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ZR-130 Handling problem

Napisany przez Washed, 01-01-2019, 18:04
ZR-130 Handling problem

Offline Washed

The zr-130 handling is very bad... and I knew it modded on Rumpo , NFS:SA Team can re mod the handling please? or fix stiffness or something sorry for my English.

Offline Lefty

Dyno bro.
[Image: OGwKRkx.png]

Offline Dr.Wpierdol

(01-01-2019, 18:17)Lefty Wrote: Dyno bro.

What if he doesn't know how to dyno or doesn't want to make one?

Even tho i never used to Drive ZR-130 (im going to, since im maxing out all vehicles), i agree with the guy

Or, atleast let's make a Community Test server, where people can test the handling instead of getting it on main server with no chance to compare both
[Image: giphy.gif]

Offline Lefty

Zr is a better elegy, it's not that bad, he can follow the dyno I gave for Zr here https://www.nfssa.com/thread-11020.html
[Image: OGwKRkx.png]

Offline susis

zr is fine and i dont think we need a public test server since adjusting handling script is hard
Welcome to hell!
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Offline Rarti

zr used to be even worse than that
[Image: Rarti.gif]

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