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>> NFS:SA Booster <<

NFS:SA Booster
Download NFS:SA Booster v1.1
It requires .NET Framework 4.5 or higher installed

NFS:SA Booster is an Windows application, which works in background and connects with NFS:SA script to reduce lag spikes, reduce memory usage and increase general performance and vinyls quality.

How does it work?

Main reason why lag spikes happen on our server is that MTA doesn't support creating textures in background. When there is need to render new car, MTA must freeze whole game for several frames to be able to create required textures. To reduce this effect, we have to use heavy textures without compression and in lower quality which is not efficient way and requires much video memory.

NFS:SA Booster changes it. When there is need to render new car and Booster is active, script sends command to Booster which creates textures in background and sends back to script without freezing game!

In this way Booster:
  • creates textures in background without freezing game
  • can render vinyls in higher quality
  • reduces MTA video memory usage up to 4 times (!)
  • increases general performance by using fast DXT (gpu-friendly) compression
Remember that Booster is optional. You still can play on NFS:SA without it and it will never change!

My antivirus says that Booster is dangerous!

Ignore it and add Booster as exception in your antivirus settings. it's definitely not any kind of virus and there can be several reasons why antivirus detects it as virus:
  • This is new and unverifed software
  • Booster uses C# Unsafe Code for fast pixel calculations (unsafe code must be manually enabled while compiling program and this can trigger antivirus)
Virustotal scan of main executable file: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/e56eb0.../detection

What about MTA anti-cheat?

Booster doesn't affect MTA process. It uses shared files to communicate with script and this is 100% safe. You'll never get banned for using this.

My vinyls quality don't change

While using Booster, vinyls quality settings from server are ignored because Booster uses own quality (you can change it in program). After changing vinyls quality in Booster, it is recommended to do /reconnect.
Remember that Very High setting is available only via Booster but this is still experimental feature.

My Booster crashes or doesn't load vinyls on cars

Please check this general thread.


Added support to vinyl system changes and colorable decals from update 13-14.07.2018.

First release.