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My suggestions, races, crew and tuning

Napisany przez Rafaea512, 14-02-2018, 23:40

My suggestions, races, crew and tuning

Offline Rafaea512

Crew Races (like in NFS Carbon)
Challenge Series
Canyon Duels (maybe?)
Knock-out Races
Events and Car Contests
Disable Cops.
Mantis bodykit for Elegy
Vapor bodykit for Jester
Apocalyse bodykit for Sultan
Vapor bodykit for Uranus
Original parts form SA? (only Elegy, Jester, Sultan, Flash and Uranus)
M3 GT-R bodykit for Sentinel
Ryo Watanabe Vinyl
Ryan Cooper Vinyl
Sal Vinyl
Kenji Vinyl (Bushido)
Kenji Vinyl (Stacked Dech)
Wolf Vinyl (TFK)
Wolf Vinyl (Stacked Dech)
Angie Vinyl (21st Street)
Angie Vinyl (Stacked Dech)
Darius Vinyl
Neville Vinyl
Samson Vinyl
Custom License Plates
Shelby Rims
Original rims form SA?
So that's are my suggestions.
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Offline EloRamzes

Crew Races (maybe can be added)
Challenge Series (check roadmap)
Canyon Duels (maybe)
Knock-out Races (in my opinion,nope)
Events and Car Contests (but this is now xd)
Disable Cops. (Xd. Nope)
Original parts form SA? (Good idea)
M3 GT-R bodykit for Sentinel (in my opinion, better for sultan)
Custom License Plates (apparently in plans)
Shelby Rims (more rims Big Grin)
Original rims form SA? (again more rims Big Grin)

Offline DareDevil42

Knock-out races are being worked on

Offline Madman

Okay, first, let me say something about those I think that are not good ideas...
Canyon Duels - meh, you have Powerline map
Original parts from SA (Wheel Arch Angels) - Hmm.. I don't think they are worth it, they are not really good lookin'
Events and Car Contests - You can make one, just need a bit of organization to make it good
M3 GT-R bodykit for Sentinel - Maybe, but.. Then 90% of Sentinels will be M3 GT-R replicas Undecided
Original rims from SA - Yeah, that would be kinda good for some projects. But there is a problem, the rims from SA aren't that good quality rims like custom NFS:SA rims are.
The bodykits... They are not that easy to make like a breakfast you make every day, so.. I'd leave it to devs, just like new cars.

So now it's time to go for those good ideas that I fell in love with <3
Shelby Rims - Idk about those exact ones, but.. I'll suggest American Racing rim set instead. Will fit muscles like Buffalo perfectly Heart
Knock-out Races - Definitely YES, gonna be interesting
Disable Cops - YES. So annoying on a highway
Custom License Plates - YES. YES. YES. And a option to totally remove the licence plate Big Grin

And about the vinyls.. I haven't seen them before, haven't played the game, so I don't have any thoughts about them

You have some really good ideas that I'd love to see on the server
But idk that they are possible on MTA (Knock out and licence plates) or not.. Only Devs can say that they can or can't do that
Anyway, that's all I wanted to say, best regards Big Grin
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Offline Jamesrobinson

Well,Maybe a good thing That need To Be Added
1.Rpm Adjuster (Like The way ECU work)
2.Engine Swap (You can swap your car engine to another of your cars.Or,Buying engine Which will be more expensive than the first option)
3.Autosculpt (for more nfs Feelings)
4.Maybe we need New Admins?
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Offline MatthewChow

None of those 4 is gonna happen. xD
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Uranus is a pain in my anus.

Offline KitsuneAmy

I looked at the list of things they said they will 100% never implement and it's really sad. MTA and GTA:SA have their limits, but they never actually specify a reason why certain things can't be implemented, especially manual transmission and the 6th gear, two I strongly believe should be in the game. In addition to that, I'd like to see more balancing with dyno and car scoring...oh, and a reward even if you finish URL with 0 points.
Also all the mods are ignorant and should be replaced...or eliminated.

Offline scaftz

GTA SA cars don't even have actual gears, the gears you see in game are just for sounding and don't have any effect on the accelerating or anything. so manual transmission wouldn't work. The manual gears on drag races is an exception, it's something like different handling lines per gears (correct me if i am wrong). not sure about 6th gear, that's just some little extra work needed.
Car scoring has been discussed a lot of times and it said that it will never be trully balanced, nerfing a best car will make the 2nd best gone wild, and the circle goes on.. https://www.nfssa.com/thread-9821-post-2...l#pid27122
About URL rewarding, actually i made a suggestion about it quite long ago, but it didn't got a nice support from everyone. https://www.nfssa.com/thread-8479.html

Offline KitsuneAmy

Thanks for the reply, Scaftz.
I'd like to hear your input on the list of things I was talking about too, your opinion on things that you wish were in the game but can't/won't be implemented.
Is there anything on that list that really jumps out at you or disappoints you?

Offline scaftz

If you meant about this list: https://www.nfssa.com/thread-5023.html ,Yeah there's some tingling on my mind but not gonna tell them all here since it will be out of topic. Gotta wait till somebody asked for the related topic. You can try your luck browsing through older threads and see why things got declined or having no possibility to be added.

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