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Turismo owners are Bullied

Napisany przez Manik999, 31-07-2018, 03:17
Turismo owners are Bullied

Offline Manik999

Hello dear NFSSA team, hello dear players. I dont know what exactly community wants, but games should be fun in the first place right ? 

And i think that weapons, cars and stuff should be the most balanced, even more than in real life, in competetive games (and yes, NFSSA is definitelly competitive game after URL update was released.)
And dont even tell me that car balance in class A is alright, do you know what Ferrari F40 (Turismo) is ? It was sucessful in 90s at lemans, why it should lose seconds after every URL lap against Honda NSX (Infernus) ? Balance between cheetah, infernus, banshee is alright, but comet and turismo ? Why are owners of Turismo bullied ? Turismo looks nice, sounds nice but its nothing more, it sucks in every possible way, the whole handling, acceleration (0-100 and 0-200 and 0-300 even 0-400 !!, top speed (34 km/h less than infernus OP) Just check my measured statistics before. 

                      Turismo              Infernus
0-100 km/h       2,15s                    1,92s
0-200 km/h       7,21s                    6,81s
0-300 km/h      16,13s                  13,7s

Turismo max speed: 373 km/h (shortest gears)
Infernus max speed: 407 km/h (shortest gears)
Turismo sucks at cornering against infernus.

After some time, URL races at unlimited class will be only infernus race, tell me one reason why should be turismo B car against all other A cars ? We want balanced fun games full of varieties, or only infernus fest ? What option is better ? Let me know. The best way to make ideal game is to hear the biggest part of community.
And the times between racers in lemans which is 24 hour race is just few laps. Differences in one single URL race (6 minutes is +-30 seconds)

With all the respect to NFSSA team and community, Manik999

Offline scaftz

I thought Turismo's flaw is that the car having shitty suspensions instead of lacking power in general. Well to be honest, i don't believe the stats you provided above. It looks so exaggerated. 407 km/h is like +1 topspeed drivetrain for Infernus. it's topspeed on -10 acceleration is something around 372-374, because one thing i remember, i never reach 375 km/h+ on races since i ALWAYS use -10 drivetrain setup on my Infernus. Your thread looks like a desperate way to have your favorite car getting buffed. Sorry to say that for you, i have to.
I am supporting for a Turismo buff as well though, this car is very underperform compared to rest of A class cars. Suspension fixes and slight amount of extra grip should be enough i think, i saw couple of Turismo's top 10 somewhere on street X at it's current state already.

Offline [ROTS]Mad_Mike

I still don't get how they're bullied? Do peeps come up to you and insult you for owning a Turismo?
[Image: tenor.gif]

Online Jamesrobinson

they just don't know that turismo would be good with dyno though
even in global chat is mostly like don't buy turismo it's slidey blablabla
i agree that turismo should be buffed,and it was totally weird that they
only buy turismo just for "jumping dyno bug",which is pretty much
the only people love about turismo,both comet and bullet treated the same sometimes
but it's rare to see people with bullet rather than people with comet
[Image: jerry.jpg]

Offline MatthewChow

Wait, wasn't Bullet the most OP car, though?
[Image: nd5psw834bv4nb6zg.jpg]
Uranus is a pain in my anus.

Online Z-Boy

No, they buffed all a class cars expect Bullet, I think bullet is good car with high speed and good acceleration, but the handling is a bit of the problem and its buggy suspension too. Btw Nick has beaten everyone in unlimited with bullet.
For those who own Turismo, Its decend car and its not that good in its class, I own a turismo and its doing good for me and yes I agree the car deserves a little buff.
[Image: YKkR.gif]

Offline Akamataa

Long time ago before a class car buff, Bullet was OP, but good driver in turismo could compete with bullets, other cars was shit. After buff, Turismo still same [i don't see any buff], same with comet, but cheetach, infernus, count# and banshee was overbuffed, maybe it was not like this w/o dyno, but with dyno, this cars are just to OP [to high grip], for me All a class cars should be similar to actual turismo, Hard to handle, Hard to find perfect dyno. And not that omniopotent, just look at races B class vs A class [let's say all drivers have same skill]. A class cars should be nerfed right after this buff, but i see no one cares about this. Like Bartek[PL] told once: A class should be Overpowered.... If u are looking at balanced class, there is only one.... E class, here all cars are good to make some top of all times, if we ignore Manana bugged setup.
[Image: kiritoblockingbullets_by_setonami-d7xcxvq.gif]

Online Jamesrobinson

well,turismo have some actual advantage such as their acceleration,but making it buffed will be good idea for sure,because i sell infernus for it just because i don't want meta shit rn

and the sad news is:bullet will still not buffed omegalul
[Image: jerry.jpg]

Offline HanzoITS

Bullet was a godlike machine. Infernus was likely today's Turismo but more drifty, sm1 even tried to make an ideal A class drift car. But then NFSSA Team like "Wazoom..." and other A class vehicles became beasts except bullet ofc, it's still sulking and waiting for another buff/nerf. Lastmaybeidkhowactuallymany month ago it appeared that the freaking slow-ass NSX is only samurai now, Testa became real rags to riches too. And yooooooooo boi. You honestly think Fun is on the 1st place currently? Oh idk. Most likely Top-Times and No-Life farming. BUT HEEEY THAT'S THE INTERNEEET...
HZITS, Hanzo Itsuka, Colin McRae, HanzoITS

Offline scaftz

Old Infernus can't even steer instead of drifty. Bullet is rather hard to change since it will probably make them stunters butthurt because they can't use the handling glitches it had anymore.

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