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Reporting player "Haram"

Napisany przez TigerShark96, 13-01-2018, 15:20
Reporting player "Haram"

Offline TigerShark96

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Haram was saying bad things about other player's mom in Language chat in Russian. Ask me or any Russian for translate in PM because i think saying that here is not allowed.
[Image: SwOkglM.png]
[Image: sDBs3P2.png]
Please, do something, i dont want to see that kind of players on the server. Undecided
I'm a very kind and cheerful person, but when I'm angry, you better not see me ...
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Offline HanzoITS

I saw that shiet. And lol. Better call for Rus mods. You are Russian at all. So, just contact me or Nhung via VK.
P.S. Our "Multilang" admins cannot understand actual situation in Rus community. Welp make right decisions - contact me.
P.P.S. Do not pay attention to the message down below, it's addressed to the author of the thread.
(По ВК, ищи меня в группе)
HZITS, Hanzo Itsuka, Colin McRae, HanzoITS

Offline Mishelka

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Offline susis

If i were you i wouldn't mind what that guy said and just ignore that childish insult.

Offline HanzoITS

U dont knou de wae dude. As i said, there is a situation in Rus chat, that you can't understand if you aren't a member of this community. Everybody knows that it's better to ignore'em, but they are leaving bad attitude on Rus community in NFSSA. A lot of inadequate children are not allowed I mean.

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HZITS, Hanzo Itsuka, Colin McRae, HanzoITS

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