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W temacie: Nailed it!

Odpowiedzi: 2

40 minutes ago

I landed here when i failed to reach the other taller building

W temacie: Normal races on Url maps

Odpowiedzi: 4

46 minutes ago

Um, no. Honestly agreeing with whiteseed with some point. This will make URL less special and feel like just another normal races but with tournament points system in it. Which in the long run it will probably reduce amount of people wanting to join URL rather than increasing since people already bored with the tracks or knowing they won't have a chance since they already got beaten numerous amount of time earlier outside URL tournaments.

Upvoting the possibility to test drive on LSAP, with track barriers of course. Can't really test properly on Street X due to lack of speed.

Also one more thing, how about giving players only one track vote for race directions instead of on all three tracks? It will surely increase the chance of getting reverse tracks i bet.

W temacie: Akatoyaa Garage [always WIP]

Odpowiedzi: 9

18-02-2019, 16:01

I would consider it does if you ask me. I had similiar performance setup on both Primo and Intruder on URL 250, Primo can deal with -10 tires pressure while Intruder already suffer by -7 tires presure. Primo also has better cornering speed compared to Intruder.

W temacie: Reason Why NFSSA is dying.

Odpowiedzi: 28

18-02-2019, 00:34

I have ideas for balancing cars too.

As Nick already said, rather than nerfing overpowered cars, we can have another attempt to buff every other car to current meta cars. No current toptimes will be harmed. Just be careful not to overbuff the cars again as we got last time. Otherwise we will get even faster racing pace which i don't really prefer. Balancing should be done by good player's input instead of the whole community since it will be matter of which party cries louder to get their favorite cars buffed.

Also note that the changes should be made to balance maxed score car performance rather than their mid score performance. Mid score imbalance will cause URL imbalance too but as long as it's maxed performance are balanced, there's a way to balance URLs other than changing their handlings. We can play with their stock scores or individual part scores. Sounds hard, but think about it. Reason why Cheetah is great on URL 400 compared to another A classes is because Cheetah has nice grip even on stock tires, while upgrading tires yields not as much benefit as most other cars do. Increasing it's stock score and reducing score gain per installed tires level would fairly give another A class cars chance to compete without giving Cheetah a complete dogshit handling.

Although i would prefer to see A classes away from lower score lobby, specifically 400, give B classes opportunity to compete on 400 and also get rid of them on 350 under. Would need lots of work since every classes will get their scores changed. I would like to see standard URL lobby count to decrease from 6 lobbies to 3. 300, 400 and Unlimited, where 300 will be aimed to E - C , 400 to C - B (A class may be competitive too but not meta) then finally Unlimited where A classes should belong. Lower lobby count means more players inside the lobbies, which is great for lower player count. Hopefully will make URL more popular than ever since it will be no longer B class haven.

W temacie: Akatoyaa Garage [always WIP]

Odpowiedzi: 9

17-02-2019, 23:53

Ay, rare to see someone who actually notice and tune their car to avoid sidewalk grip boost. These setups gon be gud.

Temat: [Sprint/Drift] Desert Rose

Odpowiedzi: 1

11-12-2018, 21:21

Repost. Old thread here.

Name : Desert Rose
Type : Sprint/Drift
Author : Scaftz, Remolit
Location : Countryside

[Image: uyuv1uu.jpg]

Temat: Gambler

Odpowiedzi: 2

11-12-2018, 21:16

Reposting,  old thread here.

Name : Gambler
Type : Sprint
Author : Scaftz
Location : Las Venturas

[Image: N2umUer.jpg]

Temat: Gambler

Odpowiedzi: 11

30-09-2018, 19:55

Name : Gambler
Type : Sprint
Author : Scaftz
Location : Las Venturas

[Image: N2umUer.jpg]

Temat: Additions for Custom Cameras

Odpowiedzi: 2

03-09-2018, 01:14

Not so recently we got new Custom Camera feature, and i have to admit it's really helpful and made my playing experience a lot better, howerver it's still lacks minor things. Here's some idea i would like to have for the Custom cams.

1. 3 Chase cameras
We got only 2 Chase cameras, far and near, while the Original got 3. Would be nice to have more if possible since i got some problem with using various cars. i got my near camera works perfectly nice and fitting to drive with cars like Infernus, Super GT etc, but it's not really usable for other taller cars like Manana, Uranus, Intruder and so on. And using far cameras don't help much either since i got this camera set for driving SUVs.
2. More precise camera settings value
3 chase cams wouldn't work well without this. Latest update gave us possibility to move vinyl more precisely using a manual input and adding commas down to 0.001 digit. Would be neat to have for cameras as well since moving camera tilt/height by 1 move your camera too far away from the desired location.
3. Dynamic FOV
On original cameras we got FOV constantly changing depends on how fast we are moving, although it sucks since they don't grow any further after reaching around 170 kmh because that's how fast GTA SA cars supposed to travel. Varying FOV is nice, they can give you feel of speed so that you don't have to always check your Speedometer upon approaching a turn.
4. Joystick or Mouse movement.
As already discussed a bit on the other thread i don't remember which. They are nice to use on peeking cars or scanning Diamonds when doing Diamond Hunt.

Add more down here if you feel like having something to add.

Temat: Crew Leader role bug

Odpowiedzi: 9

14-05-2018, 07:46

I don't have any idea what i was doing but, it's happen. So, recently i am messing around with crew's roles system. I made a rank named [ Leader ] with spaces in the front and the back, then i assigned everyone to that role. It was doing fine at first, not until i invited a new guy in and trying to assign him to that role. For some reason, i can't assign him to that role, then i tried this, that and none of them works, until i tried to delete the [ Leader ] role. And, shit happens

[Image: fMQb02j.png]

We don't have a crew leader. I can't change roles and so does everyone.
Basically i destroyed the crew again, any possible way to fix it?

Yes Nightmare pls come back i am too retarded to run a crew
and yes, having a yokou in your crew is a mistake