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The Most Wanted: Powrót do Rockport
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New developers wanted!
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W temacie: My HUGE list of ideas

Odpowiedzi: 47

04-12-2017, 20:47

Hellooo... after long break Tongue Last week ago I came up with an idea about using all cars in game and no longer make some cars unusual. 

• Car Series
Based on NFS:No Limits mobile app. Every car available on server can be used to complete seasons which contains some types of racing, police pursuits, time trials, Speed cameras etc. Like challenge series in NFS:MW. The quest will be available after purchasing a car. Then the player (for example) is receiving an information about unlocking new season.
You don't need only one car to complete the season. For example... Simple theme: "JDM Vibes". Available cars in this season: Elegy, Sultan, Infernus. And after every race the car overall requirements are rising. After completing the "Car Series" season the player receive cash, stickers, or whathever you want.

• Challenge Series
So, If we're talking about Car series. It's a good time to say something about Challenge Series from Most Wanted. I have proposition to introduce it as additional form of entertainment on server. Toolboth, Pursuit Lenght, Bounty, Cost Of State, Roadblock Dodge, Trade Paint, Infractions, Spikestrip Dodge... Yup, all types of these series working in MW. I think It would be improvement for the police category mainly. Only single player of course. I don't think it'll be working on multi.

W temacie: GTA III Sentinel

Odpowiedzi: 8

14-02-2017, 21:55

[Image: giphy.gif]

W temacie: Trip Around SA

Odpowiedzi: 12

29-01-2017, 20:43

• added road water barrels on edges of road
[Image: p7d02yp.png]
and barrels in real life (if somebody still don't know what is this)
[Image: img_big_sandy01.jpg]
• some little fixes on map
and Video!

I need your last verdict about this map because it is waiting too long for acceptation and it was moved to inactive maps section. So i'm making the last update for now. I heard that my map will be very time-consuming. You must define to accept or decline this map. I'll be not angry if you will decline this map - it's your choice. But I'll be happy if somebody would have strengh to finish my project. I would appreciate it Wink

W temacie: Suggestions for SUVS

Odpowiedzi: 2

25-01-2017, 18:21

I told about population of suvs and vintage classes over 321463278946 times and I didn't received any specified response from administrators.

W temacie: Lowered/Stanced Cars

Odpowiedzi: 10

25-01-2017, 18:16

Temat: Zmiana maksymalnej ilość slotów

Odpowiedzi: 1

15-08-2016, 15:06

Jak widać serwery tak są cholernie przeładowane że czasami jest cudem wbić do serwera. Niektórzy czekają do nocy aby wbić na serwer bo teraz się nie chcą ładować
Wiem że PyLife jest na tym samym hoście co ten serwer (przynajmniej był) i miał możliwość zmiany maksymalnej liczby slotów dla graczy w przypadku, gdy ilość graczy wbijających na serwer przekroczy dotychczasową maksymalną ilość slotów. 

Nie zastanawialiście się nad tą opcją ?

Temat: My HUGE list of ideas

Odpowiedzi: 47

10-08-2016, 23:14

This topic may be outdated in some points, You can find fresh ideas at the end site of posts

Hi everyone. I thought that, to not spam in new suggestions due to many ideas present by me, so I decided to make one huge topic with all my propositions.
At the beggining I think that, near 50% or more suggestions will be disagreed (because if you will see this list below you'll probably get heart attack and convulsions Big Grin ) but I know that every suggestion had advantages and defects.
Just... don't totally disagree propositions... my and others. For example, I saw one topic which suggest changing wheels size before offroad update, and at the begining you disagreed with this suggestion, but despite this you added this option to server in offroad update Smile
If you can't understand one or some points just write below. I'll try to explain that. If I invent new idea I'll write here as new point with green color
For simplifying judgement [Image: court-judge-smiley-emoticon.gif] I set every suggestion in points. Okay, now stop unnecessary talking, let's go Smile

1. Main Changes:
1.1 Increase cash or/and RP points
this change includes earning from races and other tasks, cars, and parts costs too. It's unfavorable for players but it opens a way to more tasks/activities (like speed cameras) and corrects real costs of vehicles. Just for example supercars from A class didn't cost 35,000 $ from salon in real life, or in every NFS especially
1.2 Private message in separate window or incomming message sound effect
you know... somebody is writing to you and you didn't hear and saw his message because for example... you had race at this time.
1.2.1 (additionaly) turning off chat sections.
Just, when you only want to write in crew chat. And other chats you want closed because you don't like spamming or smth like that.
1.3 'Clickable Link' option
just when somebody sent web addres in game chat (starting with https:....) this all part can be changed to clickable link, like this -> link
1.4 Friends list panel
missed option in game. I suggest to create new GUI where you can invite your friends. And when they are joining server - you can see info at this moment. It can be compared with Private message in point 1.2.
1.5 Player profile in freerun mode
Useful when you want more information about other player. It can be shown his Garage, RP Points, Crew, Statistics - just like in old NFS World
1.6 Automatically ban after leaving race
It's annoying thing on this server. It must be very restrictive for players, because I hate crying guy, who is at the end of position and he can't control his emotions by leaving race and lowering amount of prize. 
So I prefer to set 2 hours ban for first leaving at server. Next bans can be 24h.. 48h.. 72h.. (just +24h for every leaving) except timeout's.
1.7 Standing/AFK mode
A command which allows you to turn your car into non-collision mode with other vehicles (for example that moment, when you want to reset your car position [optionally SHIFT+X]). So no one can push you too.
1.8 "Invite Players" buttom in lobby
You can invite another player and he's receiving a message where he can choose "accept" or "decline" buttom. If he accept he's automatically moved to lobby. Helpful for closed lobbys for example. It can be linked to my point 1.4 with friends list panel.

1.9 "Search players" panel
It's terrible to find somebody on TAB key, so I suggest to add a gui which allow players to find another player by part of nickname or ID

2. The Crew:
I created here simply sketch GUI for this point. Every option on this screen is tagged by subpoint.

[Image: 15onUoI.png]
2.1 Crew ranking by win/lose ratio
it's not fair but the best crew is that crew, which have the highest point of RP in this game. Maybe it will be the sum of all win/lose ratio players in crews? or the amount of win's in crews challenges? (look point 2.5)
2.2 Adding Crew Promotion section in forum
Some crew leaders on servers promote his teams on global or language chat's. But if you wan't to encourange people better to join your team you must show something more (like screens, videos, etc.) so I suggest to create a section on forum, which allow crew leaders to promote his crews.
2.3 Crew panel in freerun mode
New gui or added new section with crew in freerun panel. I mean this freerun panel under F10 key for example.
2.4 Crew Message Of The Day (MOTD)
A message which appear when the crew member join server. It's useful when somebody (especially leaders) want to send information for all crew members and somebody is offline now.
2.5 Challenging between crews (using crew bank money for betting)
Supported and agreed by most of NFSSA community players. But here I want to show my point of wiev at this.
So... for example:
• You as leader of crew or person with permissions just send a message by choosing "challenge other crew" in management section

[Image: N0zFkYq.png]

• After choosing your opponent you receive a window which allow you to set amount money of betting for challenge

[Image: OSgZ8oN.png]

• Then message is going to other leader of crew or person with permissions and he decide to accept or decline this challenge. 
• When the leader/a person with permissions accept challenge, he automatically send the same amount of money from bank crew, which set backer from first crew and then they receive a panel where they can set ours races list (with limited amount: 2 or 5 races from all categories). But there must be one requirement. Both sides of crews must be in garage and have money in bank. Otherwise the challenge is declined automatically.
• After selecting races both sides are moved to lobby where players from crews can join this lobby. And... that's all! the races are played up in sequence chosen in races panel and after every race is creating lobby again where the players from crews can join. 
• The winner takes all money from crew banks (your's and opponent's)
2.6 Crew logo abled to upload from website < or > adding all vinyls from NFSSA to logo create panel
Creating of logo is the best time-consuming part in creating crew process (especially if you want to create something very nice). And it's Ok, I heard you have technical problems with that. So I leave this think here, when you decide that, it can be possible to do this (just give yourselfe more time to think about it). But if it is REAAAALLLLY hard to do that and you give up with white flag. I suggest easiest way to add all vinyls from NFSSA. It simplify creating logo process.
2.7 PayDay in Crews
Leaders/persons with this permission can set a payday option for their crews per day/week/month. Amount depends of distances between paydays (for example -> per day - max 500 / per month - max 5000)
2.8 Private Crew Zone
Only crew members entering. Spawnpoint at Crew zone for members. This can be for faaaaaaaarer future (I include here building etc. You know.... unrealistic for this moment). But IMO if it will appears, It must be very expensive, due to taking place on map in freerun mode (and more lag's of course).
2.9 Crew taggers on map
Just another tagger color than other cars.

[Image: My1pt5G.jpg]

2.9.1 Crew Vehicles
(11-08-2016, 22:51)Allerek Wrote: Add Crew Cars(Buying By Crew Cash and new option to Adding Free RP to Crew Bank(unlocking Crew Car Class by Free RP in Crew Bank)

You can Set what member must have rank to get any car, F.E If you have Rank: Drift Master, you can get Elegy, Sultan etc.
2.9.2 Hiding crew logo - new
It's an option for crew leader or player which allow to hide a crew logo and nobody will see it in freerun mode/races, and adding an option in settings which allow to turn off logo crews.

3. Task's
3.1 Improving tasks by adding one huge GUI panel
Currently you have problems with that, how to encourage people to do more other activities besides races. So, this point is connected with other points below. And GUI panel will improve and make easier way for tasks. So how it looks like?
Races are sort by date. I mean, We have daily tasks which appear everyday, and special tasks which appear twice or once per week or month and the last permanent tasks (we have it on server currently).
Here is example sketch
[Image: S0BqoTV.png]
3.2 Class requirements in tasks
You know... tasks with class requirements, for example. To complete task you must have car with C Class or cars from SUV / Vintage cathegory etc.
3.3 Photo for magazine
Twice per week. When you left the garage and go to freerun mode you'll receive an information (but not directly after leaving garage. I mean... just must elapse some time to appear this information - 5-10 mins) which allow you to take a photo for magazine. If you accept you have location on map (I prefer places with nice panorama, like hills or castles... you know.). If you come to this place you're turned to camera mode and you can rotate your camera anywhere you want. After taking picture screen is saving in your screenshots folder and you'll be able to unlock one from 3 vinyls. Just this system, which allow you to unlock vinyls for Task Points. But this system is without taskpoints.
Requirements: Tuning Car Stars higher than 5 and every magazine had other class requirement everytime (look point 3.2)
3.4 Treasure Hunt
And example reviev...
[Image: 2pCAvg7.png][Image: tDbDe8O.png]

[Image: RLhMndr.jpg]
[Image: qQeWThd.jpg]

Once per week. One day you have information in your task's panel which you can collect diamonds on zone showed on your map (but only zone). After collecting all diamonds you'll take some money and you'll be able to unlock one unique rims/vinyls/tuning parts (unlocking system similar in point 3.3)
3.5 Showdown event
You have rage with somebody? You don't know which one of you is better ? This place is the best for you. You can show here your the best skills. This type of event can use only unique maps, which they have never been played on server yet. The winner takes $1000+/- and 1000RP+/- And "The Best Driver Of Month" designation
One race from each sections (Sprint/Circuit/Drag/Drift/Street-X -> system create it randomly)
Requirements: Your win/lose ratio must be higher than 50% and you must have all unlocked class sections (not cars) or have higher than 100k RP.
3.6 Additional rewards after race
Something additional for races. Players can win more money and RP point if they reach time track record or smth like that
Example rewards:
• "Class Does Not Matter"
- Beat a car, which have higher class than you
• "Overall Does Not Matter
- Beat a car, which have higher overall points than you
• "Track Time record!"
- Set the best time record for track
• "Drift King!"
- Set the best drift score
• "Rice Rice Baby"
- Make a photo for magazine with the best car tuning stars in game

If it will be possible players can create ours trophys and they can collect these rewards and it can be shown in player profile (additionally - look at point 1.5)
3.7 "Find The Place" event.
Next event which can improve freerun mode. A few times per day players can receive an image with place. The most part of image is hidden, but one little part is unhidden. Players must recognize and guess where is that place. If they find this place, they receive some cash and RP. (or smth different)
3.8 Skill races in freerun mode
slaloms, short sections for time, short drifts, jumps, every kind of improving driving skills for players, and especially... new players. This idea comes from The Crew game.
3.9 Adding vinyls from magazines to vinyl points if there are no more vinyls. - new
I saw that if you complete 3 days of collecting magazines you receive an extra vinyl but if you don't have a vinyl to draw you receive nothing... literally.

4 Tuning issue
4.1 Adding missing parts for some vehicles. 
for example - missing exhaust/roof scoops parts for infernus
4.2 Adding new tuning parts
lowering suspension for cars, Sunroofs, side mirrors, eyelips, grills, front and rear fenders
Unique tuning modes (look point 3.4): top lip spoilers, interior color modification and trunk modification - there can be option for premium accouts, that you can play sounds from your car
Unique rims for tasks (look point 3.4):
[Image: IMG_1375.jpg]
[Image: 0Rj7ytb0gP1n2.JPG]
[Image: Cosmic-mk3-2.jpg]
[Image: 100574.jpg]
[Image: CDB03_Comp-5-16x16-Beadlock-Black-Side.png]
[Image: mystic-aluminum-wheels.jpg]
[Image: 68933d1135986150-sl65-brabus-pictures-sp...pinner.jpg]
[Image: pQOJ0.jpg]
[Image: roulette-rims.jpg]
[Image: RR00001-GunRim.jpg]
4.3 Window vinyls stickers

I forgot to add this thing to 4.2 subpoint, so I'm writing now. We can see these vinyls on huntley for example, so you can add this option for other vehicles.
Here few examples from real life  [Image: downarrow.png]
[Image: 277738_254852931195462_100000122717978_1...9296_o.jpg]
[Image: 62a836b0a14215354d4144831bfc68670157fc4b...fa6efc.jpg]
[Image: filthiest_1.jpg]

5. Vehicles
5.1 Adding missed vehicles from GTA SA to server. 

Some people wrote about it. But don't hurry with that. I prefer to add one car for each update, because - what too much is not healthy Wink
5.2 Muscle Update and rims.
Yes.. This is over 9001 time, when smth is writing about it! Big Grin
I don't want show you concrete cars, but I'll focus on classic rims here. Below is my classic rims list:
[Image: 7504-old-school-wheels-knobbies-63_b.jpg]
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=31872]
[Image: b71l6w.jpg]
[Image: ecs_apacheII_mba_pdpfull.jpg]
5.3 Adding vehicles from other GTA series by replacing useless models
I mean industrial vehicles, or public transport, etc. You have over 30 models to replace, so you can add some cars from HD/3d universe. But I repeat... dont hurry.

6. Police Patrols & Police Chases
I set this idea at the end of positions because it is very very faaaaar future. I take into account most important things which can be added to this huge update
6.1 Wanted Level
If higher, that better police cars. Increasing wanted level on every police pursuit
6.2 Busted!
If you'll be catched. You are moved to your garage and you can't join races and leave your garage for 5 minutes.
6.3 Hide places
Places which speed-up pursuit time, like tunnels, garages, undergrounds etc.

6.4 Increasing speed of arrest bar by wanted level
For me very common idea. Players on low wanted levels would have slowed loading of arrest bar but players with high wanted level would have very fast loading of arrest bar like now for example.
6.5 Blocking busted car after police pursuit. - new
I think it's controversial idea because you can't use catched car by police for some period of time, but on the other hand it becomes more realistic than catching by police and nothing. A period of blocked car after pursuit can be set for 10 minutes for example.

7. Optimization issue
Just few cosmetic things improving graphic for game. If it is possibly of course. Some things can be avaiable in settings due to players who have weak computers

7.1 More realistic lights
- Adding crystal lights or smth similar (It can be done by increasing texture resolution for example) 
- tail lights on road reflection
[Image: 75334-1327274330-gallery10.jpg]

[Image: pGAkIVF.jpg]

[Image: toma1.png]

[Image: 87974-1318413999-gta-sa-2002-01-01-17-23-12-90.jpg]
7.2 vehicle shaders
[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

7.3 Turning off lights - new
And a little idea at the end. Turning ON and OFF lights in a car. I think it'll be not a very huge problem Wink

Temat: SS's from old NFS World

Odpowiedzi: 8

09-08-2016, 01:31

Hi everyone!

I rummaged my local disks on my computer and I found some screens taken from old Need For Speed world, so why not share it Wink
If you have some screenshots just send here. It will be nice to watch your's. 

[Image: BsGgdNI.jpg]
[Image: fvOEfcX.jpg]
[img]blob:http%3A//imgur.com/4a253835-502d-4a5e-9845-074c1b0c2f1a[/img][Image: UgSqWPn.jpg]
[Image: r3V0mv9.jpg]
[Image: w1faryZ.jpg]
[Image: DU9R0bI.jpg]
[Image: Gjy518L.jpg]

This game imo had specific graphic than other games. How do you think ?

Temat: [Offroad Track] Dirty And Bumpy

Odpowiedzi: 3

15-07-2016, 17:47

Hi everyone... again Big Grin

This is my last map until incomming update. I wanted to create longer circuit map than others - and I made it (I think is good Big Grin
For now I leave you reviews and comments.


[Image: 7SzNKW4.png]

Video (with cute Dubsta 6x6  Heart ... again  Big Grin )

Quote:Exclamation NOTICE FOR ADMINS Exclamation

I will send you my tracks pack with my all offroad maps tomorrow in the morning or in the evening. Be patient Wink

Temat: [Offroad Track] Towards The Peak

Odpowiedzi: 4

15-07-2016, 17:13

Hi everyone!
Today I send you a bit difficult and not quite modified track here (In view of high altitude which prevent editing). This track I made in Mount Chillad place, so that's why I told it's a bit difficult. 


[Image: kG4Kwo0.jpg]

Video (with cute Dubsta 6x6  Heart )