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What's wrong with yokou?

Napisany przez KOTAH, 14-01-2018, 00:28
What's wrong with yokou?

Offline KOTAH


>yokou has muted me for a nazi joke [Image: UpCDZG_STeU.jpg]


>[Image: go6GCfSzdEE.jpg]

"Excuse me,
W H A A A T?" (С) 

Yep, I received the punishment, but what about you, yokou? (don't pay attention to these 10 hours, cuz it was annulled at the same time Big Grin)

Offline Rarti

take a closer look at the rules and you will see what's going on..
2. Chat
a) No disruptive arguments/discussions in chat (such as political or religious discussions, racism or discrimination).

And about youkou, he does some wierd stuffs on chat, but he's doing a great job.

Offline YoWorstNightmare

He indeed does a great job, but he sometimes does troll a little bit and maybe even cross the line at some points and doesnt accept his legal punishments
[Image: ImYoNightmare.gif]

Offline yokou

Sorry, you're right about this situation, but my unmute has a purpose. Without being able to use chat i'd be barely able to help people, which is part of my job. As a recompense, you'll get unmuted. Can't deny your mute was a bit too harsh, my apologies.
[Image: MxCWDcF.jpg]

Offline Barakuda

Honestly, he did it well because Nazism is not supported in the 21st century and it was not fair to joke about the person who killed millions of people during World War II.

Offline Snake[PL]

Yokou starts to be like Venom...
He thinks he's allowed everything
[Image: PZgunIv.png][Image: GmPEVDL.png]
choose side and cl!ck

Offline YoWorstNightmare

Well, Venom is allowed to do everything. He's like the Heart of NFS:SA imo
[Image: ImYoNightmare.gif]

Online Sardyna153

Maybe he is like the "heart" but acting like an asshole doesn't justify him
[Image: list_by_kouno_b-d7hdfxh.jpg]

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