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URL rooms

Napisany przez virus.exe, 26-05-2018, 22:37

URL rooms

Offline Tekk

(13-07-2018, 04:29)RaiYou Wrote: Even Patriot can finish a 350 URL bro, Sultan is for winning(Meta).

Class rooms as an option would still be the best solution, in my opinion. So everyone could play whatever. There are many players who just want to play the game casually, unlock new cars faster, do regular races with, stunts, participate in various events and so on. Simply have fun. Some just can't be bothered to search for the broken stuff or weird in-game mechanics (acceleration bug, grip boosting etc). For both types of players, class rooms would be the most balanced thing.

I understand that it's easier to leave stuff working as it is right now, but it's not gonna make the server any more popular. It will rather make all those people to leave at some point. Dyno is a very important thing for the URL, but there's not a single in-game tutorial or a litte reminder that would be saying "You shouldn't go to URL until you have a proper setup, be aware of that." Having a detailed guide that wouldn't be based on someone's guesses would be also a good addition to the current system.

Offline ANOD1ZE

Sultan 350 LSAP Setup: 1 Engine, 3 Drivetrain, 3 Tires, 3 Weight Reduction, 3 Turbo, 3 NOS.
Dyno: Drivetrain +10, Tire Pressure -1, Aerodynamics: 0/10.

[Image: car_97775_440664.jpeg?time=1531529407]

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