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Decrease lefty ban time

Napisany przez gamevicio, 06-12-2018, 17:36

Decrease lefty ban time

Offline gamevicio

Lefty only wanted to help in the exploit issue, he did not abuse the exploit(if he wanted to he wouln'd be so obvious and wouln'd report it), the administrators were not seeing the problem he just wanted to make them see the exploit problem, the competitiveness was compromised and a lot of people would stop playing, because they focused on competitiveness "(and that was breaking the competition and leaving the game bland for people running for top times) the exploit was already known long before Lefty" supposedly "introduced to the people, do not see who does not want to , it was only to pay attention to the toptimes that some people were doing, not to mention that now that the exploit has been fixed, and the toptimes deleted, basically the exploit had no effect on the part of lefty, even those who ended up using it because of it, can not use more because it's already fixed, the only thing that remains are toptimes of people who used it but it was not caught but this can be proven with time,
anodize is already banned and everyone I know even some people on the server thank him for why he wanted to help the server to have the competitiveness fair again, basically it only wanted to help the server to have a fair competition, understand that bartek, lefty just wanted to help on the server, I assure you, so he deserves his ban to go down.
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Offline HanzoITS

Pretty hard to declare anything...But you know, if he just broke only one rule, then he might have a ban easing. I know one person, who knows a person, whom mother knows a person that was unbanned after abusing and getting punished.
HZITS, Hanzo Itsuka, Colin McRae, HanzoITS

Offline sehaa

Seems like a nice guy, he leaked exploits because he wanted them to fix it, i don't know really, good luck for him anyway.
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Offline Fraqqer

Using exploits should imply permaban. But, unfortanutely, he was given an 6 month ban Sad

Offline Lefty

(06-12-2018, 19:53)Fraqqer Wrote: Using exploits should imply permaban.

tsc, then server would be half crouded as it is today or less xd, better wish to close the server once for all instead, since there would be no players.
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Offline Hockford

he wanted to help the server get back to competition the way things went the server would not go forward with 90/100 online so tired of the exploiters he just helped force the administration to fix it faster.
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Offline Fraqqer

Not using scripts and exploits + helping to remove them = ok.
Using exploits, then talking about them = not good, lol.

Offline susis

XD okay you cant be serious this guy made a thread where he wanted to remove his perma which was reduced to 6months and showed everyone how to use those exploits

Offline gamevicio

(06-12-2018, 21:03)Fraqqer Wrote: Not using scripts and exploits + helping to remove them = ok.
Using exploits, then talking about them = not good, lol.

Fragger first before he used the exploit, he tried to prove to the staff even when he was mod warned them all and '' no one listened to him '' he kept insisting them all, then saw that the only way was using '' exploit and calling everyone's attention, "he even recorded a video talking about it proving to all of them, it did not do any good.
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Offline susis

Thats because he is a dumbass.
Staff did hear him and were aware of those exploits its just they were barely used and also hard to fix was the main reason why they didnt want to stop what they were doing and focus on those expoilts thanks to that guy who decided that it was a great idea to show everyone how to do it and later on started to bitch about how he was banned

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