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>> NFS:SA Booster <<


Napisany przez PieLand, 15-12-2018, 07:18


Offline PieLand



repost from here
[Image: SbIYrvs.gif]

Offline kayra999

Looks cool but isn't it have sooo much object but its really cool having abilities like these good map

Offline scaftz

So many unecessary decorations and buildings here, you can't feel if it's Los Santos anymore, and that's not good. I prefer classic San Andreas environment in NFSSA, and i wish everyone's also with me. Not hating it. It's actually looking good with all those decorations. I felt so many NFS Underground feels here. And those sick jumps too. But it's too much to fit NFSSA theme in my opinion. Totally would be an awesome map for a vanilla/classic racing server.

Offline Helomyname

Amazing map, disagree with Scaftz. I would love to see it on the server. Although maybe remove the barriers from the road, as at high speeds they will load really late making them hard to avoid.

Offline Tekk

The ultimate FPS killer. Don't get me wrong cause I like the visuals and it's probably one of the best maps I've seen on MTA. But I don't think stuff like this should be added. We got a map recently, a circuit one and it's only 1.1km long. I think it's called "Loading Bay". Despite being short, that thing drops my frames from stable 60 down to 15 for god knows what reasons. Probably because it's filled with some useless props, no idea. Worth to mention I'm not the only person on the server who's using a craptop or simply having a weak desktop PC. Matthew and Nhung are there with me for sure. I'm just trying to say that this one will probs make our systems to explode.

Offline syaan

Nice map, like it. Can it play in reverse?
[Image: ojnLlwO.png]

Offline Remolit

The map is great, but the excessive amount of decorations and world-shaping is going to play up. The deco distracts you way too much and will cause lag HELL; world-shaping will take some time to get used to.
When making maps you should focus on visibility, playability, and flow; decorations should take up ~20% of the map, not 80%.

If I'm going to be honest, this is more of a show map, rather than a race map.

Offline Rarti

looks goob but you should decrease the amount of objects, tbh im cool with it, if you have lag on the map, just don't play on it, duh.
maybe you should do something with the bridge part at the end, that jump would cause some problem for slow cars
[Image: Rarti.gif]

Offline Tekk

Quote:if you have lag on the map, just don't play on it, duh.
Ye right why bother with optimizations, definitely gonna make the server more popular when everything that's gonna be added is gonna create tons of lag. Not like there's already enough.

Offline scaftz

(17-12-2018, 20:37)Rarti Wrote: if you have lag on the map, just don't play on it, duh.

Tell that to the quickrace machine to not pick the map for certain people.
(yes i am still hoping that quickrace is actually useable)

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