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Napisany przez WEED, 28-02-2018, 08:30

Offline WEED

Name : Detour
Type : Circuit
Author : WEED & LulzZz
Location : Las Venturas

Offline Mikus286

0:11 Good map, but should not there be a wider route?

Offline scaftz

What a coincidence, i just made a new map with a same name. Nice map though, my only concern is that Narrow area on 0:09.

Offline Lulz

@Mikus286 Not really possible to make it wider. Similar path is on Terminal Loop track.
@scaftz Happened to me once. That's why you have Casino Race and Casino's Ride in-game. Name could be a pure coincidence, because I haven't checked recent Maps Showroom posts.

Away bamers

damn, this is so well made
simple but great route choice

well, only one thing that tickles me,
those custom-ly made barriers with dock barriers,
i think would be better the corners sides are covered with arrows

or any way to make it less squared corner

my opinion tho
[Image: loadcat.gif]

Offline Madman

Bamers is right ^
arrows would be better
Running in the 90s![Image: tumblr_m76f8oU0X41r20mtvo1_500.gif]

Offline Rarti

holy fuk, this is a very good map. That narrow part makes it harder but i like it.

Offline Kucky

Send me your map via private message.
[Image: uQNR4m6.jpg]

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