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W temacie: Pro Guide: How to be a master of Drifting!

Odpowiedzi: 20

14-01-2022, 11:03

lmao, can't believe my name is still appearing in some conversations xD cheers guys!

W temacie: End of NFS Sa is near

Odpowiedzi: 19

13-10-2019, 13:03

Lol, no.

W temacie: Reporting Reinvy

Odpowiedzi: 14

05-09-2019, 13:37


[Image: indeks.jpg]

W temacie: What about a Drift Championship?

Odpowiedzi: 10

25-06-2019, 08:53

[Image: 2a4u5ch.jpg]

"Drift ain't skill based at all" - Baguette and his best conspiracy theory XD It's all about experience with the system? Well, the system is not complicated at all. If you're good enough, you don't need 5000 races to score heavily. Just requires few laps of practice to find a good racing line, just like any other race. There's a guy actually, who is a newbie and is already very competitive - no space for EXPERIENCE in that case (oh but u probably gonna say it's his 2nd acc and he has like thousands drifts played on his 1st driver). Nevertheless, I know you just love to emphasize your sophisticated, legendary free run "drift skill" (or EXPERIENCE cuz skill doesn't exist lol) where there's no visible proof of it but only someone's subjective opinion (mostly in-game friends) xd you're always like that, so no point in trying to persuade you to get straight with some facts. Enough is enough xd

What about the Drift Championship idea? Big yes from me. As always when it come to drift events :>

W temacie: Bullet Train [R] bugs

Odpowiedzi: 3

19-04-2019, 23:25

Sadly all this shit is still ruining the game.

Temat: Bullet Train [R] bugs

Odpowiedzi: 3

19-04-2019, 00:41


Since last update there are some problems with Bullet Train track. Let's begin with the fact, the normal version and reversed have been replaced with each other, so present tops are useless, right? Ok, let's move on to the serious shit:

1st - sometimes a camera bug appears, that you can't see your car or the camera just doesn't follow the car so it's impossible to play here in a fair way;
2nd - on the [R] version (which was a "normal" one previously), many people suffer a bug when points are not counted as you can see on screenshot below (speed is fine, angle too, but points don't appear).

[Image: mta-screen-2019-04-19-00-27-26.png]

Would also like to thank devs for fixing that damn bug on the hill from screenshot above. Now making 4kk again will be easier and more possible (if points will be counted lol). Ah, and thumbs up for separating that campside with bollards. No more accussing me of using it to increase my score ;>

Cheers, and hope you will sort it out ASAP guys.

Temat: [HELP] Domyślne ustawienia graficzne serwera

Odpowiedzi: 5

04-07-2017, 12:04


Poratowałby ktoś screenami domyślnych ustawień graficznych z menu serwera? Trochę tam narobiłem bałaganu w poszukiwaniu recepty na lagi na driftach, które pojawiają się pomimo liczby klatek na poziomie 50-60 FPSów w trakcie grania (wyłączając Doherty oczywiście Big Grin). Pytam bo nie znalazłem opcji, żeby przywrócić pierwotne ustawienia grafiki.

W załączniku screeny, żeby zobrazować o co mi biega Tongue