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(MEME)Ban Joysticks or Riot

Napisany przez RaiYou, 10-06-2018, 21:02

(MEME)Ban Joysticks or Riot

Offline Akamataa

xD so u wanted to ban gamepads becouse u don't have enought skills to operate camera on gamepad Big Grin
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Offline Rarti

It's funny, only tryhards are complaining.. btw controller exploit is fixed.
But still, you can't just ban controller because they can do more precise input.
Im not a good player but i think controllers are just a crutch over keyboard.. and this is how we have insane unbeatable toptimes, this is why i prefer drift mode over normal race
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Away RaiYou

(06-08-2018, 11:12)Akamataa Wrote: xD so u wanted to ban gamepads becouse u don't have enought skills to operate camera on gamepad Big Grin

Old way of controlling camera was painful for non XBOX 360 gamepad users, and vanilla camera positioning for gamepad users were trash, so yeah, for who wanted to transition from keyboard to gamepad it wasn't very pleasent.
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Offline Akamataa

For me, using right analog stick to controll camera is still better than new camera mod. BTW unbeatable toptime are made by ANODIZE and he is using kayboard Big Grin
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Offline MatthewChow

The new camera would be good if you could still move it with the joystick like the original one. The fact I can't move it while I'm using it is the reason I can't use it.
The problem with the original one is that it doesn't align with the car fast enough, but you can move it manually to look at wherever you need to go, which is kinda bothersome but extremely useful.
The new one is always aligned with the car but I can't look around. Now, if only the new camera was movable with the joystick while at the same time being fast to align itself with the car when I drop the joystick it would be perfect.
There's a game that has that perfect camera, but I don't quite remember which one it is... I think it's FlatOut2 or Blur or something like that. It moves the camera with the joystick but once you drop it it snaps right back in its original position almost instantly.
Actually, maybe it was Burnout Paradise.
I haven't played games for quite a long time...
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The living proof you can drive like a madman within the speed limit.
... Although that sounds kinda lame.

Offline scaftz

Have to agree, Burnout Paradise have a really nice camera. You can be like speeding 200 mph+ and still seeing things on front clear while having the ability to look around if there's an opponent going to hit from the side.
Freelook for custom camera would be really nice, but not sure if it would work better as the original's joystick's (numpad button) camera movement or freelook mouse where the camera angle stays until there's no input after a while. Would be great if there's possibility for both method and both input.
To be honest, i am having no issue with the current camera being fixed. Probably because i played couple of racing sims like Gran Turismo in the past where peeking on corners are not neccesary since you have to or already remember the track anyway. I am also getting used with using Q E to look around when doing Diamond Hunts. It just take time to familiarize with, but i doubt everyone can do the same

Offline [ROTS]Mad_Mike

I don't have to give my retard opinion on the whole matter over here, but I'll do it anyways, just because why not.
I really don't think gamepads should allowed, and that is indeed for the fact that it does give you the unfair advantage of throttle control. You can indeed argue with "Buy a controller", but this does not take in the consideration the fact that some people can't actually afford a proper controller, WE ARE PLAYING GODDAMN MTA,YOU ARE POOR A F. Of course, I am banned so I don't count in there Big Grin.

Also, just so I save everyone else's time: Fuck me, I hope I die, Die me motherfucking racist fuck, I shall go to hell, What the hell am I doing here since I am banned, Go fuck myself, Suck my own dick, Turkish power and whatever..
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