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Let's talk about server toptimes.

Napisany przez VertiriGamer, 07-01-2020, 21:51
Let's talk about server toptimes.

Offline VertiriGamer

Hello, NFS:SA Community!

I have hard thread to write, but me and my friends can't do anything about this situation.
First of all: I don't want to be offensive for any players, especially ANOD1ZE.

Me and some players saw that respected player ANOD1ZE get used to do some impossible times on some maps.

There are some examples:


Please don't say, that times on given videos aren't good, these are very good times. But almost or over 1 second to his record is insane.

There are of course another records which are impossible to do like previous, but we don't have video about that, but we have screenshots.

[Image: Screenshot_20200107-193040_Chrome.jpg?wi...height=683]
[Image: Screenshot_20200107-193048_Chrome.jpg?wi...height=683]

Look at times given above, C class time is better than B class time by Nick.

Remeber, I don't want to be offensive for ANOD1ZE or any other players. It's just our (me and some other players) opinion about this situation.

Hope for your replies,
Your faithfully,
Vertiri and others
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Offline krzychuFajny

+1 imposibul ok, i prove that.
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Offline RaiUwU

I think caring about top times on this server at this point of the championship is kind of pointless, with the frame rate + the custom handling system, times will never be balanced on this game. Theres too much variables that messes with times here. It's about time everyone just treats this server as just a play 4 fun server, rather than a competitive one.

Offline MatthewChow

Man, all I care here is that none of the top times are made with Moonbeam, lmao. I didn't even read the thread.
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This is also coming this update, totally! I am not useless yet, I swear!

Offline Berkayy.

As RaiYou said the toptimes will never be balanced because variable fps changes handling of the car so the videos are not enough proof. We do nothing without actual proof.

Offline yokou

We can just make a test, few races, exactly same cars and three of you facing each other, lets see who is actually better
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Offline 07canpolat

(08-01-2020, 13:13)yokou Wrote: We can just make a test, few races, exactly same cars and three of you facing each other, lets see who is actually better

I dont think that is a good way to find out which player is better than another. As Rai said, there are many factors that change the times, like FPS, your monitor res. and etc.
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Offline susis

wow gj replying to an old post literally put 3 people same fps same car same setup same race better driver wins

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