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Bugged mapping for Overdrive Bumper on Fortune.

Napisany przez [ROTS]Mad_Mike, 19-03-2018, 20:58
Bugged mapping for Overdrive Bumper on Fortune.

Offline [ROTS]Mad_Mike

Hello and thank you for your time spent reading this.
Something I like on the server is tuning cars (visually) and get them to my liking. I tried doing this with Fortune, I wanted to recreate a proper S13, and for that I tought that Overdrive bumper is perfect. A surprise I had when I found out that the bumper is bugged to Hell when it comes to vinyls. For example: You cannot make any grille because half of the vinyl maps on the bumper  instead of the grille itself. Happens the same for the sides as well. 

I am literally begging you to try and fix this. I know it is hard work and that you have better things to do and you are busy, but I think us, the "tuners" deserve at least this. I have donated over 7 times to support the server, with the hopes of this bumper getting repaired, but no luck yet. I've got in touch with a NFS SA staff member that told me that I need to do a thread, him actually saying "please make the thread", which means that normal players are not the only ones affected. All I ever want from this server is that fixed bumper. No Muscle, no nothing. Please try to.
Thank you for reading!

                                                                                                                              Pictures of the buggy thingy ( contains a variant of how the vinyl should look as well): https://imgur.com/a/cDMov

Post scriptum: I know it has been already tried before and things.
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Offline neonke

Yeah, it's annoying when to make a rectangle grill you need more than 1 layers, which are already limited. And this doesn't end with fortune. The are also a stupid mirroring glitch where the decal mirrors on rear bumper or spoiler which even cannot be disguised (Snyper rear bumper or Turismo with any of the rear bumpers in general https://gyazo.com/4ee77b57e86a0cc71c96c16c0121d33b https://gyazo.com/467a5665162ba9608e2d7e7d51fef4a5). It should be fixable by locating bumper texture further away from the main body, however, im not the expert in this and could be wrong.

Offline Madman

ahh Turismo.. It has problems with spoiler mapping too, I mean - stock spoiler or Slingshot turning black when I want to recreate F40 with black vinyl between tail lights, I was forced to use LM spoiler, looks not bad tho
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Offline scaftz

If you thought these issues are the worst, you better check out Cheetah's with bodykit vinyling. They better be fixed, annoying af.

Offline MatthewChow

Oh well... Ain't we got all the same problem?...
Yeah, I also spotted a ton of visual things that need to be fixed.
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Offline Madman

(23-03-2018, 12:40)MatthewChow Wrote: that need to be fixed.

...but never will be
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