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Napisany przez naruedom691, 24-03-2018, 02:33

Offline naruedom691

Set up g27 with the game?

Offline LeonSkript

MTA in-game settings (same thing with Gamepad), you'll still need to use a mouse

Offline MatthewChow

This is a bit a lousy game to be using a racing simulation wheel on... I think it will bring you a lot of trouble going around a track since you won't be able to steer as quickly as the other players.
A simple gamepad is the best option.
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... Although that sounds kinda lame.

Offline susis

steering wheel and gta sa doesnt mix that well

Offline Akamataa

yup, steering wheel on mta will not work, cuz u have lot of corners and curbs, and u need fast reaction to do full turn, and also even if u will use steering wheel, your full turn will be limited by script similary to keyboard and gamepad, w/o mods [and mods dont work with mta] steering wheel is useless. U probably wanted to set +10 grip tires and turn like on -10 tires or even better XD
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Offline Venom

G27 is not compatible with MTA from my experience.
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Offline Akamataa

i know this is old topic but becouse i bought G920 and tested it on nfssa... it works propertly. so i think all stering wheels should work. u just need to connect brake and acc as one axis [in logitech gaming software].
My actual setting are:
Stering angle 180' [imposble to play with 900'...]
Stering sensivity 60%
Center force [0-2%]
Brake and acc axis sensivity 50% + connected axis
In game settings:
[Image: xxheEV1.png]
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