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Just Wondering About The others

Napisany przez Jamesrobinson, 09-03-2018, 10:20
Just Wondering About The others

Offline Jamesrobinson

I'm wondering About stradivarius,when he is banned,how long,and why? i just meet him at the end of february in-game,a lot of players greet him (i greet him too even though i don't even know him), My first impression about him is the way he is banned,he said he was exploiting(Doesn't mean i want to do that but that mean i was amazed he was back to server).

No more things to say,Feel free to ask,reply,etc!
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Offline DareDevil42

Star is chill, from what I understood he exploited URL, some bug or something (that I think was patched), and he got banned for that a few days. He is just a regular for the time being, like me and some others, so he's pretty known around, that's why many people greet him. Now I'm not saying I'm against him or that I dislike him, but I'm glad he got banned for exploiting, any criminal should be punished no matter who they are. Putting this aside, he is chill and a good friend.

Offline MatthewChow

Dude, "criminal"?! xD
Mate, hold on... I'm calling the police.
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Offline BShen-V12

and he got unbanned recently, I met him with my brand-new 'Tach

Offline Jamesrobinson

Still online shen?
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Offline HanzoITS

Ye, hes still online.

Ok. About the "guys".
Strad was unbanned as you know. Others will be unbanned after an unban date, except ANOD1ZE. Cuz he was banned permanently after "bombing" Discord Rus channel with "bad words". Not sure, but he argued about it personally.
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Offline susis

oh my

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