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Crew System Ideas

Napisany przez RaiYou, 14-03-2018, 20:57
Crew System Ideas

Away RaiYou

I though about 2 things that could improve the crew system and make the server more competitive between crews.

1- Crew Tournaments
This is simple, monthly a tournament is open, crews can submit to the tournament(with the money on the bank), crews are matched against each other (obviously), but the race can have 5 ways of matches:
Since the max players on url is 12:.
1v1 - 1 player of the crew versus 1 player of other crews up to 12 crews
2v2 - 2 players "" up to 6 crews
3v3 - 3 players ""  up to 4 crews
4v4 - "" up to 3 crews
and 6v6 - "" up to 2 crews

The race would be similar to the Juiced games, on races appart from the 6v6 one, the group with the best places on the race earns more points, making a total on the end, the crew with most points wins the tournaments. Avoiding the last place is necessary (most on the finals 6v6) if your crew is last one it will be eliminated to the rest of the tournament.
The type of match can be defined according the the amount of crews submited, if 3 crews then 4v4, if 6 crews then 2v2 and so on.
The sets can be weekly to avoid issues with inactive members on specific days.
And for example, if first set is a 2v2 race, when the last crew is eliminated, the other set can be 3v3, and when there are only 2 crews left it will be 6v6. This can incentive crews to recruit members and players to get better.
Also there can be multiple sets on one day, if the crews are up to do it.
The races would be similar to the URL, 3 races with the tracks and directions being matched by the system.
If your crew don't attend to the set with the requirements, your crew will get Disqualified.

Ok, this seens simple enough, but to avoid some issues, there are rules:
1- A Member can race only 1 set of the tournament, this same member can not race again, another member need to race on the second set this is to avoid crews to abuse their best racers, and making opportunity to other members of their crew to participate. But when the finals come(6v6) the crew can use their best racers, even if they raced already on earlier sets.
2- No mixed classes and always maxed cars, to avoid unfairness, so mods will need to set a specific class for the tournament.
3- To avoid the (Oh my crew dont have that much members), first make sure you have atleast 8 members, so that the tournament can get to the finals, the tournament would adjust to 2v2 up to the finals.

So, the issues with that idea:
Lack of tracks, bayview is kinda boring now a days, and lsap will get soon, we would need more tracks for this kind of tournament... Or not, but still, more tracks to race would be cool.
Spectator mode, we would need that so that other members of the crew can spectate the set and also other non crew players.

The prizes, could be:
1- A special car to the crew that reaches 12 wins(one year of wins)
2- A throphy shown somewhere...
3- A special effect for the members of the winner crew on freerun.
And money and RP for each race ofc...

2-Raid System
Weekly a track is picked by the system, crews need to race on that track and score times, the crew with the most best times on the track, wins a amount of rp and $ on the weekend. (Working similary to the weekly top times.)
It works this way, to participate on the raid you need to be in a crew (obviously), as soon as you race on the track, your score will be on a leaderboard.
The times are not accumulative, 1 member will have only their best time on the leaderboard.
On drift raids is the same, the drift scores are not accumulative, only the best score are added on the leaderboard with the other members making a total for the crew on the end.
To avoid some issues, only the top 10 members with the best scores/times will count on the leaderboard.
And yes, it will be a leaderboard for every class(so multiple crews can "win".)
Issues with that:
Too much work to barteo.

Well, the ideas are there, tell me what you would change.
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1.Looks and sounds good
2.Looks and sounds good too
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