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All cars tested for acceleration and cornering

Napisany przez RaceFreak, 10-06-2019, 14:29
All cars tested for acceleration and cornering

Offline RaceFreak

I promised full results of testing of all cars.
So here is a link for viewing the document, and some explanations about how I tested and what the document columns mean.

Testing of acceleration was done on flat, straight LV highway after making sure the car had 3/3/3 all max and has only standard dyno assigned to freerun mode. Measuring of the times was done by video editor. Three times were measured, the time it takes car to reach 100 km/h, then 200 km/h, and 300 km/h Here is a video for better understanding: https://youtu.be/fD1kTAjcuo8

Testing of cornering was done in San Fierro airport big loop, which is perfect flat circle. Using ps4 controller steering to the maximum all the time, and only thing that I was changing was the speed at which the car is able to go around that circle without moving outwards. Slowly increasing the speed of the car, until it either lost grip  or went onto the sidewalk after holding the same speed of the car for 2 laps, to increase test accuracy. Here is a video for better understanding: https://youtu.be/-tgIeV_Aqig

And now some explaining of the spreadsheet itself: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1...sp=sharing

Spreadsheet has two pages, first page named "data" is where all the collected times and speeds are sorted by car class.
First column of the page is for car names, 2nd column is the time it takes the car to reach 100km/h shown in seconds.
3rd column is for the time it takes the car to get from 0km/h to 200km/h, and the fourth one is for 300km/h.
On the right-most column you can see the speed in km/h achieved on the cornering loop testing.

The second page named "analysis" is where the magic happens and is the reason why I wanted to do this testing.
Here, you can see three new columns with weird names "cornering / to 100".  Values in this column are the cars performance ratings for racing tracks that have very slow corners, small maps on which cars dont reach higher speeds than 100km/h.

"cornering / to 200" is for racing tracks on which cars dont exceed 200km/h, and the "cornering / to 300" columns is for max 300km/h race-tracks. 

Here is a quick tutorial how to sort "analysis" page to sort the cars in the order that you are want.
For example if you are interested in which car has the best acceleration from 0-200km/h:

1. press ctrl+a to select everything on the "analysis" page
2. go to "Data", then click on "Sort Range"
3. check the "data has headers row" and pick the category you want to sort by, select "time to 200 km/h"
4. click "sort" button

Now all the cars are organized from the fastest car to reach 200km/h, to the slowest. Now you know the car with the highest acceleration to 200km/h.

Have fun.

1: these tests does not include suspension testing, so you still need to try the car how it behaves on the road, if for example the A-type is mostly useless in city circuits because of all the sidewalks, which it cannot get over, or a car might have bad pole-breaker which would make it less useful as well. This is not a benchmark of all the car parameters, just the main ones.

2: Deluxo, beamer and locust are missing from these tests because I dont have those cars. I will add deluxo into this list after 3 days, I only need 3 more diamond hunt day. I will not be doing milestones for beamer or locust URls because I am leaving the parents house at the end of this month, and I will not have time or money to spend on getting a computer into the new apartment. So this post is a goodbye gift for all of you amazing people I enjoyed playing with over the last few years. Good bye Heart

EDIT: I added 0-300 and 0-200 performance rating to first page of the spreadsheet, for those who wanted to compare just cars in one class

Offline scaftz

Nice effort has been put into this spreadsheet. I find it partially useful, but the cornering one doesn't seem like so. You shouldn't measure car's cornering/traction ability on default dyno because certain car benefits more or less by tweaking its dyno values by further from neutral. Acceleration shouldn't vary much though. I understand that it would be way too much effort required to test drive the all the cars on their optimum setups so this is already great.
For the missing cars, i can't provide you datas myself but i can lend you my account if you wish. I have both Locust and Deluxo maxed and ready to go. Beamer would take a "while" to max out.
Sucks to hear you are leaving the game, you are one nice quiet but helpful person in this community. Feel free to come back later if you feel like it.

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