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Is the D Class pointless?

Napisany przez Nabatse, 23-08-2020, 14:39
Is the D Class pointless?

Online Nabatse

Hi everyone!

Today i'd like to bring up a little bit interesting topic that i've been thinking of in the past few weeks.
You saw the title so.. is the entire D class that pointless to buy any car from it?
The Short answer: not completely.
The Long answer: oh boy, we'll get to that later....

But firstly, let me clear some point before we jump right into the this thread, just to be clear.
-I know it's "Class D", not "D Class" but i use the term "D Class" because it's easier for me so please be aware of it. I think everybody still understands what i'm trying to say.

-If i'm talking about "Class Cars" throughout the entire thread i'm talking about the main classes (you know the E-D-C-B-A Class), not counting the Vintage,SUV or Muscle Class because for me, these 3 are just the "joke" or "just for fun" classes. I know the muscle cars can compete with C Class cars, but that's a whole another subject to talk about. Also, i'm not counting the Unique Cars here like the Kuruma cause i think it does much more than any of the non-unique D Classes, it more belongs to C Class rather than D (yes it's a really stupid reason, but that's how my stupid brain works).

-I don't have any intention to roast the casual or newbie players (never had), i'm a casual player as well who just plays for fun, i'm just analyzing the standards what i've seen so far from newbies on the server. I know i'll be harsh about this topic somewhere but i don't want to be mean to rookies. Everybody have gone thorugh the rookie stage, me as well, even today i made horribly mistakes that rookies never do. I agree if your opinion is different from mine just please, don't throw rocks at me.

-And before i forget: take a shot everytime you read "Class", you'll regret it in the end. I know i need to extend my vocabulary, i'm on it.

With that being said, let's get started.

Let's start with some statistic:
Most of us know the fact that maxing out a car from 0 RP takes about 15k RP.
15K RP, the magic number that unlocks the next class after the starter one, just in time you maxed out your first car, sounds good right?

So, is the D Class pointless? For the competitive/pro players: no, it's definitely not. For the rookie/casual players: well, might be.
If i ask the quiestion, "How do you play through this game?", most of the people will say: you gain RP to unlock new classes and eventually you get yourself from E to A class.
If we compare this gameplay to other openworld games, the "going from 1 class to the higher one" method is the "story mode" (if we can call it that), and the rest is for the 100%, collect every car, doing every task, beating the challenges etc.
Most of the casual players are just plays this "story mode", maybe spending more time with other unique cars, but often they aren't into 100% this game, which is fine.
If you are just wants to play the story mode, the D class is fine on it's own, but if you want more than just the story mode, maybe be good at the game by developing yourself thorough the class cars, 
and this is the point where the D Class seems pointless for me.  To be precious, more of a "scam" for new players than pointless.

Let me explain what i really mean here, with introducing a new player: Ödönke. 

Ödönke is a 17 year boy who plays an avarage 2 hours per day, always loved the old NFS games and the GTA series. He is very kind to everybody, and always helps everybody who wants his help. His hobby is collecting stamps.
One day, Ödönke sees a YouTube video about the Nfs MTA server, get excited instantly and wants to play on here immidiately.
He registers his account, and choose his first car, the mighty Primo. He doesn't know anything about this server yet, but he enjoys just playing around with his poor car. He discoveres the nfs sa features day by day, paints his car, goes to time trials for rp, does the daily diamond hunt with the magazines, develop the starter car with every RP he collects, buying every upgrades he can (poor Ödönke doesn't know yet that he spends 2 times more money with buying every single new upgrade, but he doesn't care about it cause he enjoys the game so much.)
At some point he realizes he is close to the next big class, the D Class.
He has 12k RP so now he can ask the wise global chat the ominous question: "What's the best D Class car". Then, Ödönke recieves the answer: "Fortune, Club". With this new information, he decides he'll buy the Fortune, cause he loves RWD cars. Eventually he maxes out the Primo, buys the last upgrades to it and now he is broke down with only 70$ left.
Now Ödönke has to choose 1 of the 2 routes:
A) Grind himself up to 7300$, Buying the Fortune and then move forward to the next new class.
B) Skip the D Class and get right to C Class.
Unfortunately he picks the wrong A route, because he believes that the D Class is much more powerful than the the starter class. So he buys his new Fortune, with no money left to upgrade it, he starts to maxing it on stock in the next races where he lost horribly race after race, he didn't get any money to upgrade the car to even 0/1/0. He is left with a bad experience, so he makes the next mistake, sell his starter (yet maxed out) Primo, hoping for new upgrades to the new car. Unfortunately he has no more Beginner Bonus so he struggles all the way to max out the primo, he succeeds, but he has only 31k RP, and the next class is almost at two times the rp he has, so he starts to grind again. 
He starts the next race, 2 people joins with a maxed Primo and Manana, he is obviously confident that he'll beat them with the 389 Fortune. The race starts, and the 2 other guys leave poor Ödönke last place in the middle of the race even after Ödönke didn't make any mistake until that point. Seeing he has no chance to finish the race even 2nd place, and with the fact he got beaten with the same maxed Primo that he could have, Ödönke rage quits from the race, leaving him with a 2 hour race ban and a worst experience he had in his life so far. In the end, Ödönke ask himself outragously, "why did i buy this piece of ****" then disconnected the server, and never came back since then.
The End.

Moral of the Story: Don't be Ödönke and don't sell your first car, and be more sparing with your money.
Altough, if Ödönke'd picked the B route, he could just skip the D Class, going with the Primo, maxing out all of its aspects/limits that car could have with learning the dyno. With that powered up Primo he could've win more races, collect more money for not only the next C Class car but upgrading it right after he bought it, and with some learned dyno experience, rather than spending the time with maxing out a D Class car (which in the end may not be that good).
When i played through the game, i started with a manana, found the futo and took it thorugh to C Class. Don't get me wrong, i didn't expect that the D Class would be bad, i accidentally skipped the entire D Class only beacuse i didn't find any of those cars appealing to buy based on their appereance (you know, club is just a cube with wheels, cadrona is a blob, fortune didn't have the update at that time etc. so all cars of from D were just "meh" for me), and when i maxed out all D class cars few months ago, i could say i didn't regret that i didn't buy any D Class car at all.
The D Class cars makes so little difference in terms of upgrading from E Class, that it's almost pointless to have any of D Class (when you play thorugh the game of course).

These are my opinions, maybe only me as a dumb shit thinks that the D Class is pointless. But what's your opinion about this?
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Offline RaiUwU

Short Answear: No.
Long Answear: D class is an upgrade to the E class in some aspects, well, it is not the best class for url, but is usable, club is super good in street x, cadrona and fortune are very good in drift, and are decent in racing (something futo isn't), so, it is certainly not pointless, cuz it has it's uses, also he could have lost to the primos and mananas because the players were better, not exactly the cars fault, it's not like the result would be any different if he was with his primo and racing against the same players that beat him on his fortune.

Offline Spotlight

If you consider such game mode in a real-life concept then it's pretty obvious that if you put a few thousand dollars into a Golf it can be better than a stock e92 with some crappy 2.0 engine (this just imagines the "class" based progression, although the cars might not be appropriate in this case, nvm I think you get my point). Anyway, I get your point. You are right in some aspects and this might be really frustrating. There's no "good" model on how to develop a progression system, especially when it comes to competing with others, but the thing that is needed right now is an idea, or possibly a solution on how we can achieve that.
Progression system was already revamped a few months after we opened the server and I was somehow responsible for it, but um.. I couldn't really come up with something better. We already did a lot to get rid of too time-consuming grinding required to progress further.
Remember that it all comes to people skills. You can always win with someone even with a stock car. I am pretty sure that you don't need any other class than an E. You can freely compete with others with maxed-out manana in quick races and URLs (If you hit the right bracket of course Big Grin ). The class system is more or less to emphasize player's progression and let them use cars they like the most Smile

So my answer is of course no. I haven't played in a while but I love to cruise around with my fortune with a bloody livery across doherty and have some fun in races. You can skip a class but you will eventually come back to it later as it has some pretty cool cars ready to be tuned up with the money you earned later Smile
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Offline kayra999

Short Answer - No its not pointless
Long Answer - The thing you told is absoulte true for guys who is too lazy to farm a new car.So in my personal opinion every D class car is average and driveable with dyno.If you dont know how to dyno just ask global I am sure people will help begginers.

One more thing D class is a class that can challenge a C class car if you master it.
[Esspecially the fucking fortune is op]
[Image: 6f94382faa194f4db095d0201ccd2289.gif]

Offline Max59

The D class just needs a buff, then it wouldn't be THAT pointless.
Atleast that's my opinion..
[Image: Xy4G0aO.png]

Offline RaiUwU

(25-08-2020, 19:39)Max59 Wrote: The D class just needs a buff, then it wouldn't be THAT pointless.
Atleast that's my opinion..

OR manana and primo could be fixed, then D class would be more viable for stuff.

Offline scaftz

Very long texts just for saying D class is bad. Partially agree though, but that's not entirely its fault. To be compared, obviously D class cars are better then E class cars with their laptimes most of the case. The problem is that D class only beats them by a small margin. That's caused by a whole E class buff back in about 3 years ago making them perform closer to D class cars for the sake of following Futo's overpoweredness. Not only that, apparently E class is also filled with broken cars. As Raiyou said Primo is one of them. Said car can be detuned and gets better acceleration that its supposed to be. The reason why you are not getting so much benefit from advancing to D class is the why the class is unfavored.

So it is truly a "useless class"? No, more like a not so useful class. They still serve as a next step of progression. I'd prefer to see people try to max it out and stick with them until they maxed it and gets to 30k RP to finally stuck with it and grind to next class than having them stick with their E on 15k RP and having more repetition getting to C and skipping D class. Problem they are having is they are just not as expectedly powerful.

Now what to do with this class? Nothing. In my opinion it is the E class's fault that D class is outshined. Hopefully fix for said broken cars may improve D class's overall performance gap with E class's.

Offline Remolit

For starters, D class gets a significant general improvement over E class, especially top speed - that already makes it not pointless.
(for the record, Vintage and D class top speeds are almost the same)

*also somebody said D class needs a buff... it's the E class that needs a nerf to what it was before.

Offline darealarusham

i sold my starter bravura,like how odonke sold his primo,but when i maxed bravura,i kept on grinding doing pursuit and crap,eventually i go to the carlot and i see d class unlocked and a beautiful club waiting for me.i buy the club with the money i had,earn some rp and money with it,and learn of this new car called kuruma.
i went to the desert without fast travel to save some $,spend 45 minutes and find kuruma,celebrate in global chat.and then,i sell my club for it.i get kuruma,and keep on earning money with it by doing drift races,and earning rp to upgrade it from pursuits.that kuruma is still in my garage,newbie livery still unchanged.

honestly,its c class i struggled to buy something from,i sold my bravura for it,bought euros,regretted it,sold it,and skipped it.im fine with b class tho,that is my  favourite class because i know how op a class is.

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