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How to repair "Out of memory" +FPS Boost

Napisany przez Akamataa, 30-03-2018, 14:15
How to repair "Out of memory" +FPS Boost

Offline Akamataa

Hi everyone. So it's all bye... Big Grin

I see lot of players have problem with "Out of memory" or "Loading..." [with booster], even players with 8+gb ram. So i want to show u how to repair this. I have 4 gb ram, and even after 12h of nonstop playing i have no problem with this. So what u need to do is:

1. Change your ingame settings to something like that:
[Image: knSjcuX.jpg][Image: OTazYim.jpg]

2.Use external program to reduce your ram usage eg: [u can easly "buy" them for free XD]
   -https://www.wisecleaner.com/wise-game-booster.html [it's turn off useless windows services tempomary]
   -https://www.iobit.com/en/advancedsystemcarefree.php [Turbo mode in this program do same thing as wise game booster, but also this program can improve a little your pc perfomance]

3. if u want to reduce RNG freezes/lag spikes install booster but it's not necesary [i don't use it]

4. To increase fps u can change vinyls quality to medium/low/very low, or if u realy don't care about how car looks u can increase your fps a lot by turning on Graphics debugging option in mta advanced settings, it will make all cars white:

[Image: GA5DcnU.png]

5. u can also turn off 3d sound's to increase fps, but u will lose ability to hear other cars Big Grin
    f11-> audio -> car sounds settings -> and disable "hear other cars [3d sound]"
[Image: kiritoblockingbullets_by_setonami-d7xcxvq.gif]

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