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Someone using Kuru's name on the server

Napisany przez Pedroxz15, 18-10-2020, 20:21
Someone using Kuru's name on the server

Offline Pedroxz15

I was entering on MTA and seeing the number of players on the server and by my surprise I see the name of Kuru

I remember that in the rules of the game, using celebrity names is forbidden and the person who was using Kuru's name on the server was not really Kuru, i'm gonna show you the reason


1. Kuru never played in NFS:SA
2. At the time this post was made, Kuru was not streaming on Twitch
3. Today, Kuru was offline at Discord

Screenshot: https://prnt.sc/v1t6yq
RULES screenshot showing using celebrity name is forbidden: https://prnt.sc/v1t8zx

Offline Dr.Wpierdol

I wouldn't consider him a celebrity, rather a big figure in the community

But you are right, he is pretending to be someone and it isn't allowed
[Image: giphy.gif]

Offline Tekk

Impersonation isn't allowed, so contact staff members directly on Discord if this happens again. Some may see it as nothing serious but rules are rules and no one likes it when someone uses your name for w/e reason. I wonder if the real one will ever visit the place. Last year someone told me he had it on his list but IDK.

Offline Pedroxz15

I showed this on KuruHS Discord server, and someone of the discord server also reported, so yeah let's see if this doesn't happen again

EDIT: I was trying to quote the message but it was not working

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