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Circuit Long S Haul

Napisany przez Remolit, 12-05-2018, 23:00
Circuit Long S Haul

Offline Remolit

It is long indeed

Name: Long S Haul
Author: Remolit
Type: Circuit
Location: Countryside

Offline scaftz

Why do you even include my name here?

Offline Akamataa

Too long, to much straights > car based race for no skill noobs in a class cars similar to ambasador.
Stock e class x10 laps "farm rp" race, and u will drive ~1h... to get nothing, annoyed player will leave.
[Image: kiritoblockingbullets_by_setonami-d7xcxvq.gif]

Offline scaftz

Never said you have to set the laps to 10 when playing this map.

0:23 and 0:44 Can't really tell where's the invisible wall gonna be placed.
1:48 Remove that elevating arrows. Not needed and unpleasant to see.
2:07 Those arrows don't show properly where's the route is going.

Offline Remolit

Updated the map, many QoL changes.

Offline scaftz

2:35 - Where's the right side barriers?
3:19 - Normal curving arrows should be better i think.
3:32 - Same here, would be hard to see where the route goes on reverse mode.

Offline Rarti

long as fuck, i like it

Offline Remolit

Yet another update to the map

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