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[Circuit] LV Highway

Napisany przez HyDrA, 24-02-2019, 15:14
[Circuit] LV Highway

Offline HyDrA

Map type: Circuit
Location: Las Venturas
by Hydra

[Image: latest?cb=20160704194736]

[Image: tumblr_p76rnhqciF1t0lt8go1_400.gif]

Offline scaftz

No, thanks. The reason is obvious.
I lived bitch

Offline Helomyname


Offline Ice

Such maps around LV have already been introduced for multiple times by now. And that's only on MY memory, whereas I'm really inactive person on forums.
Imo, it's really unnecessary to have such a track, as it doesn't bring anything new to the table. Car with highest top speed wins with 100% ratio, so what's the point? There's already Ambasaddor Ridge for testing your high speed, but at least ambasaddor ridge has some interesting obstacles, which can catch inexperienced, or distracted driver off guard.
[Image: tumblr_md5r2jw4dn1rkewzlo1_500.gif]

Offline BUNNY

I'm sorry man, but that's a "no" from me. It's basically a new poorly made ambassador and that's boring as hell. But cheer up and good luck on future maps!
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Offline Rafaea512

Same circuit from the LV Races in the original SA, so then, no.
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