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URL Abuse

Napisany przez Nibje, 20-01-2019, 16:36

URL Abuse

Offline Nibje

Good day.

Some players are abusing URL mode to get top points for win maximum RP and $.
They have gathering of 5 or 6 people and occupy the some room near the SF stadium (mostly Unlim room).
They also insulting others who trying enter the room for normal play.
Below the some pics and names. Is this legal or what?

  • ~NightRaider (Takeshi Nakajima)
  • Destor (Vin Drossel)
  • yung_ovno (Akio Mamoru)
  • and others...

Sincerely yours,

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Away Lefty

They're doing url farm, for maxing cars etc, it is known already.

Offline bartekPL

This is fine because they all agree each other and do such party farming - nice cooperation.
But they of course can't block other players - URLs are public, everyone can join and nobody can limit anybody.
Even if they "fill" whole URL room it doesn't mean they all will take part in same URL tournament - if more players join room, the system will choose 8 (usually) random players for tournament.
If such thing happen they can't force other player to give win etc until he agrees on his own.

So, if they are lucky enough that they are all friends and they all managed to take part in same URL tournament without other players - good to them.

Offline whiteseed

(21-01-2019, 02:50)bartekPL Wrote: This is fine
No, this is not fine. This is nonsense. That farmers joining and leaving lobby are always annoying. I'm suprised by your opinion on this subject.

Away Lefty

in Event URL's people instead of racing, get some friends and farm rp money and wins, and the people who actually wanna race and compete can't cuz no one joins the thing cuz they all are with teams to farm URL... yeah seens fine.

Offline susis

If you think you arent winning because of them then ask if they can help you or just get better and beat them and it doesnt look like an issue

Offline scaftz

Skill is not the issue here. No point in getting better because you can't race against them either. They are cowards who want to do only rigged URL because they just knew they can't win normally.
Personally i have mixed feeling about this URL rigging problem. On one side i don't really mind since it's not really prohibited by any rule, i even got involved with it once or twice, although not really looking for the reward, but to help a friend instead since they asked me. On the other side, i am dissapointed that people can be such a dick only to get the Locust, how shameful.
What i would want to say to everyone who do rigged URLs, git gud. Y'all don't deserve the Locust for that, have some feel of shame. Play with pride and earn it.

Offline susis

i got few wins because sometimes people just let you win by that i mean 2 or 3 people get a win

Away Lefty

These are double or triple wins, which you can ask for the leader to do it any time, on these farm URL's everyone on the lobby "wins", I agree with scaftz, it's a lame way for unlocking Locust, but still it has some uses like maxing a difficult car to race with like Buggy, still mixed feelings.

Offline Bunny

This thread LMAO. I didn't want to get involved with this topic, but I am just going to give my 2 cents to this discussion.

First off, I am glad that players that are not in the same team or barely know each other agree to do such a risky thing where any second it can all go to shit and the farm will fail. I am amazed that they choose to trust people and to work together with them to reach a common goal.

Secondly, I don't see that as such a bad thing to do, if and IF it is not an everyday habit without any reason other than getting locust or maxing a car. It is not an abuse, it is just a combination of calculations, cleverness and teamwork in my vision.

Thirdly, these farms sometimes are a great solution during night when the amount of players is too low to get enough people to join a specific score category, which allows players active during that time of the 24-hour day to make a use out of the URL.

Aaaand finally, there is no reason to panic, the competitiveness did not lower in any way. Those who want to race, they do it. I have seen it recently in 250, 300 and 400 URLs. At times when I joined the URLs there were players that agreed on farming, however none of them disturbed me in any way. The thing that the ones that farm have to remember is that it doesn't have to be a force of habit and to not insult or bully other players that don't want to farm, or in any way disturb them. You have to remember that this is a loophole. And a loophole doesn't mean 100% legal. Do not disturb the others and be nice. If you got lucky and gathered people for an URL farm and y'all joined and it went down well, okay. But there is no need to insult or in any way conform others to your farm lobby necessities.

P.S. That being said I think I covered all my thoughts regarding this subject. It's neither a good or a bad thing, it just is. Live with it and try being more friendly and understanding ^^
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