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- The Star And Cresent

Napisany przez ulusoy, 18-07-2018, 00:41
- The Star And Cresent

Offline ulusoy

Type: Circuit 
Name: The Star And Cresent
Author: AngeL_GhosT
Location: San Fierro

[Image: zM38bY.jpg]
[Image: giphy.gif]

Offline 07canpolat

Half of the video is intro xD. Nice map bro <3
[Image: ZXZMWz.png]                                                               KönigsrassE Crew Forever. "Never Trust Anyone More Than They Deserves. Even The White Rose Has A Dark Shadow."

Offline scaftz

(18-07-2018, 23:19)07canpolat Wrote: Half of the video is intro
True, very annoying.

0:39 - This arrows looks fishy, looks like it don't cover the whole turn and you block it with car instead to make it up. Could be not, i can't see it clearly fromone direction.
0:56 - Curve the arrows more, it's "eating" the width of the road. Many turns have same issue but i don't bother mentioning since it's minor.

Offline [ROTS]Mad_Mike

Interesting name "HMMMM intensifies"

(20-07-2018, 10:22)[ROTS]Mad_Mike Wrote: Interesting name "HMMMM intensifies"

Also, it's "Crescent", not "Cresent"
[Image: tenor.gif]

Offline Kucky

Short but acceptable, you can send map to me.
[Image: uQNR4m6.jpg]

Offline ulusoy

(22-07-2018, 22:40)Kucky Wrote: Kısa ama kabul edilebilir, bana harita gönderebilirsiniz.

[Image: giphy.gif]

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