot2389 publish, with the auction option ON, his FULL (visually and perfomance one) ricer up Sultan for a prize of 25.000, then "InsertNFS:SAMember" approves it and the auction begins. No one put more money on it and only the first one who asked for 25,550 takes it"

(Best Ex ever)

Well, that´s it, more suggestions below will be accepted and grateful. 


Temat: Devil

Odpowiedzi: 6

29-08-2017, 00:30

Hello players of this entire server, today i'm posting a third attempt to be mod, hope you like it and tell me what do you think about it:

Nickname: Devil 

Age: 16 (near 17)

English Skills: 8 (i'm increasing my english grammar everyday, trying to improve more)

My stats: 902.000RP, about 7 months since my first play, average play time: (near 12d)

How much free time do you have to moderate the server: Honestly the much as i can, this will be in Weekends, and inusual week days (Friday and so on)

What do you do when someone starts spamming Messages on chat?: As i said before in my other post, give him a warning, if the involved continue, mute depending the severity of each case.

What do you do when someone starts insulting other players?: According to the server rules, is a mute or in some cases, kick.

Do you have any experience: As i said before in my other post (about 3 months ago), i got experience in a little roleplay server in SAMP.

Which language channels can you moderate?: Mainly Spanish, and of course if it's requested, the english one.

Why do you want to join moderators team?: Because we need someone at some hours that aren't staff in the server (00-03AM America Time Zone) and i want to applying the rules for being the server a more friendly place to talk about. 

 And the most important one is that i want to help players in everything i know. And as i said before, i'm here trying to not discriminate no matter their caracteristics, and prevent to disggregate us.

 Especifically the actual spanish moderator is not on duty some days and i want to moderate those complicated hours. I feel i'm able to help as much i can.

 And, if i committed a error in the past i want to fix it, so please guys, this can be my third attenpt and i hope you gonna Give me other opportunity to show what i done in the lasts months.

 Every suggestion, opinion will be clearly accepted, i'm sorry if i annoyed you due to my past childish attitude, but now i want to improve and i hope you will give me a last opportunity.

Okay, that's it, i hope you like my post and trying to give a last chance to change/improve myself.

Have a nice day.

Temat: It has been an incredible time

Odpowiedzi: 2

17-07-2017, 03:19

Well, everyone have it's time to do it, but today is my turn. It has been a pleasure to share with you those moments. 

From January to July, it has been a pleasure to play with, a mix of opinions/points of view.

I'm actually happy for have been part of NFS:SA.

Thanks to those players that help me those days when I was a noob. Thanks for all.

Thanks to YoNightmare (you are a cool guy), thanks to Scaftz (sorry for calling you as Scraft xD), thanks to Deadboy (for help at April/May moderators recruitement round), thanks to TheAlba & GreatPehord (first players I met).

And for those nicks, guys I can't remember: thanks for all.

Goodbye guys.


Temat: Look at that, OMFG

Odpowiedzi: 0

03-06-2017, 05:10

So... I was racing with my Bullet and... I don´t know the reason, but this thing happened: The Bullet looks Like a Ship xD.

Anyway (if necessary), there´s my Bullet Tuning: WORK Rims, first Bodykit....

First photo: http://imgur.com/m04B4LD

Second Photo: http://imgur.com/wMCn

Third Photo: http://imgur.com/BeOSqq8

And, as you can see in the third photo, in Futo case, the bug is not present.

I hope this post can help you anyway to discover the problem and fix it.