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Kicked every time in LS Highway

Napisany przez DryMobster70, 08-09-2018, 13:23
Kicked every time in LS Highway

Offline DryMobster70

Always the same situation: got kicked from race. "Invalid race connection". It's works only in the LS Highway map.
Also i have an issue that FPS drops to 10 and then i got kicked. (Works only on this map)

I checked out clientscript.log and found this:

Offline scaftz

Not only on this track, this bug occurs on every new map that got added within this past 2 weeks. Hopefully we can have it fixed as soon as possible.

Offline DryMobster70

It's a script problem + mappers problem. I've found in logs.

Offline Akamataa

1 easy solution for every crash:
-Delete any mods u have instaled in gta sa
-Delete NFSSA files
-Download server again.

If not work:

-Update drivers
-Reinstal whole MTA and if u got instaled any mods reinstal GTA SA
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Offline Rarti

@bartekPL why the fuck is the dev server for, it already lacks 3 goddamn update?
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